What Can Pregnant Women Eat In Sea Food?

What Can A Pregnant Women Eat In Sea Food?Can Pregnant Women Eat

Safety in every aspect is needed during pregnancy so as it is required in case of food. What can pregnant women eat in Seafood? Because seafood is what most nonvegetarians moms to be will crave for.

Most of the fish and shellfish are safe to eat in pregnancy time period but they should be well cooked. Fishes have many health benefits for the mother to be and baby. It’s good to include fish in the diet.

But it is also observed that some fishes and seafood have a high risk of contamination with germs, parasites or toxins.

Can Pregnant Women Eat Shrimp?

By observing the research data, ingesting high mercury content can have harmful effects on the mother as well as the baby. Seafood is nutritious but while pregnancy extra care needs to be given to the body and for that intake of proper and correct food is necessary.

So, the answer to- “Can pregnant women eat shrimp”? is that Shrimp is one of the seafood for which almost every pregnant woman would crave for. Shrimp is safe to eat during pregnancy.

It contains a low level of mercury and is low in fat content. It contains protein which is healthy for the pregnant woman.

Can Pregnant Women Eat Prawns?

Butter garlic prawns are best avoided during pregnancy. As a coin has its two sides one is heads and other is tail. Similarly, seafood such as prawn has a lot of protein, fats, and minerals but at the same time contains harmful toxins.

Seafood such as prawn is obviously found in water and water pollution has caused an increase in the accumulation of toxic chemicals in marine life. Such toxic chemicals make consumption of seafood more problematic than before.

So for pregnant women, it is advisable to avoid the consumption of seafood which is served in restaurants. Because there is the possibility of uncooked food and moreover they may not be prepared in the clean environment.

If you have the surety that prawns are purchased from a safe freshwater source then a small amount of consumption can be done.

Can Pregnant Women Eat Tuna?

Tuna is one of the most popular fish. While we talk about fish during pregnancy it’s more about the content of mercury.  Can pregnant women eat Tuna?

So the answer to this question includes some important points. The following information should be kept in mind:

  • Eating up to 12 ounces a week of canned tuna and other low content mercury fish such as catfish is advisable.
  • Eating up to 6 ounces of fresh white tuna is advisable.

Avoid eating large fish which are mainly found on the top of the water level where mercury content is higher.

Can Pregnant Women Eat Sushi?

Sushi is an amazing food item which pregnant women crave, but can pregnant women eat Sushi? Precooked and pre-made sushi kept at restaurants and shops is usually displayed at room temperature which allows listeria to multiply quickly.

So, this increases the chance of food poisoning as well as miscarriage.

It is advisable to make or cook sushi at home instead of having it somewhere in the restaurants. Fill the Sushi with fresh vegetables, cooked fish, cooked meat etc.

Can Pregnant Women Eat Scallops?

Now another question arises that ‘can pregnant women eat scallops?’ Scallops contain a low level of fats and mercury so they are great to add in a diet but the adequate amount is required for every single food item.

How To Eat Scallops While Pregnant?

  1. Every seafood needs to get washed before eating. Dry packed scallops are healthier to eat and are as unhealthy as chemical filled wet-packed scallops.
  2. Scallops should be clean before preparing. Just rinse the scallops under cold water and dry them with paper towels.
  3. Eating raw scallops should be avoided because it enhances the risk of food poisoning.
  4. Cook the scallops properly because cooking will reduce the chances of toxins affecting the body. Don’t buy scallops from the restaurant, try to make and cook at home.
  5. Try to include scallops in pasta and salad instead of eating it separately.
  6. One tip is to not purchase scallops which are not fresh or frozen because in pregnancy you need to take extra care of yourself.
Can Pregnant Women Eat Crab?

During pregnancy, the craving for different food items, different flavors is common but with that, safety is also necessary.  Talking about crab is something which gives the mind a feeling of the taste of crispness, but is can pregnant women eat crabs?

Many good things are not good during the time of pregnancy, however,  this is not the case with crabs.

Crabs are not only one of the tastiest seafood but nutritious also. Crabs have proteins and omega 3 polyunsaturated acids.  Women can eat crab during the pregnancy but the condition is that they should be hygienically made and cooked properly.

Seafood such as Sushi or crabmeat should be avoided because they are not properly cooked.  Organs and guts of shellfish have a higher content of mercury which is harmful to the baby, so they should be avoided.

What Seafood Can Harm During Pregnancy?

Smoked Seafood, Including Smoked Salmon
Smoked salmon and trout fish can be contaminated with listeria (bacteria). During pregnancy, the risk of listeria infection increases which can be very harmful to the bay. Avoiding smoked salmon bagels and smoked trout salads are advised.

Fresh, Raw Seafood
Avoiding raw seafood including sushi, oysters and other shellfish is advisable. Any type of fresh and raw seafood has high-risk potential because it can contain parasites such as tapeworms.

Raw seafood also contains a high level of viruses and bacteria than cooked seafood has had.  Food poisoning when pregnant caused by raw fish will not harm the baby but it will make you feel unwell and dizzy all the time, but listeria can cause miscarriage.

Fish With High Levels Of Mercury
Mercury is a chemical that builds up in the ocean food chain. Most of the fish contain some amount of mercury in them. Large fish on the top of the food chain has a high level of mercury content.

Cooking or freezing fish does not help in the reduction of mercury content. So eating large fish having a high level of mercury is not advisable.

Fish such as shark, swordfish, king mackerel, tilefish, marlin, orange roughy are large fish and contain a high level of mercury. So these are advisable to be avoided.
If you want to have the following fish then you should have only one serve i.e., 150 grams per fortnight:

  • Shark (flake)
  • Marlin
  • Swordfish (broadbill)

If you want to have the following fish then you should have only one serve i.e., 150 grams per week:

  • Orange roughy
  • Catfish

There are some fish which can be eaten two or three times a week: all prawns, lobsters, and bugs.

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