What is Saffron(Kesar)? Benefits, Uses, and Side Effects

Saffron Benefits

saffron benefits

Saffron (kunkumapoo) or Kesar is basically a plant and is dried to make a spice. Saffron benefits cannot be overlooked and it is considered as one of the most expensive spices.

The importance of saffron ranges from basic cure to more severe diseases. You might be wondering what is saffron used for.

How to mix saffron in milk? There are numerable uses of saffron. Medical uses for saffron incudes treating diseases like insomnia, cancer, pain, heartburn, and dry skin.

The original kesar price in India is around rs. 1,50,000 per kg. However, it is difficult to quote kesar flower price.

Saffron benefits (kesari saffron) is not limited to this, the benefit of saffron is slightly different for men and women.

You should be aware of the difference between kesar and zafran.

Women use this for menstrual cramps and premenstrual syndrome. While men use this for premature ejaculation and male infertility.

The question is what is the use of saffron? Is saffron good for health? Health Benefits of Saffron includes:

  • The advantages of saffron includes betterment of Mental Health
  • saffron benefits for skin betterment (You should know how to use saffron for skin)
  • Saffron advantages for Prevention of Hair Loss
  • Saffron health benefits for Pain relievers and saffron benefits in skin repair.


How to Make Kesar?

You might be wondering What is kesar? How is kesar made? What is the use of kesar? how to consume saffron? Crocus Sativus provides saffron.

Saffron flower is composed of 6 purple petals, 3 golden yellow stamens, and one red pistil.

The pistil is made up of 3 stigmas (filaments) which when dried up gives the spice saffron.

Kesar Health benefits have been proven in many studies and hence kesar use are diverse, mainly kesar powder.

The full procedure of how to make kesar milk is also important.

Health benefits of kesar or kesar advantages includes:

  • Saffron benefits for health  can be seen in Arthritis Treatment
  • benifits of saffron was also seen for Vision Improvement
  • Studies show advantages of kesar and saffron benefits was also to Cure Insomnia (mix milk with saffron)
  • Saffron in food intake can Boost Brain Health and skin refinement (kesar benefits for skin)
  • Saffron nutrition can also promote Digestion ( mix saffron and milk)
  • Saffron for fair skin is used worldwide and saffron benefits was seen in skin lightening. (Saffron milk for fair skin)


It is desirable that you learn how to take saffron? The important question is how to use saffron? Kesar uses can be attributed in the following way.  

It is said to draw out the colour, the saffron threads are usually added to the dish (milk, little warm water, white wine) 30 mins before the use.

How to Identify Original Kesar?

There are few ways to judge whether Kesar is original or not:

  • Saffron threads never tastes sweet, if it’s sweet you have surely brought the fake saffron.
  • Real Kesar will have a slightly bitter taste when placed on tongue.
  • Original Kesar will have a better aroma.

Kesar benefits have already been highlighted above be it kesar for skin or kesar for overall health benefits.

Saffron Benefits

The uses of kesar are impressible. how to use saffron in milk? The points listed below shows benefits of kesar.

However, it is to be noted that benefits of saffron for skin are comparatively more.

  • Drinking saffron milk everyday benefits digestion and appetite. (drinking milk with saffron)
  • Benefits of saffron with milk helps memory retention. (saffron milk benefits)
  • Saffron kesar have shown impressive results in skin glow. (saffron skin benefits)
  • Saffron leaves are molded to make oil uses for skin glowing. (saffron uses for skin)
  • Benefits of saffron tea (kesar tea) are seen in asthma and allergies. (saffron tea benefits)
  • Kesar Saffron is also used to cure menstrual cramps.
  • kesar flower benefits is seen in cough and toxins. (saffron water)


Uses of saffron for skin are already mentioned above. how to use saffron for fairness?

If you are preparing homemade cream, you may add little threads of kesar.

An original saffron brand is from Kashmir (best saffron) which is known to be best in the world and its price is slightly high and therefore is known to have the best kesar brand.

Benefits of Kesar Milk (Saffron Benefits)

What is saffron milk? How to use kesar in milk? Kesar Milk is easy to made and have proven great results for the body.saffron benefits

You might be wondering how to take saffron with milk or how to use saffron threads in milk?

The simple way is to mix the kesar threads in milk for about 15 mins to get the proper results.

You should also be aware of how much kesar to put in milk. (In accordance to your need).

  • kesar badam milk benefits is helpful to protect you from cold.(benefits of saffron milk)
  • kesar milk health benefits have also traces in treatment of age and mental retention. (saffron with milk benefits)
  • kesar in milk benefits helps to treat insomnia (drinking saffron milk everyday).
  • Drinking milk with kesar benefits have seen for heart as well reducing the cholesterol level in the blood. (Saffron benefits)


Saffron Side Effects

Side effects of saffron are experienced by some people which includes dry mouth, anxiety, nausea, change in appetite and headaches.

Saffron flower (kumkum flower) is unsafe if taken in large quantity.

Saffron Milk Benefits Side Effects

If you are considering saffron benefits, you should be aware with the other side as well.

Although strands of saffron in milk or kunkumapuvvu has given benefits innumerably. There are side effects as well:

  • Too much of saffron can be lethal.
  • It can cause dryness.
  • Anxiety, Giddy and Skin Allergies


Best Saffron in India

Here is the list of best saffron in India.saffron benefits

  • Baby brand saffron, which is 175 years old company and has finest quality of saffron It has high quality of Kashmiri saffron.
  • Shalimar brand is one of the best organic Kashmiri saffron available in India. Shalimar brand saffron comes in quality air tight packing and can be used in food products or beauty packs.
  • The gathering Spanish saffron one of the finest and most popular brands since 1880.
  • Taj Mahal is a genuine Spanish saffron in filaments. The brand selects the best batches of the saffron crop to make this product more pure and unique.
  • The Noor brand saffron company was established in the year 1999 and is headquartered in Pampore, Jammu and Kashmir.
  • Everest Saffron is also known to have known worldwide.


Baby Saffron Uses (Saffron Flower Uses)

Baby Saffron Uses (kungumapoo benefits) are more or less similar the normal kesar works for the body.

  • Aids Mental Health
  • Vision Repair
  • Contains Minerals and Nutrients
  • Aids Digestion and Gas Problems
  • Helps in fever and Insomnia.
  • Menstrual Relief and Cancer


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