Why Do Babies Cry? | Reasons And Solutions

Why Do Babies Cry?

Reasons And Solutions

Why Do Babies Cry

 A baby’s laugh could simply be one of the most beautiful sounds in the world and apparently, the baby’s crying becomes the most saddening sounds.

Truly no parent wants to hear its baby cry until and unless it’s the baby’s first cry, the most important phenomenon.

But we cannot deny the fact that our little toddlers are just like the innocent pets who cannot speak their feeling out. They constantly signal us their needs through their actions, one of them being Crying.

Now it becomes usually tough for the parents to handle a crying baby and well the crying comes uninvited anywhere and at any time.

Thus most parents can’t really distinguish the reason for why do babies cry.

Reasons For Babies Crying

Crying in babies is natural and it is the duty of parents to understand truly of babies cry. Let us know some of the reasons for why do babies cry:

  • Hunger
  • Pain
  • Need for burping
  • Wet diapers
  • Sleepy or irritated
  • Teething
  • Too hot or too cold
  • No reason

Newborn Cries

Babies cry just after delivery. This newborn cry is a very important phenomenon that helps in clearing the windpipe of the baby. It is through which the baby starts breathing in the outside world.

Doctors usually pinch gently the baby to make them cry. Later the baby may cry due to various other reasons. This newborn cry gives rebirth to the baby as it ensures the oxygen supply throughout the body & up to the brain.

Hungry Baby Cry

Hungry Baby Cry

When Hungry, They Push Their Tongue Back of Its Roof

The hungry baby cry is a common signal by the babies. Babies cry mostly when they are hungry.

Baby Crying Sounds When Hungry

This type of baby crying involves the ‘Neh’ sound which basically means ‘I am hungry’.

This sound is the result of the baby’s own reflex where its tongue is pushed to the back of its roof. Hence such sound is produced.

Baby Hunger Signs

Babies show the various signs in case they are hungry in addition to crying. Some of the baby hunger signs include:

  • It may become restless
  • The baby will lick its lips
  • It starts sucking its fist, thumb or other objects.
  • It may try to grab your attention in some way or the other.
  • The baby tends to become irritated and may try to hit you.

In such situations, calm the baby down and feed it as soon as possible.

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Baby Screaming In Pain

 Why do babies cry in pain? Babies can’t speak their pain out so instead they start crying. There may be various health issues which result in the pain in majorly the baby’s ear or stomach pain.

Baby Screaming In Pain From Gas

Due to improper digestion, baby food, and milk, the babies have to struggle with gas problems. This leads to pain in their abdomen in case the gas does not escape. In such situations, the ‘eair’ sound means lower gas.

It is a deeper sound that comes from the abdomen. It is a bit more difficult to distinguish than the rest but is usually accompanied by the newborn pulling its knees up or pushing down and out with its legs.

At this point, the baby will seem uncomfortable. In such a situation, try to burp the baby by either massaging its tummy or gently patting its back.

Baby screaming in pain from gas is a normal phenomenon as parents don’t need to panic about it.  

Baby Screaming In Pain Ear Infection

Baby screaming in pain ear infection needs to be detected real soon. It mustn’t be confused with stomach pain. Such middle ear infection may be due to the accumulation of fluids and may often lead to cold and fever.

Here the crying becomes inconsolable and harsh. The parents need to detect the pain soon and see a pediatrician.

Baby Crying And Need To Burp

Baby Crying And Need To Burp

The baby may have to deal with gas and thus need to burp. Baby crying and need to burp becomes a frequent happening.

Here the ‘eh’ sound signifies that the baby is struggling to burp. You must distinguish between the ‘eh’ sound and the ‘neh’ or ‘heh’ sound.

What happens when the baby doesn’t burp

It is a common question among parents for what happens when the baby doesn’t burp. Is it harmful to the baby? Well, the answer is ‘no’.

Sometimes the baby doesn’t actually need to burp as it does not engulp much air. If the baby looks fine and does not vomit occasionally, it is completely okay for the baby.

Babies Cry Wet Diaper

Most common reason for why do babies cry is their wet nappies. Babies usually start feeling uncomfortable in their wet diapers.

Here the sound ‘heh’ is heard when the baby becomes uncomfortable and needs the diaper to be changed. In such cases, check the baby’s diaper and if it is wet, change it immediately or the moisture may make the baby sick with cold or flu.

Other reasons may include:

Pinning Nappy Pin

Pinning nappy pins may make the baby uncomfortable and it may try to remove it or in case the nappy pins become poky, it may hurt and the baby and the baby start crying.

The baby in such may try to pull the nappy or throw its legs in discomfort. Check the nappies and change them or try a new brand or size.

Nappy Rashes

Nappy rashes are common during hot weather or moist conditions. Parents need to change the nappies at a regular interval, use baby powders or creams to avoid rashes and keep the area dry.

Nappy Tight

Nappy tight can steal the baby’s freedom and movement due to which the baby tends to cry. Loosen the diaper when the baby seems uncomfortable.

Why Do Babies Cry Before Sleep

Why Do Babies Cry Before Sleep

 Sleepy babies are irritated babies. A lot of parents have a common query for why do babies cry before sleep? It is really for the babies to cry before sleep as they become tired really soon and don’t have the tendency to stay up for a long time.

Baby Overtired Signs

When babies play for a long time or stay up, they tend to become tired. They may show up some miserable behavior and become highly irritated.

They may yawn frequently or stretch their body. Baby overtired signs are really easy to determine.

Baby Crying Sounds When Want To Sleep

The baby crying sound seems like ‘owh’ which says ‘i am sleepy’. It is accompanied by yawning and sticking to the lap or rolling towards parents.

Baby Too Hot

One of the reasons for crying usually in summers or when the room temperature is high can be the baby too hot.

Will Baby Cry If Too Hot?

Will baby cry if too hot? The answer here can be ‘not always’. There are times when the heat can make the baby irritated and it may start crying.

But apart from crying, there are various other symptoms that the baby is overheated like the baby turning red or its heartbeat racing fast, it’s becoming really warm on touch and not sweating.

Here either drop the room’s temperature, loosen their clothes or hydrate them well with cool water. In case the baby’s temperature doesn’t fall, see a doctor.

Baby Too Cold

In various circumstances, the temperature for the baby may fall and turn the baby too cold.

Will Baby Cry If Too Cold?

 In many situations, the chillness of the body can be really dangerous. Babies can really tell us if they are too cold. They will feel too cold on touch and may be non-reactive most of the times.

It may turn out to be an emergency situation, so initially try rubbing the baby’s feet to generate heat.

Baby Feels Cold To Touch When Sleeping

While the baby feels cold to touch when sleeping, check the room temperature and cover the baby with a blanket or more if necessary.

Baby Crying While Teething

Baby Crying While Teething

Baby crying while teething is determined usually in the later months after birth. It is really common for growing babies which makes them irritated and stimulates them to chew everything they see.

Signs Of Teething 3 Months Old

Signs of teething 3 months old can be depicted through various other ways like the constant drooling, sucking or trying to chew on every other thing, swollen gums, etc.

You should try sterilizing their toys and objects so that they don’t carry germs in their mouth. Further, there are various rubber toys available in the market to satisfy their craving for chewing. Also aware, that babies can swallowed the objects, hence Do not give them too small objects. 

How Long Does Teething Pain Last

When do we ask how long does teething pain last? Well, the answer is that the pain lasts for about 1-7 days per tooth. It may be longer for the molars.

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Baby Crying In Pain Constipation

 Baby crying in pain constipation is usually seen when they don’t go the right stool. If they don’t take in the right amount of healthy fibers, constipated pooping can be a real pain.

It could often result in slight bleeding and rashes. Make sure your baby consumes high fiber, hydrated foods, water, bananas for a smooth pass away.

Baby Screaming For No Reason

Baby Screaming For No Reason

Babies are just really adorable. These little bundles of joys just love you back or need you or your attention at every point.

And most of the times when parents find really no ultimate answer as to why babies cry, then the answer is ‘no reason’. Yes absolutely right!

Baby screaming for no reason is absolutely normal as most of the times they give out fake cries just to get something or reach their parents and maybe the naughty ones just need some attention.


No doubt all of us want a comfy environment no matter how old we grow. So is the case with the toddlers whose most satisfying place is your hug.

They may cry innocently when they want to reach out to you or when the baby wants a hug. Hug your baby and cover it up with the most warmth. Here the crying is usually short but loud and not at all severe.

Here there may be no relevant reason for the baby needing a hug. Babies are moody and sometimes they just want to be close to their caretakers.

Baby wants you

When the baby wants you, it is likely to reach out its hands towards your side or fake cry if anyone else tries to carry it. The baby will refuse to be handled by any other person and cry loud to be with you.

The baby will show a form of irritated cry whenever a foreign person tries to carry it. Here also the baby may not be having any specific reason but just that it may find other people strange or may need a familiar body near it.

Baby needs an outing

Once the baby has enjoyed or tasted the outside world. It will want to taste it frequently. There is a problem in such situations where the baby just cries out of amusement or playfulness. 

The baby will tend to become bored playing inside and may cry to go out in the fresh air. This is when you must understand that the baby needs an outing besides there is no other reason to why it is crying.

 So why do babies cry is basically a never-ending question. Babies and crying are associated since the beginning of mankind. Learn to understand what your baby needs and keep it happy and satisfied to the fullest.

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