When Do Babies Start Teething | How Long Does Teething Last

When Do Babies Start Teethingwhen do babies Start Teething

When do babies start teething is a question whose answer varies from baby to baby. There is no strict rule regarding baby’s teething.

It’s just about time when your baby starts to grow teeth on that soft gum. Usually, babies teething age varies from 3-38 months of age.

The first two teeth to bump out of your baby’s gum are the lower central incisors. Babies tend to get Grumpy and irritating while teething. Though if your baby starts to grow teeth, later on, doesn’t mean that it’s unusual.

One must keep in mind that every baby is different from other

Baby Teething Chart:

It’s cute for the baby to have one or two small teeth. Usually, parents wonder which tooth will pop out first from that gummy grin of your baby.

Well, how in which teeth will pop out first from your baby’s gummy grin depends on your baby. There is no hard and fast baby teething chart but a usual order can be set up.

  1. Lower Central incisors-: they are the first teeth to pop out from your baby’s gummy grin and they usually pop out in about 6 to 10 months
  2. Upper Central and Lateral incisors-: they just follow behind the popping out of lower Central Incisors. they usually come out between 8 to 13 months of age. Now all the incisors of your baby’s mouth have grown
  3. Upper and lower first molars-: yes you read it right, it is not the canines that generally pop out but the molars which follow behind the incisors. they usually come out between 14 to 20 months of age.
  4. Upper and lower canines-: while the molars are growing the canyons start to grow, the upper and lower canine usually grow together with a difference of about a month. the usual time period for the growth of canines varies from 16 to 23 months of age.
  5. Upper and lower second molars-: last but not the least, these are the last set of teeth to grow in your baby’s gummy grin. These molars usually grow between 23 to 33 months of age. Usually, This is the end of the process of growing primary teeth in your baby.

Note-: one must keep in mind that this baby teething chat is not a hard and fast rule to any baby every baby’s growth is different.

How Do You Know When A Baby Is Teething:

Babies teething is an awaited and stressful phase for the parents. Seeing your child grow those Pearl like teeth is a wonder & joy in itself.

But baby’s teething is not easy on the baby as they feel irritation and are grumpy at that time. Teething symptoms in babies are not specific and vary from baby to baby.

But some usual signs to know when a baby is teething are as follows-:

  1. Check if your baby has become more prone to biting and chewing things. Growing teeth in babies make them more restless and they are bound to do such stuff.
  2. Your baby’s age is also a very important and crucial factor in baby’s teething. The growth of teeth can be expected as early as three months to six months of age.
  3. You can carefully examine the mouth and the gummy grin area to check for any sign teething in the baby. Be careful and wash your hands first to keep out the reach of any bacteria.
  4. If you find baby’s cheek and face little pinkish and ears be associated with babies activities it can be a prospective sign for teething.

Examine your baby’s behavior, if your baby seems to be more Grumpy, irritating and restless then it can be a sign of teething in the baby.

They are bound to get this kind of behavior when they start growing teeth

What Do Teething Gums Look Like:

Parents always wonder that when do babies start teething, what do teething gums look like. The gums of the baby are red and pink color.

But when your baby starts to grow teeth and the Bud starts to come in the gum, it starts to appear whitish. You can see a little tooth bud coming out of babies gums.

Teeth and gums look like they are swollen and are little whitish and reddish in color. Your baby might be irritating and crying and might show in proper feeding patterns.

It is usually when we as adults start to grow new teeth we usually are prone to tickle it so it’s normal for babies to be grumpy about it.

You can also feel that teeth and gums by putting a finger over them and slightly pressing to feel the tooth underneath.

You can also provide relief to your baby by slightly massaging the gums as they help relieve the pain. Now you can have an idea what do teething gums looks like.

How Long Does Teething Last:

When do babies start teething and how long does it last. You can draw conclusions from the above teething chart that teething is not a small or short process it takes time.

Teething process in babies can vary from six months of age to 3 years of age. Usually, babies have all their 20 primary teeth by the age of 3.

The major difference is when the baby starts to grow their teeth. Some babies start to grow teeth from their third month of an age whereas some might start to grow teeth from as late as 9 months of age.

As mentioned about the teething process disturbs the child and makes them irritating.  This process is a very long but it gets old overtime & the baby usually gets used to it.

It’s the beginning in baby’s teething that is hard and tough on the baby. The pattern in which babies grow teeth is also very unusual in every case.

Some babies might grow teeth in a very regular way one after another. Whereas some might grow multiple teeth at a time and then delay the process.

Some babies might start to grow teeth late than other babies. While some babies might start to grow teeth just after their birth. It all depends on the baby.

But usually you can expect the teaching process to end at the age of 3 years and you expect to teethe at 3 months of age too.

Baby Teething Remedies:

When do babies start teething and when they do what remedies must be taken to relieve them. As it is being continuously mentioned that the teething process makes the baby Grumpy and irritated.

They might start showing unusual eating patterns, swollen gums, unnecessary chewing habits and biting habits. But the most important and disturbing problem for the parents is when their baby starts to show improper feeding pattern.

The irritation and pain felt by the babies when their gummy grin starts to grow teeth as usual. Some baby teething remedies are mentioned below-:

  • Massaging the gums of your baby can provide them relief. But you should keep in mind to be very gentle and take care of Hygiene.
  • You can also provide your baby with a teething toy which can help the baby relief its gums.
  • Avoid any hard substance or an alcoholic substance from entry the baby’s mouth. Any other kind of chemical remedies to relieve the pain is not advisable as it might affect your baby’s health.
  • Serve your baby cold and liquid food as it is gentle on the growing teeth and swollen gums and provides relief to it.
  • If you are baby seems to be abnormally irritated and very disturbed about it. You can contact a dentist which is always a suitable option.

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