What Is IUI? | Cost And IUI Success Rate

What Is IUI?

IUI success rate

Couples who face fertility issues and have encountered failure in conceiving a pregnancy often come across the term IUI. So, let us know- What is IUI, IUI success rate and IUI Cost in India?

IUI stands for IntraUterine Insemination. IUI meaning is the injection or placement of sperms inside the uterus to facilitate sperm mobilization.

It is used in those cases where there have been failures or lack of mobility among the sperms, low sperm count(oligospermia ) or in some cases when vaginal mucus thickness doesn’t allow the sperm to pass through it and reach to the fallopian tube.

It helps the sperms in conceiving with the ova. Though the meeting up is to be done on in its own. It only gives the advantage to the egg in mobility and giving a head start.

Regarding IUI success rate its easily understand that with one IUI cycle, women have just 20% chances to conceive.

The more no. of IUI cycles, increases the chances of getting you pregnant. With 4 to 5 cycles of IUI, pregnancy rates can be as high as 80 per cent.

IUI Success On First Try:IUI success rate

IUI is one of those Fertility measures which has a variable success rate depending on the various factors responsible for the fertility of the couple.

IUI success on the first try is something which is not very common. Many couples face the problem of failure in IUI and don’t gain success in the first try.

The main factor in IUI success is the age factor for women who are under the age of 30 tend to have a fair chance of success in the IUI first try.

But for women who are in the mid-’30s & ’40s, there are fewer chances of success in IUI.

IUI Cost In India:

After the question What is IUI? Many would ask what is IUI cost in India. Is it affordable?

In today’s world, there are various treatments for Infertility but there are various factors which affect the viability of these treatments.

IVF is also one of these treatments but is also expensive for many people.

Whereas IUI is one of the most widely used methods to treat infertility and advised as per diagnosis and need for the treatment which cost is varying from rs.3000.0 to 15000.0 in India, depending upon the treatment and centre.

It has a good success rate and apart from that IUI is an affordable treatment as compared to IVF.

IUI OR IVF:IUI success rate

IUI or IVF both are one of the most widely used Infertility treatments. Though IVF is something people have heard of but many would question What is IUI?.

IVF which stands for In vitro fertilization which is the most successful and advanced method of fertilization.

IUI which stands for Intra-Uterine Insemination is a fertilization method in which the sperms are inseminated inside the uterus to Increase the chances of pregnancy.

IUI is used as a treatment for mild infertility & couples facing problem in conception with problems like lack of mobility of the sperms, low sperm count(oligospermia ) or in some cases when vaginal mucus thickness doesn’t allow the sperm to pass through it and reach to the fallopian tubes.

Whereas IVF is a process in which the sperm and eggs are mixed together outside the uterus (in a test tube) and stored in a laboratory dish to encourage fertilization.

IVF includes a vast process between stimulation of Ovaries and formation of the embryo in 5 steps.

It is also found to be successful even in cases of women with the age of 40 and above.

It is entirely dependent on the type of infertility and other factors that affect the choice of fertility treatment method IVF or IUI. Hence for a good success rate, always choose the best IVF centre.

IUI Procedure Time:IUI success rate

The intrauterine insemination procedure is quite easy and the IUI procedure time is short. It can be undertaken normally in your fertility clinic.

Firstly the semen is taken and thawed, prepared for fertilization. The donor if any or your partner needs to give the semen. After, the semen has been thawed and prepared.

A catheter is used to pass the prepared and washed semen in the uterus through Cervix. Now, all you need to do is wait for the conception to take place.

This procedure is quick & short but the test for pregnancy is taken almost 14-15 days after the procedure.

IUI Process Day By Day:

The IUI process day by day has got simple and stable. It involves stages of monitoring your ovulation cycle and medicines to speed up the process.

You would also need to visit a fertility specialist and a pre-IUI-workshop. This is done to monitor the formation of healthy eggs.

  1. Next is the preparation of the sperm for the injection. A sperm sample is taken either from your partner or from the donor (if any). The sperm is washed is then prepared for injection. Washing is done to make the sperm highly concentrated and increase the chances of fertilization.
  2. In the next procedure, the sperms are injected into your cervix through a catheter. It is a flexible, thin tube which is used to inject the sperms in the uterus.
  3. After a week or 14-15 days, your doctor will check for the progesterone levels. The checkup for the fertilization and pregnancy is begun. Your uterine lining will be checked and ultrasound is also done.

IUI Success Tips:

IUI treatment is not something which guarantees a high success rate in one try for every couple. So, here are some IUI success tips which one should follow to Increase there chances of IUI success rate.

  1.  You should know that if you have mild to low female or male infertility, then IUI is suitable for you or else you need IVF.
  2. If you are under 40 years of age than on an avg. the no. of tries that you would need is 4-5.
  3.  In case if you have mild infertility than IUI is a better choice for you and you should stick to 3-4 tries as IUI is also inexpensive as compared to IVF and has a substantial success rate in case of mild infertility and women of age under 35-40.
  4.  Fertility drugs significantly increase the chances of pregnancy in IUI cases so your gynaecologist might recommend them.

IUI Treatment Success Rate:IUI success rate

IUI treatment is an attractive option of treatment among the couples who face failure in conception. The affordable and inexpensive nature of IUI cycles makes them an attractive package.

The IUI treatment success rate though varies on a variety of factors. These factors are Age, type, and level of infertility. Though age plays a major role in deciding the percentage of IUI treatment success rate.

The stats for IUI treatment success rate on the basis of age is given below:

  1.  In the case of women of age 20-30 -> 17.6% IUI success rate
  2.  In the case of women of age 30-35 -> 13.3% IUI success rate
  3.  In the case of women of age 36-38 -> 13.4% IUI success rate
  4.  In the case of women of age 39-40-> 10.6% IUI success rate
  5.  In the case of women of age over 40-> 5.4% IUI success rate


IUI which stands for intrauterine insemination and IVF which stands for In-Vito fertilization are two one of the most popular fertilization methods to treat infertility of couples.

Now many couples might get confused while choosing between IVF vs IUI. IVF is the most advanced and successful method of treating infertility.

Both are basically an assisted reproductive technology(ART). In IVF the eggs are taken and manually fertilized with sperm and then transplanted in the uterus.

Whereas in IUI the fertilization is taken place in the woman’s uterus only after sperms are inseminated in the uterus.


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