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Uses Of Ultrasound Wavesuses of Ultrasound waves

Before knowing the uses of ultrasound waves, let’s know about what are Ultrasound waves?

Ultrasound waves are the high-frequency sound waves that having frequencies much higher than the normal hearing range of humans.

This is to say that these waves have frequencies higher than the upper audible range of the human hearing.

These waves are sent to the body that is then echoed and relayed to the ultrasound machine that interprets the results.

By much higher frequencies than the upper audible limit of human hearing, it is meant that ultrasound waves have frequencies greater than 20 kHz.

There are various uses of ultrasound waves other than used for body imaging. They are used to calculate distances, for welding plastic, for ultrasonic cleaning, etc.

Uses Of Ultrasound Waves:

Let’s discuss the uses of ultrasound waves:

  1. Ultrasonic cleaning is the done through the ultrasound waves. Through this cleaning, jewelry, lenses, watches and other optical parts or industrial parts are cleansed.
  2. Ultrasonic welding of plastics is another use of ultrasound waves. Low amplitude vibration creates heat by means of which parts are welded or joint.
  3. Ultrasound waves are also used as means of communication underwater. But the ultrasonic devices, two sensors are able to connect.
  4. With the help of ultrasound waves, an ultrasonic humidifier is also used to atomize the water.
  5. Ultrasonic weapons are also used as sonic weapons to combat any type of conflicts or riots and also disintegrate the attackers. This is done by way of ultrasound waves.
  6. Ultrasound is also an imaging technique that is used to check the body organs. It is used as a diagnostic technique.
  7. Also, ultrasound waves are also used as the therapy for some medical conditions.

Uses Of Ultrasonic Waves In Daily Life:

Uses of ultrasonic waves in daily lives are also quite a many. Let’s have a look at them below.

  1. Ultrasonic waves are used to detect the aircraft or the submarines. These help in detection of enemy aircraft or submarines. The device used in this case is called SONAR, which is the acronym for sound navigation and ranging.
  2. For the purpose of teeth filling, ultrasound drill machine is used that uses these ultrasound waves for the purpose.
  3. Ultrasound waves are also used in metallurgy.
  4. Ultrasound waves are also used to determine objects in space. This process is called echolocation.

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