Terrible Twos How Long Does It Last

Terrible TwosTerrible Twos

Terrible twos is an unruly behavior of a child which is related to its social development. It is associated with the tantrums and nature of child mainly during the age of 2-3 years.

Terrible Twos Symptoms

Terrible twos symptoms can be observed by the following actions of incidents-

  • Any item in their sight is theirs only. This kind of behavior shows the terrible twos symptom. If they want to use something that means that particular article belongs to them only.
  • NO is what Children are likely to say to every question you ask them.
  • Children are more of an independent nature, in the end, they will do everything that they want to. Even if children don’t know how to drink milk via glass then also they will not let anyone help them.
  • Children will ask you to give them random things at random times. When they ask you to give something right now that means they NEED it right away.
  • Children communicate little and spend more time throwing things away or hitting people around. Children will bite if they’ll feel irritated or otherwise. Tantrums can occur daily or hourly.

Terrible Twos Threes

Terrible threes tantrums are way worse than twos.

  • Children are terrible when it comes to having a nap in the daytime. Twos mainly sleep in the daytime around 1 pm but talking about threes, children will show tantrums by someday they want to sleep and another day they don’t want.
  • Why? This is the favorite one-liner of every three years old child. Whenever you ask them to do something, your question or instruction will be replied with WHY? Children have the tendency of asking WHY after every sentence.
  • Once they turn to three, they become pickier in food eating. More variety and options they want so that they can choose what they want to have.
  • The most difficult thing is to train three years old child to not poop in the underwear. Potty training is a tough task.
  • Tantrums of three years old are worse than twos. It is difficult to make them understand the concept because of their continuous WHY question.

Terrible twos threes tantrums are tough to handle.

Terrible Twos At 18 Months

Talking about terrible twos at 18 months, the child is curious, fearless, clueless and confused about the consequences of his/her actions.

At 18, he or she can’t speak properly but the skill of throwing tantrums is at its best. Children show tantrums by not listening to anyone and by running everywhere whenever asked to sit in one place.

After completing his actions, if he does not get the reaction then after 10 minutes he would have forgotten what he did. So treating the child at this age should be considered a task to be done carefully.

Terrible Twos Discipline

Terrible twos discipline can be known by the following points-

  • Don’t always say NO to your child. Try to find out the right opportunity when you actually need to say NO, or when you have no option but saying a NO, otherwise, children will never take your NO seriously.
  • Know at what point of time or in what situations your child shows tantrums so try to avoid such situations before the baby throws tantrums on you. You should observe the thing that when your child shows misbehavior so try to avoid that in order to keep safe from the tantrums.
  • When the child attains the age of 2-3, he/she understands how their action is affecting people around them, so when you laugh when child misbehave then they take reaction positively and repeat it for many times. Try to give them mixed signals, be consistent with them.
  • Don’t get emotional; try to be calm and firm. When a child refuses to brush his teeth, don’t get emotional instead make them understand in some tricky ways.
  • Don’t say NO always but when things are not going well then give them a time out. You need to make them understand the actions by your facial expression. Before giving them a signal of time out, try to show anger and sadness expression on your face to give a warning.

Dealing With The Terrible Twos

Dealing With The Terrible Twos

Dealing With The Terrible Twos

  • Respect the nap time. When you see that your child is napping, you can utilize that time by planning an outing.
  • Plan outings by keeping in mind about the meal time of your child like when the child will not be hungry or will be less hungry.
  • Explain or try to make the child understand the things they should or should not do so. Tell them these dos and don’ts when you are about to go somewhere or you need an instant reaction of them. For eg, before entering a store, instruct your child about not taking the candy from the table or box.
  • When your child is throwing tantrums about having a toffee or a big toy then stay firm with your words and action otherwise it will harder next time.

At home, try to be calm and cheerful with your child. Let your child show tantrums at home but in public just try to take the child out of such situations.


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