Tummy Time For Babies | What Age To Start | Tips & Benefits

Tummy Time For BabiesTummy Time For Babies

Parents are always recommended to make their child sleep under the safe sleeping guidelines which prescribe to let them sleep on their back, which must be followed strictly as to prevent the child from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). But tummy time for babies is also as important and babies must be allowed to spend time on their tummy which helps in the development of the baby.

Tummy time is when babies spent time lying on their tummy trying to raise their head which leads to the development of their neck, head & back. It is also very helpful in preventing the child from flat head baby syndrome.

Tummy time for baby is highly recommended and it is to be done when the baby is in an active mood and under the supervision of an elder.

Benefits Of Tummy Time:

There are numerous benefits of tummy time, some of which are:

  1. Prevents Flat Head Syndrome: a Flathead syndrome in babies is one of the most common diseases among babies, the flat head syndrome is one-sidedness in the babies face due to some kind of bump or spot on the baby’s head, tummy time prevents the baby from the flat head syndrome
  2. Promotes Gross Motor Development: One of the major benefits of tummy time is that it helps in the gross motor development of the baby, as tummy time involves activities like walking, crawling, rolling which help in the development of motor skills of the child.
  3. Provides Strength To Neck: Tummy time helps in providing strength to the neck of babies as tummy time helps in the development of muscles & nerves in the neck of the baby & also help in the growth of the upper body of the baby.
  4. Provides Endurance: Tummy time is an exhausting activity for the baby as it makes the baby struggle in moving here and there, pulling themselves up which helps the development of their endurance. Over the period of time, it helps in increasing their activities and movements which is what makes babies happy and thriving.
  5. Helps In Development Of Senses: During tummy time babies tend to move here and there, which often leads them looking and noticing their surrounding this helps them developing their senses such as of vision, smelling, hearing.
  6. Prevents From Torticollis: Torticollis is a condition in which the baby’s neck due to stiffness tilts towards one side, due to the cramped position of the nerves in the neck. So, tummy time for baby is very effective and beneficial.

Tummy Time Milestones:

Every parent must be aware of some tummy time milestones, tummy time is your child’s best friend in his overall developments:

  1. First 2 Weeks Of Newborn Baby: The position for tummy time in a newborn baby is a bit different, in this position the belly is not allowed to make direct contact to the surface. In this position the baby’s cheek is down, hands are near the shoulders & knees is under the hips. Tummy time in babies of two weeks is not to be avoided unless and until advised by the doctor to do so. As it helps the baby to get free of the crumbled position in the mother’s womb and helps in the development of the baby.
  2. Tummy Time In Babies Of 1-2 Months Of Age: Tummy time position in babies of 1 to 2 months of age varies from the earlier position as the physique of the baby develops than that of a baby of 2 weeks. In this position, the hands are further from the body, belly on the surface, head bobs but can lift without turning. One thing to note in this phase is that if the baby is not using both sides of the neck beware to look out for signs of torticollis. Tummy time in these months can be a little tough on the baby but it’s for her good health.
  3. Tummy Time In Babies Of 3-4 Months Of Age: Now you may notice that the baby starts to look here and there and starts using his or her head more often. Now the babies start to develop at a more fast pace, the position in this phase is with the upper chest of the baby lifted & weight should be on forearms. In this time period will start getting more active and movements will be increased by the baby and similar will be the growth in the 5th month of age
  4. Tummy Time In Babies Of 6-7 Months Of Age: So it’s been 6 months now for your baby practicing tummy time and over the time you too realize how it has helped in the development of your baby. So now your baby can be set a bit free in the position though if some things that can be followed can be using of hands more and more like lifting body weight on arms, push up position, & must be comfortable with palms on the floor.

Newborn Tummy Time: What Age To Start?

Generally what parents assume is that newborn babies are not that developed to be allowed on their tummy, though this is somewhat right completely avoiding tummy time is not a correct thinking, tummy time in a newborn baby is somewhat different and the positions vary with age as mentioned in the above para.

The baby is not to be laid on his tummy or belly to be specific but they are to be laid with knees under the hips which avoids the pressing of tummy with the surface.

Tummy time in newborn baby must be started from 2 weeks of age and is helpful in making the child free of the crumbled shape that the baby was in the mother’s womb.

Tummy Time Pillow:

Tummy time pillow can be very helpful in providing a comfortable position to the baby and makes the parents psychologically relieved towards the baby. Use the best Tummy Time Pillow (a purchasable link) to provide comfort to your baby.

Product description-> Mini Bopp pillow used for tummy time it comes with patented Sideline ring toy attachment system and it supports pediatrician recommended tummy time and also comes removable toys included to provide a thing to play to your child.

Tummy Time Tips:

Some few important tummy time tips are as follows:

  • The first thing regarding tummy time is that it must be started early, as early it begins the more development you will get to see.
  • Tummy time must not be forced on the baby, one of the most important things to be taken care of is that the baby must enjoy tummy time and if gets upset than you must stop it.
  • A tummy time pillow can be helpful in facilitating tummy time and making it more comfy for the baby and more effective.
  • An exercise ball can also be used to make the tummy time more enjoyable and effective for the baby it also helps in increasing the baby’s participation.
  • The arms and the chest of the baby are one of the crucial points to be paid attention at, as these are one of the most participating organs in tummy time.
  • Using various kinds of objects and attraction for luring the baby and making tummy time more interesting for the baby

These were some tummy time tips and overall we can see the importance of tummy time in the development of the baby, parents must abide by the rules and procedure of tummy time and make it enjoyable and participatory for their baby as it is the baby who has developed through it.



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