What Can Pregnant Women Drink? Coffee, Green Tea, Red wine..

What Can Pregnant Women Drink?What Can Pregnant Women Drink

Now talking about drinks while pregnancy, only water consumption is not advisable it can be exchanged with other alternatives. What can pregnant women drink?

Fresh fruit juice is rich in vitamins but it has a lot of sugar content which is not required by a pregnant woman. So in order to take fruit juice, dilute it 50-50 with cold water. Here fruit juice does not mean fruit flavored juice.

Milk is also recommended for pregnant women because it is rich in calcium and contains protein too. If you are not a milk person then try calcium enriched soy drink.

Soups and coconut water are also advisable because both are healthy for the woman as well as the child.

Can Pregnant Women Drink Coffee?

Drinks such as coffee, tea relieve the stress of the body. But, can pregnant women drink coffee? A lot of intake of coffee is not advisable during non-pregnancy days so having caffeine in pregnancy should be avoided. Drinks such as coffee, cola drinks have caffeine and it causes problems during pregnancy.

During pregnancy, intake of caffeine up to 200mg daily is suggested by the health authorities. Caffeine increases the load on the liver and during pregnancy, the liver is already busy with processing the pregnancy hormones.

Coffee during pregnancy first trimester is riskier and should be avoided instead. During the second and third trimester, coffee intake does not have the same effect as it has in the first trimester.

Can Pregnant Women Drink Tea?

Tea has polyphenols which protect the heart and has antioxidants which may lower the risk of cancer and it has nutrients which boost the immune system.  So, Can pregnant women drink tea?

A cup of tea eases the morning sickness and makes you feel relaxed, which is good for health. So basically, having tea during pregnancy is advisable.

Can Pregnant Women Drink Green Tea?

We know that there is green tea also which is believed to be good for health. Now the question is can pregnant women drink green tea? Herbal teas help the body to hydrate when women don’t drink water, it saves the body from dehydration.

Herbal tea is caffeine free so it does not the body as well as the unborn baby. Nettle leaf is an herb which is advisable to intake during pregnancy.

It is safe to drink nettle leaf tea during second and third trimester but not in the first trimester because it has a stimulating effect on the uterus of the pregnant woman.

Can I Drink Wine While Pregnant?

Can I Drink Wine While Pregnant

It is the most common question in every pregnant women mind that Can I drink wine while pregnant? Drinking is injurious to the health of the pregnant woman as well as the baby because of FETAL ALCOHOL SYNDROME.

Fetal alcohol syndrome takes place when the mother to drinks alcohol in an excessive amount. Alcohol passes through the bloodstream of mother to be to the baby’s bloodstream.

This may cause birth defects such as a physical problem in baby or issues related to the growth of baby or abnormalities in mental retardation. To be safe is to avoid drinking alcohol during the 9 months of pregnancy.

Red Wine During Pregnancy Benefits

Red wine is trusted to be the beneficial one because of the fact that the antioxidants are present in red wine. How is red wine during pregnancy beneficial?

Those antioxidants help in the prevention of heart diseases by increasing the level of high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol. Moderate amount of red wine is not too bad for the artery.

Red wine in less quantity is safe for a woman, but it could be unsafe for the child and it could lead to the abnormalities in development and growth.

Drinking While Pregnant Effects On Baby

Drinking while pregnant during the first three weeks does not much affect the baby because while you are pregnant, the fetus is not that much grown to get hurt.

When the time passes by, consumption of alcohol becomes injurious to the health of the baby but during the starting weeks when you don’t even have the idea of being pregnant, it is not problematic to consume alcohol.

Drinking alcohol is not advisable during pregnancy. No alcohol for 9 months is the safest approach. Now ‘how does alcohol affect the fetus?’

As every question has an answer, so the reason for avoiding alcohol is that it passes into your bloodstream and then into the fetus’s bloodstream, so it can harm the unborn baby.

To make a happy ending by delivering a healthy baby, alcohol should be left for the 9 months.

Can You Smoke While Pregnant?

There are approximately 4000 chemicals in cigarette smoke. Can you smoke while pregnant? During pregnancy, when you smoke the toxic brew gets into the bloodstream and then it acts as a source for baby’s oxygen and it goes to the baby’s bloodstream.

Pregnant woman’s bloodstream is the only source of oxygen and nutrients for the baby. The most serious complications in cigarette smoking are stillbirth or premature delivery or even low weight baby.

Nicotine in cigarette chokes off oxygen by narrowing blood vessels throughout the body, including the umbilical cord.  Baby has to breathe via narrow straw because there is no option available. That’s why smoking during pregnancy should be avoided.

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