Tips For Normal Delivery Of Baby To Avoid Cesarean

Tips For Normal Delivery Of BabyTips For Normal Delivery

Tips For Normal Delivery: People say childbirth is the most beautiful phenomenon that you will ever come across. No doubt it is the most precious gift of God .

But definitely no pain can ever define the amount of pain a mother experiences while delivering her baby. Be it normal delivery or C-section delivery (cesarean), the mother some time or the other has to experience the although sweet but unmeasurable pain.

Here let us discuss some tips that will help you to make the delivery normal or can say the normal delivery tips :

Normal Delivery Tips

Normal delivery is the process where the baby takes birth through the mother’s vagina normally and naturally.

This is different from c section or cesarean which involves the mother to go through surgery to give birth to the baby.

Since the natural process is painful and requires patience, here are some normal delivery tips:

  • The first and foremost tip for normal delivery of baby is ‘patience’. Mothers may have to experience high intensity pain during their labor and tremendous pain at the time of normal delivery, this requires both the parents to keep the situation calming and positive instead of fidgeting and worsening it.
  • Choose your date for delivery wisely and listen to the baby’s call. Trying to force the baby out before the actual date may not be the right thing to do.
  • Make sure you prepare a hospital Bag Checklist and carry an extra set of towels, warm water bottles, cotton pads and scissors in case of any emergency or sudden delivery.
  • Before the delivery, it is usually recommended that the mother should understand the process of childbirth. There are various classes for pregnant mothers that provide the right education on how to handle baby birth through normal delivery.
  • Prepare a regular exercising schedule of light exercises to make your body flexible for normal delivery.
  • Make sure you keep your diet healthy and balanced during pregnancy. Don’t starve or dehydrate yourself at any cost. Make sure your body retains the maximum nutrition required by the baby.
  • Make sure you don’t gain or lose weight to the extent that your body refuses normal delivery. An ideal weight is important for normal delivery.
  • Know your pain bearing capacity and pre-decide if you want a normal delivery or a C section. Though it is mostly recommended a normal delivery as 75-80% of women deliver normally.

Tips For Normal Delivery To Avoid Cesarean

Most of the women today may find a c-section delivery quite easier away as compared to normal delivery.

But we may tend to ignore the fact that adopting the natural way of baby birth can be far safer than the surgical method.

C- section may often lead to complications and deaths, whereas even if happens to be a safe surgery, the post-delivery healing may take longer than usual.

Therefore in normal and healthy cases mothers are recommended to go for normal delivery.

Let us discuss some tips for normal delivery of the baby to avoid Cesarean:

  • Opt a very healthy lifestyle in general and especially during pregnancy.
  • Make sure you are an active mother, participating in most of the household chores keeping your body flexible.
  • Exercising on a regular basis can be a great stimulation for normal baby birth.
  • Acknowledge the process of normal delivery and make sure you read ample of books (Kindle e_book) on How to get a normal delivery.
  • Keep your weight normal as both overweight and underweight situations can bring complications to your normal delivery and doctors may in such circumstances recommend a c- section.

These were the tips for normal delivery of the baby. Here are some steps on what to do for normal delivery in 9 months:

Normal Delivery Exercise

Your normal delivery exercises can do wonders in the stimulation of a normal delivery. It may assist in paving a path for the baby to come out naturally in the outside world.

Make sure you follow these normal delivery tips on a regular basis. Here are some exercises you can do to promote a healthy natural delivery. Easy Exercises for Normal Delivery – Prenatal Exercises(Click at the link to Download)

  • Clamshell
  • Wall side
  • Hip Raises
  • Pelvic tilt
  • Lying cobbler pose
  • Sitting glute stretch
  • Opening hips
  • Pelvic stretches

Food For Normal Delivery

As mentioned before, a healthy diet is a key to a healthy baby and a healthy mother. Make sure your diet is perfect for your baby. Here are some recommended foods for normal delivery:

  • A calcium-rich diet which includes dairy products, milk, and yogurt is important for the development of both the mother and baby and also for making the mother’s bones stronger for bearing the pressure of normal delivery.
  • Vitamin A rich diet which may include pumpkins, sweet potato, fortified oat cereal, butternuts is important for a healthy immune system, eyes, and vision, metabolism etc.
  • Vitamin C foods like oranges
  • Bananas
  • Oats
  • Eggs

Normal Delivery Process

The normal delivery process actually starts when the baby itself is ready to come out of the mother into the outside world.

Your uterus starts signally you about the upcoming baby. Well, there is an amniotic sac covering the baby which at this moment starts to rupture.

The mother may have to experience a flow or discharge from her cervix which is generally in the form of mucus. This is when the baby doesn’t want to hold on to you anymore and starts finding its way out.

The normal delivery process is usually followed by three steps including contractions, opening of the cervix and pushing out of the baby. Further, the last step is the delivery.

Normal Delivery Symptoms

As the time of your delivery comes closer, your body starts getting prepared for it and makes sure you receive the signals as labor signs about 2 weeks before your actual date.

These symptoms may vary from mother to mother but you must understand them to start preparing yourself for normal delivery.

Normal delivery pain may be a start of your impending labor. You may tend to receive some normal delivery symptoms mentioned here:

  • You may feel your baby’s head-turning closer to the pelvis.
  • You may start to experience mucus discharge a few days before your labor.
  • Urinating may become a frequent activity for you.
  • You may feel that your cervix is dilating which is also a sign of approaching normal delivery.
  • You may start to feel contractions and a feeling of tightness, back pain and pressure is normally felt during this time.
  • The most important and immediate sign of labor is the water breaking. As soon as the amniotic membrane ruptures, the amniotic fluid starts to release further depicting an emergency situation as the baby is about to come out.
Chances Of Normal Delivery After Cesarean

Once you have had a C section in your first childbirth, this time you may be looking for a vaginal or normal delivery.

After a cesarean birth, the chances of natural delivery may be less. But here are some chances of normal delivery after cesarean:

  • If your present health supports you to have a normal delivery.
  • Your past cesarean history has been free of complications i.e a low transverse uterine incision.
  • If your pelvic area is large enough for a clear normal delivery.
  • You must not have a history of uterine rupture.
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