What is a Rainbow Baby? | Rainbow Baby Names

What Is A Rainbow Baby?Rainbow Baby

Rainbow as the term itself says is a bow of seven beautiful colors formed on the sky after a storm. Rainbow is not only the band of beautiful colors, it is more than that, as it gives the soothing feeling to all those who have seen it. It says that everything is fine after such a storm. What is a rainbow baby?

It gives us the way to believe that everything is fine or will be fine soon. It gives a feeling of luckiness because not everyone gets the chance of seeing a rainbow in the sky, everyone wants to see and the capture the beautiful moment but a very few get the chance to see and which makes it even more special and important.

So as the rainbow baby is, beautiful and full of hopes. When a woman sees the pink line on a pregnancy test kit, it changes the whole life in the blink of an eye. Having a baby is a beautiful experience which is filled with joy, excitement, care, responsibilities, expectations, and hopes.

But not every woman is lucky enough to have this amazing experience with a beautiful conclusion (baby), some of them do not experience a happy ending.

The joyous experience comes to an end with miscarriage, stillbirth or loss of the baby about whom the mother and the family were expecting and dreaming. The unimaginable pain and tragedy leave a dark mark on the beautiful journey which remained incomplete.

Nothing is permanent here, so we have to move on to find other space where we can find happiness. It is the rule and it should be followed because then only people can live the remaining life with happiness.

After such a huge loss, when a woman becomes pregnant and gives birth to a child, that child is known as a rainbow baby. Rainbow baby comes with a lot of hopes yet with a lot of fear too. After such a huge loss (baby), a new hope arises in the form of a rainbow baby.

Define Rainbow Baby

The baby who is born shortly after the loss of emotions, expectations, hopes of the previous baby due to miscarriage or stillbirth or any other reason like a death in infancy, is what defines rainbow baby. It carries a bundle of happiness with it like a rainbow in the sky does.

Double Rainbow Baby

A rainbow baby is the one who is born after a loss of a baby, whereas a double rainbow baby is the one who is born after the loss of two babies or two miscarriages.

A rainbow baby gives a lot of happiness but a double rainbow baby is someone who makes the family feels the luckiest ones. Having a double rainbow baby carries fewer chances but it is not impossible to have a double rainbow baby.

Rainbow Baby Day

As there are some specific days which are celebrated for some specific reasons, 15th October is a day which is known as Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day, it is honored every year as a way to honor the children who are no longer in this world.

It is a way to remember and honor those children and also to support others for the grieving loss.  It’s not just a regular day, it is basically celebrated to heal those parents who have had their miscarriage, stillbirth or infant loss.

People should always find some happy space for them, after a huge loss, parents should be consoled by the families and relatives and should be suggested to find happy space to live (to hope for another child).

Having a rainbow baby does not mean to forget the old one or to replace the old one, in fact, a rainbow baby is a hope and happiness that comes to a family for their better happy future.

Rainbow baby day is celebrated basically to heal the parents and spread awareness about the importance of the baby.  Compassion and love for the rainbow baby will be the same or even double after having a miscarriage.

Rainbow baby day is important for every parent who actually needs to understand the positive aspects of everything. This day is mainly to remember your previous baby whom you miss a lot.

How To Celebrate Rainbow Baby Day

There are many ways in which Rainbow baby day can be celebrated:

  • Pay for someone- it is very simple as a donation. What you can do is, you can donate money in the form of some payment. Like you can pay for a meal of someone at a restaurant, or you can donate some toys to poor children on the behalf of your precious child. This activity will make you feel good and will make the rainbow baby day successful one.
  • Talk to your baby about their sibling who is no longer alive, you can share the memories, your hopes, feelings, and whatnot. The only thing is that you will feel good when you talk about the feelings you have kept inside your heart.
  • Rainbow baby day is basically to honor the child so you should do something good, something honorable such as sowing seeds, planting trees, provide some monetary donation, so some charitable work, so some work for those children who do have their parents alive. It will be an honorable experience for you and your precious child.

Rainbow Baby Names

As the term is rainbow which is the bow or band of 7 colors so according to this names of rainbow babies should be based on the vibrant colors of the rainbow.

There is another aspect also, as a rainbow gives us hopes and happiness, names of rainbow babies can also be based on hopes or happiness.

Rainbow baby names should be such which remind you lifetime about that feeling and smile that you got when you held the child in your hands for the first time.

If you consider some color your favorite one or a lucky one then you can choose that color as rainbow baby’s name. The color which you feel is associated with happiness or positivity or hopes then also you can choose that color as your baby’s name.

  • ‘Dhaval’ is an Indian name which means white.
  • ‘Arun’ is also an Indian name which means redness of the rising Sun.
  • ‘Pushkar’ is the name which means blue lotus.
  • ‘Gauri’ is yellow.
  • ‘Kanaka’ is Gold.
  • ‘Ruby’ is a red colored precious stone.
  • ‘Mia’ is “a child much wished for”
  • ‘Nina’ is a common name which means “priceless”
  • ‘Pearl’ means a gem.
  • ‘Avita’ means a life.
  • ‘Harika’ is the name which means beautiful and your little rainbow girl is a beautiful angel sent from heaven.
  • ‘Nyasa’ means a new beginning.
  • ‘Amari’ is a name which means strength.
  • ‘Mehar’ is a name which means a blessing from God.
  • ‘Mira’ is a name which means wonderful.

So these are some of the names which are appropriate for the rainbow baby because these names are based on happiness or hopes or strength or colors.

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