Tooth Extraction in Pregnancy | Is It Safe?

Tooth Extraction in PregnancyTooth Extraction in Pregnancy

You might be wondering is it safe for tooth extraction in Pregnancy?

Tooth Pain during Pregnancy is a common situation & leads to dental problems and gum diseases, usually, treatment is delayed until the baby is born or else in case of emergency usually the second trimester is considered ideal.

Can you go to the dentist while pregnant ? Tooth Pain in Pregnancy, swollen gums (also called pregnancy gingivitis), dental decay are all problems faced during pregnancy.

The hormones fluctuating during pregnancy tends to cause this condition.

However, sometimes it gets worse and gives rise to a host of dental problems.

In such conditions, tooth extraction becomes necessary but this have to be done under doctor’s consultancy.

Tooth Extraction Pregnancy Risk

You might be wondering can you get a tooth pulled while pregnant.

Tooth Extraction Pregnancy risks are higher.

There is a direct correlation of tooth extraction in pregnancy and effects on the baby.

There are chances of low birth or preterm babies.

In a survey of 100 pregnant ladies who suffered from chronic dental disease 18 have delivered premature babies.

Tooth Extraction While Pregnant Safe

Dental work during pregnancy has to take care of. The question of tooth extraction is debatable.

Dental Surgeons usually refrains from tooth extraction in pregnancy and only in case of infections in gums, extraction becomes necessary.

  • It is better to have dental care precautions and rule out this situation.
  • Pregnancy dental care is advisable and smooth bristles are recommended.
  • Toothache home remedies for pregnant can be avoided by use of toothpaste containing fluoride. Tooth extraction in pregnancy is usually done in extreme cases.


Tooth Extraction in Early Pregnancy

During early pregnancy or first trimester surgeons usually, prefer not to carry out tooth extraction.

They usually protect you from infections without administering drugs.

X-Ray has to be done to see the condition and dental x rays and pregnancy are carried with due safety.

Since it’s the period of inception and the baby is in development phase, it is usually avoided.

The question is can you get wisdom teeth removed while pregnant?

Wisdom tooth extraction while pregnant aggregate pain.

Infection, plaque build-up, or abnormal growth can make the situation worse. In such cases, the extraction follows the same procedure as of normal teeth.

Dental Guidelines for Pregnant Patients

  • Tooth extraction during pregnancy first trimester is not carried out.
  • Dental care can be given in the second trimester or first week of the third trimester of pregnancy. Dental fillings during pregnancy are usually given in this period.
  • Tooth extraction during pregnancy third trimester can either be done in initial days or can be postponed until the baby is born.
  • Lead sheet has to be used in case of X-Rays.
  • Fluoroquinolones like levofloxacin, ciprofloxacin, and moxifloxacin are avoided.
  • Mouth wash containing alcohol are also not preferred.


Pain Relief for Tooth Extraction While Pregnant

Pain relief can be made either by home remedies or either if the situation is critical (seeing the damage in tooth), extraction has to be done.

The best home remedy is dip a cotton ball in olive oil and place it over painful areas.

Dental Treatment during Pregnancy

  • Medicines like Penicillin, clindamycin, and amoxicillin which are considered safe while tooth extraction during pregnancy. Erythromycin is given to those patients who are not allergic to it.
  • Dental X-Ray when pregnant has to be done with utmost care and Lead sheet has to be used since its radiation can cause harm to baby.
  • Is dental anesthesia safe during pregnancy? Local anaesthesia like Novocaine or Lidocaine should be used for pregnant ladies as it gets filtered before reaching the fetus.
  • Tetracycline, doxycycline, and minocycline they have to be avoided since it can cause adverse impact to baby’s health.


Toothache Medicine For Pregnant

Tooth Extraction in Pregnancy is done followed by certain medicines.

Any medicine which is prescribed should be harmless to both mother and the baby likePenicillin, clindamycin, and amoxicillin are usually prescribed.

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