Signs And Symptoms Of Miscarriage At 11-12 Weeks

Signs Of Miscarriage At 11 WeeksSigns Miscarriage 11 Weeks

Only 2% chances remain of miscarriage at this week. With the passing of 1st month, the chances of miscarriage reduce to a large extent.

The hopes of safe pregnancy increase but the fear of miscarriage remains until the 12th week of pregnancy is over.

Therefore miscarriage at 11 weeks and what to expect as the symptoms of it is always a query by most women. Signs of miscarriage at 11 weeks are:

  • Severe belly cramps at this week are observed in women. Belly cramps along with intense pain in the pelvic area are quite common as signs of miscarriage in 11th weeks.
  • Cramps happen during this week and they are severe. Cramps may or may not be persistent and this is generally the most common of miscarriage symptoms at 11 weeks.
  • Pregnancy symptoms like nausea, morning sickness disappear all of a sudden. A slight belly bump that had started to grow also gets reduced.
  • Weight loss is a sign of miscarriage.

As for prevention, you should always have the support of your doctor during this last phase of the first trimester and try to have good enough number of appointments to make sure everything is fine.

Even so, with the help of ultrasound, any mishappening can be ascertained quickly.

Signs Of Miscarriage At 12 Weeks

You are at the end of this trimester. Three months have passed by and you are forwarding towards the journey of motherhood steadily.

You see the baby bump growing gradually and you are at the pinnacle of excitement and joy. There is also a scary thought running through your mind. And that is of miscarriage.

No matter how exciting time it is, you must never ignore and let go even the minutest of vague signs and symptoms that you find inappropriate during your pregnancy.

You still need to be vigilant of the symptoms at this last stage.

Miscarriage symptoms at 12 weeks are:

  • Painful cramps are again the most customary symptoms that are experienced during the 12th Abdominal pain accompanies cramps during this week and this pain is intense.
  • Significant weight loss is also observed during this week. Most often you will see that the baby bump has suddenly reduced and that happens because the embryo stops developing and passes through the vagina.
  • Excessive bleeding is very common during a miscarriage. But unlike other weeks, the bleeding is more in this week owing to the fact that the baby is almost entirely formed with most of its organs. It just stops developing and so miscarriage occurs with extensive bleeding being the symptom.
  • Pain in the pelvic area is also experienced.
  • Vaginal pressure is a rare sign though but usually is seen in women miscarrying at this week.
  • Watery vaginal discharge is also most often the sign of miscarriage at 12 weeks.

The above mentioned are the symptoms. Immediately see your doctor and check if any therapeutic treatment is necessary or not.

We have tried to describe all miscarriage symptoms at 11-12 weeks for you to be well equipped with the signs so as to know what is wrong and what is right.

Pregnancy is a wonderful time but the news of miscarriage can be very traumatic for any expectant mother. The only way to emotionally deal with it is to have the support of all your near and dear ones.

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