Sign And Symptoms Of Miscarriage At 3-4 Weeks

Sign Of Miscarriage At 3 WeeksSign Of Miscarriage At 4 Weeks

Typically, at this juncture, the woman starts experiencing pregnancy symptoms and goes for a pregnancy test whereby she comes to know about her pregnancy.

So at this stage, there is a very high chance of miscarriage. At 3 weeks of pregnancy, the baby has started to grow already, but a miscarriage is a genetic outcome, there is no way to stop it and may happen anytime.

Miscarriage Symptoms at 3 weeks include:

  • Lower back pain with a minor feeling of tiredness or exhaustion is common.
  • Mild bleeding is an ordinary symptom of miscarriage.

Because the baby is not so developed unlike that in 5th or 6th week of pregnancy, there is no heavy bleeding. There will be no tissues or fetal parts on the pad but only a little clot or mild bleeding in the 3rd week.

  • Moderate cramps are also one of the signs of miscarriage at 3 weeks.
  • Pain in the lower abdomen also is a symptom.

With the above symptoms, there are certain precautions that you can take to avoid miscarriage.

You should immediately stop smoking and drink alcohol, have recommended amounts of vitamin E, keep your body warm in order to avoid any chills that can harm the fetal growth. Prevention is always better than cure.

Sign Of Miscarriage At 4 Weeks:

At this stage, there are very high chances of pregnancy loss or miscarriage as at 4 weeks the implantation of the embryo at the uterus may fail.

Though it is not your fault and is entirely due to the chromosomal anomalies, yet it is safe to be acquainted with the signs.

That being so, you should be aware of miscarriage symptoms at 4 weeks:

  • There is a slimy vaginal discharge during the 4th week and this is a symptom of early miscarriage at 4 weeks.
  • You might experience breathing problems during this week and this indicates that there is a chance of miscarriage.
  • A moderate bleeding accompanies with mild to moderate cramps is also a sign of early miscarriage at 4 weeks.
  • In addition to the above symptoms, lower back pain usually accompanies as a sign of miscarriage at 4 weeks.

The above signs are threatening symptoms of miscarriage. On that account, it is highly advisable that as soon as you spot these symptoms go to the doctor.

The above signs may not specifically be resultant of miscarriage but a sign of its occurrence. Lower progesterone level may one of the causes of these signs of miscarriage.

As for the case for prevention, you will have to go for progesterone treatment to reduce the risk of its occurrence. Your doctor may prescribe some progesterone supplement or hCG injections if required.

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