Stretch Marks Pregnancy | How Long Does It Take To Fade

Stretch Marks Pregnancystretch marks pregnancy

Most of the women tend to develop stretch marks during and after pregnancy. They are likely to form due to the weight gain and loss during the time of pregnancy.

Stretch marks pregnancy are absolutely normal as about 50-90% of ladies during their pregnancy get stretch marks which usually fade away sooner after delivery.

It can be accepted as a natural body phenomenon and can be further reduced using the various home remedies stretch mark removal methods.

Do Stretch Marks Go Away After Pregnancy?

We know that pregnancy is followed by stretch marks pregnancy but do stretch marks go after pregnancy?

Well, stretch marks generally fade away after pregnancy but one cannot assure them to completely vanish as most women have light marks of their pregnancy for a very long time and sometimes even for a lifetime.

But the good part is that you can help in removing them completely by taking complete care and regular oiling.

Are Stretch Marks Bad?

Most people wonder about ‘are stretch marks bad’? well, it’s completely subjective and most people find the marks absolutely gross and unattractive while other may try to adjust with it and accept the natural body flaws.

Though there is no physical pain some women may have sensitive Stretch marks in pregnancy resulting in itching and swelling occasionally.

Are Stretch Marks Permanent?

Now there arises a very important question ‘Are stretch marks permanent?’

Different body types and treatments may show different results. For some, Stretch marks pregnancy may just lighten and fade but not completely vanish while for others it may fade and eventually vanish.

With surgeries and laser, it is quite possible to permanently remove stretch marks.

How Long Does It Take For Stretch Marks To Fade?

So ‘how long does it take for stretch marks to fade?’. Stretch marks tend to fade within some months or a year.

It usually varies with the body type. Some may experience a faster fading while others may have to wait even for more than a year.

About 50%-60% of the stretch marks fade within a year. If you want to clear them faster, then it is better to start its treatment at the initial stage or when it just starts developing.

Start oiling and moisturizing them as soon as they appear, this will make the stretch fade away easily and sooner.

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