Benefits Or Loss OF Turmeric During Pregnancy/Breastfeeding?

Turmeric PregnancyTurmeric Pregnancy

Turmeric is one of the essentials for every kitchen in India and added as a colorant and spice to Indian dishes. Turmeric has enormous health benefits and uses not only in daily life but during pregnancy and lactation also. Turmeric-pregnancy is two interconnected words because turmeric’s medicinal values are very helpful during pregnancy.

Benefits Of Turmeric During Pregnancy

Benefits of turmeric during pregnancy are mentioned below: 

  • It helps in joint pains.
  • It helps in the prevention of constipation and also maintains a healthy level of bacteria in the gut.
  • It helps in improving the immunity level.
  • It helps in maintaining blood sugar.
  • It boosts the immunity level and also helps in combating infections.
  • It helps in supporting strong and healthy bones.
  • It helps to support the liver by detoxifying and purifying blood.

Can Turmeric Prevent Pregnancy

Now after knowing the benefits of turmeric pregnancy, the question arises that ‘can turmeric prevent pregnancy?’

Yes, there are chances that turmeric can prevent pregnancy. Intake or consumption of anything in excess amount is always harmful.

Consuming turmeric in excess amount while reaching 36-37 weeks of pregnancy might miscarriage the baby and ultimately leading to prevention of pregnancy

Turmeric During Breastfeeding

Use of turmeric during breastfeeding:

  • Turmeric acts as an immune booster as it contains anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties.
  • It also helps in the reduction of risk for mastitis because it helps in the reduction of inflammation.
  • Turmeric helps in improving brain functioning and also memory capacity.
  • It is used as galactagogue which means it increases the production of breast milk. This is not scientifically proven but it has been observed and believed by Indians that turmeric helps in increasing the production of breast milk.
  • It helps in boosting up blood circulation and aids in good health.
  • It promotes digestion.

Turmeric Milk Benefits During Pregnancy 

 Following mentioned points are the turmeric milk benefits during pregnancy:

  • Turmeric milk has an anti-inflammatory property which provides relief to pregnant women. Turmeric gives a big relief to body aches and during pregnancy, women’s feet get swollen up and due to hormonal changes women suffer from joint pains, for this turmeric works the best.
  • Turmeric milk helps in fighting with infections and common colds.
  • Turmeric milk improves in bowel movement. It helps to reduce constipation during pregnancy and also provide relief to pregnant women.
  • It helps in boosting up the immune system by removing free radicals and by keeping mild infections at bay.
  • It helps in reducing cholesterol level, sometimes serum cholesterol levels increase during pregnancy, so turmeric helps in keeping a check on the rising level of cholesterol.
  • It improves blood circulation and also helps to combat dizziness and nausea that are associated with pregnancy.
  • It enhances the skin due to its anti-inflammatory properties of reducing acne and eczema. It purifies the blood, in short.
  • It improves sleep. Pregnant women find a lot of discomforts while sleeping so a glass of turmeric milk helps in getting good sleep.

Turmeric Miscarriage

If you’ll intake turmeric in excess amount during pregnancy then it may cause contraction of smooth muscles including uterine muscles.

When mother to be is close to 37 weeks of pregnancy then it is advisable to avoid intake of turmeric because due to contraction of uterine muscles, early labor pain stimulates which can lead to miscarriage because the mother, as well as the baby, are not ready for the birth. Turmeric miscarriage is possible.

Turmeric has multiple health benefits for pregnant women and other people as well.

Turmeric and pregnancy are the two separate words but they together form a special meaning to each other as turmeric is proven to be a good thing to consume during pregnancy because of its medicinal properties.

It helps in fighting against a lot of infections and is always advisable to consume while pregnancy also.

But seeking medical advice from doctors is always advisable because everybody is different from other and requirement for correct food for the body can only be given by the doctors to pregnant women.

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