Vaccination Importance and Side Effects

Importance of Vaccination

Health is one of the most important aspects of somebody’s life to keep a smooth and happy life. At the same time, it is desirable that vaccination should be taken from time to time and can’t be overlooked at any point in time.

Importance of vaccination can’t be kept at stake. Vaccines help in preventing the spreading of contagious diseases. There can be vaccines for different diseases which may be HIV, chickenpox, measles, and polio.

There can be different advantages of vaccination and it is desirable that people should educate others on the importance of immunization.

There are different reasons to vaccinate your child and the importance of vaccination is clearly depicted henceforth.

Vaccinating Your Child Pros And Cons

Pros of Vaccines

Every person does what’s best for their child and hence vaccine is one such thing. If you still have this question in mind should I vaccinate my baby? Here are some of the advantages of immunization.

  • There are certain diseases that pass on from generation to generation and can be eradicated through vaccines. Like pregnant women always bears the risk of passing on the infection for diseases to their young ones.
  • It saves money and ensures good health of the child. For instance, In India, Polio drops are given so much importance and since long we have been hearing “Do Boond Zindagi ki” and in this way, the problem of Polio is eradicated to a greater extent. Here the importance of vaccination plays a pivotal role.
  • The purpose of immunization is quite clear to save the child for diseases that they are prone to. It is important for your health and is safe too.
  • Not only the child but the members of the family are also safeguarded.

Side Effects of Vaccines

Importance of vaccination can’t be ruled out but at the same time, there can be side effects of vaccination too. They are mentioned as:

  • One in three people can report as a serious reaction to the vaccine. However, there are very fewer chances of chronic disease or death. It just affects the body in minor which may include a headache or respiratory problems.
  • Some have even reported for muscles or joint pain.
  • Babies or young children can feel bit uncomfortable and have seen instances of high temperature that usually goes within 2 to 3 days.
  • In very rare situations there can be chances of anaphylactic reaction which leads to the breathing problem and collapse.
  • However on comparison risks of vaccinating your child is much lower as and when compared to benefits.

Vaccination Schedule

Usually, between 4 to 6 years of age a child is taken annually for check-ups and vaccination. The dosage of vaccination varies from case to case.

Some vaccine is given at the time of birth and that carries in equal interval thereafter. Like HepB is given at the time of birth and the second dose is given after 2 months.

Therefore, schedule of different vaccines is different depending upon child’s health and type of vaccine available.

What Vaccines Are Not Necessary For Babies?

Sometimes, parents opt not to vaccinate their child since they feel the child has come from a strong and immune background of generation and are not prone to diseases.

This comes as a personal choice however the government has decided some of the basic vaccines which should be given to a child.

  • Polio, MMV
  • Rotavirus, HeptB
  • HeptA
  • Mumps
  • Tuberculosis and diphtheria

There are no such vaccines which are not necessary. It is just the government has laid down certain vaccines which stand important for the baby’s health and can’t be overlooked.

Reasons to delay Vaccines

There can be certain reasons for delaying vaccination which may be high fever, reactions to prior vaccine, asthma or lungs problem.

It is evident to say that the importance of immunization to prevent diseases can’t be overlooked at any point in life.

Effects of not vaccinating your child can be dangerous and they are more prone to diseases.

Health is the key to a happy life. Open your eyes and start investing in Good health.

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