Ulcer During Pregnancy | Symptoms, Effects & Treatment

Ulcer During Pregnancy

Ulcer During Pregnancy

Pregnancy as seems very fascinating and is an important part of a woman’s life. But there are various complications and risks attached to it. One of the problems is ulcer during pregnancy.

During pregnancy stomach suffers a lot, you face reflux, nausea and also vomiting all the time. Though many research has proved that there is less risk of ulcer during pregnancy.

But if you are facing bloating, nausea, vomiting, weight loss, dark stool then these might be the symptoms of an ulcer in pregnancy.

Though women usually don’t face ulcer during pregnancy, though it’s not like that it can’t happen. Ulcer arises due to the decline in the lining of the stomach.

Ulcer Symptoms

Ulcer symptoms are very easily identifiable and in many cases during pregnancy women get confused with ulcer symptoms.

Despite the fact, that pregnant women are less likely to face ulcer. An ulcer occurs in those cases where you face more acidity or there is more release of stomach acid.

It is also caused due to the excessive presence of Helicobacter pylori bacteria. Some stomach ulcer pregnancy symptoms are as follows:

  1.  Bloating and nausea
  2.  Weight loss
  3. Irritation and frequent acidity
  4. Vomiting
  5.  Dark stools as there is bleeding in the stomach

To control and put these stomach ulcer or pregnancy symptoms to check you should follow some precautions such as you should stay away from sour food items, also with mostly all citric fruits, milk and byproducts are also to be avoided.

Does Stomach Ulcer Affect Pregnancy:

Women who have had a history with ulcers many times worry about their arrival during pregnancy. It is of normal parlance to ask “ does stomach ulcer affect pregnancy”.

Many study and evidence of various no. of cases have proved that during pregnancy their very nominal chances of ulcer’s occurrence.

Even it is about the fact to note that the chances and symptoms of an ulcer in pregnancy are reduced to a large extent.

But yes if you have stomach or peptic ulcer during pregnancy it does pose danger to your pregnancy.

Women who do not have any past history of ulcers are though easily and successfully treated with progesterone, while women who have a history of stomach ulcers are more endangered to risks arising due to ulcers in pregnancy.

Many might question whether ulcers can cause miscarriage and for the fact yes it can in severe cases but it is very rare.

Gastroenteritis In Pregnancy Treatment:

Pregnancy, as mentioned above, is hard on the stomach and poses various problems towards the stomach such as reflux, nausea, vomiting.

Women often face the problem of gastroesophageal reflux disorder.

Gastroenteritis In Pregnancy is the disorder related to the gastrointestinal disorders which pose various complications to the pregnancy such as preterm birth, premature rupture of the membranes and also a miscarriage.

Apart from various other factors improper sanitation also becomes an important factor in gastrointestinal disorders.

Some Gastroenteritis In Pregnancy Treatment and related problems are as follows:

  1.  Simple Home Remedies: You can follow these Home Remedies For Acid Reflux During Pregnancy ( gastrointestinal disorders), the first one is to stay amply hydrated. And the use of ORS is a must.

Avoiding processed foods and also maintaining proper hygiene.

2. Simple Precautions: You should follow these precautions for Gastritis In Pregnancy Treatment.

You should avoid fried foods, also frequent small meals are recommendable, avoid galloping of water while eating etc. you can also take tums to control  Gastritis In Pregnancy.

3. Medications For Treating Heartburn: Many ask “What Can I Take For heartburn while pregnant Besides Tums” to treat heartburn.

You can use malloc and also other liquid delivery to relive the heartburn such as digene. 

4. Omeprazole In Pregnancy: Omeprazole is many times prescribed as a potential treatment of gastritis and gastrointestinal disorders.

Though FDA gives it a class C rating, which makes not to be frequently recommended. Though Esomeprazole is a better alternative.

5. Stomach Ulcer Treatment During Pregnancy: Stomach ulcer though rare in pregnancy requires proper treatment.

You can take the above-mentioned remedies and apart from them. You can take cabbage juice, garlic coated supplements and also you need to increase your fiber intake.

Anti Ulcer Drugs Safe In Pregnancy:

Ulcers can become a matter of worry if not taken proper care of. Safe Anti-ulcer drugs are those medicines which can be used to take care of ulcers during pregnancy, as many are not safe to be used in pregnancy.

There are a variety of drugs such as proton pump inhibitor which is basically omeprazole and is not safe to be used while pregnant.

The other drug which is not safe to be used while pregnancy is H-2 antagonists these are such as Zantac & also have functionality similar to that of omeprazole.

Thus, making them unsafe for pregnancy. These two drugs are safe to be used while ulcer in pregnancy.

  1. Mucosa protectors: this anti-ulcer drug can be safely used while pregnant, for example, Gaviscon. This drug forms a protective lining and does not enter in the circulation.
  2. Antacids:  this old school method of treating the ulcer and other gastrointestinal disorders is very effective as well as safe to be used during pregnancy.

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