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Mother’s milk is a precious gift given by God for a baby. To make a baby nutritious and healthy, first food which is given to a baby is mother’s milk which has enough nutrients to nourish the child. Breast milk is considered to be the best source of nutrition for the growth of a newborn. But some questions always asked by many mothers when breastfeeding should be stopped, how to stop breastfeeding or ‘why should it be stopped’ and that we answered in this article.

How To Stop Breastfeeding A 1-Year-Old

Since you have been breastfeeding your baby for a year, it’s high time to stop the breastfeeding. You have done a great job by contributing to your baby’s health but now it’s high time to stop the breastfeeding.

When we talk about how to stop breastfeeding a 1-year-old then this time period is not considered to be very late to wean off the breastfeeding. Though there is no specific time period for weaning the breastfeeding, at the age of 1 year is also not very late.

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To wean the breastfeed, the mother should first make the baby as well as her comfortable. Stopping the breastfeeding should not involve decisions of others because it should be decided by you only.

A mother can know about the comfort zone she’s been living with the baby or how comfortable the baby is. Well to stop breastfeeding is a transition, so there may be some dancing back and forth on this, you have to make sure when your child is comfortable.

To stop breastfeeding, the mother should try to start with taking away one feeding at a time and then try to eliminate the easiest feedings first. Easiest feedings include when your baby is nursing at regular intervals and not on the demand so you have the opportunity to choose one of the set times when you can take away.

Bedtime and morning time breastfeed are the difficult ones to wean off. When you try to take away or try to stop breastfeeding at one of the set times then instead of breastfeeding, offer a meal.

Children should eat after every 2-3 hours. Now to fulfill the need of milk, try to place a cup near to the baby in which you can put cow’s milk or even breast milk that is up to you.

The aim is to stop breastfeeding and making the child feel comfortable. If the cow’s milk’s been given then during the first serve, mix 25-50% of breast milk so that it can easily be digested by the child with the same taste.

It should be kept in mind that once a baby turns 1, they only require 16 ounces of a milk source.

How To Stop Breastfeeding A 2-Year-Old

A 2-year-old must have got little teeth, or some teeth in the mouth. When a baby is 2 years old that means the baby must have been introduced to solid food.

Living only on breast milk for 2 years is difficult so the introduction to solid food is a must. Now, how to stop breastfeeding 2 years old or how to make your baby lose interest in breastfeeding?

Try to keep yourself away from them. Don’t offer, don’t refuse- if your toddler does not ask you for breastfeeding then you should not offer it. If the toddler asks for breastfed then you should try to distract the baby.

Even after that the baby does not get distracted then don’t refuse about the breastfeeding because with time everything sorts out.
Another way to stop breastfeeding is that mothers should keep themselves away from the child. It will be an emotional task but you have to decide what you are comfortable with.

When the baby will not find you around then it will give the opportunity to the child to explore the place and many things can or will distract him/her.

When the things get worse and you have to stop the breastfeeding then you can go for another idea which is putting some lemon juice on the nipples. When the baby will suck the nipples, sour milk will be tasted by him and it will gradually make the baby leave the habit of breastfeeding.

Another way is you can dress yourself in such a way that it becomes difficult for the baby to find the breasts. Wear such clothes by which baby does not get easy access to breasts.

How To Stop Breastfeeding At Night

Sometimes breastfeeding becomes a habit for the baby because, without it, he or she won’t go to bed. So in order to break this routine, a new routine should be developed.

You can start telling stories or you can sing some song which your toddler may like to hear. If this technique works then trust me it will leave no problem of getting nursed daily at night that too without having any medicine.

Some techniques to stop breastfeeding at night are as follows:

  • Try to nurse the baby by giving a small amount of milk or by giving milk in a bottle at night to stop breastfeeding. Try to keep intervals between the breastfeed and nap. Try to make the baby sleep by patting on the back and making the baby more comfortable to sleep. Nursing a baby for a shorter period of time will gradually decrease the degree of breastfeeding.
  • As the baby grows, more active the baby becomes. For doing a lot of activities, only milk is not enough. Baby should have a good amount of food to eat throughout the day.
  • Take scheduled breaks between the food intake to stop breastfeeding so that baby does get enough food within proper time gap.
  • If the baby’s stomach is full then there are fewer chances for the baby to wake up in the middle of the night. Because waking up in the middle of the night will only mean a craving for breastfeeding.
  • You need the support of your partner, when the baby will not get breastfed then it will cry. So taking care of a baby is also the responsibility of parents, and partners should together take care of the baby.
  • You can shorten the time period of feeding at night, slowly and gradually the habit of breastfeeding will fade away.

How To Stop Breastfeeding Quickly

How to stop breastfeeding quickly is not an appropriate question because even quickly will also take some time. There are some suggestions which are given in the above paragraphs, can be followed.

Putting some garlic clove with oil on nipples and lemon juice on nipples will make the taste of milk bad. Babies will leave the nipples after trying to get milk a few times.

If your baby begins to sleep during night-time or starts eating solid food that means breastfeeding will be decreased and this will slow the production of milk in the breasts.

How To Stop Breastfeeding Without Pain

To stop breastfeeding without pain will need some efforts such as:

  • You can use one nipple or one breast to feed the baby, this will cut back on supply.
  • Try to distract the baby to avoid breastfeeding.
  • Try to get other people involved in taking care of the child so that baby can drink milk while playing with a lot of people in the flow.
  • After breastfeeding warm showers can be taken to mild the body down.
  • Wear a supportive bra or some good soft clothing which compliments the breasts by giving more comfort.

You can take Ibuprofen which will provide relief from swelling if the breasts become engorged very uncomfortably.

Weaning Off Breastfeeding To Formula

Combo feeding is a combination of breastfeeding and supplemental formula can work well for a baby and mother. But it is very important to get breastfeeding off to get a good start before introducing the commercial nipples.

Otherwise, it will lead babies in confusion between real and commercial nipples. If they’ll get confused then they’ll try to suck at the breast in a way they get milk out of a bottle, which is very painful.

Sometimes babies who are breastfed refuse to take bottles over breast milk because they don’t feel right. So choose a nipple of the wider base so that when the baby sucks the nipple of a bottle, it feels like sucking at the breast. Otherwise, the baby will get confused.

If you are planning of weaning off breastfeeding to formula supplements then it is advisable to give priority to breastfeed. The more you will substitute the breastfeeding with formula will lead to low production of milk within breasts.

Take some caution for commercial feeding otherwise, your baby may stop breastfeeding before you had planned to stop the breastfeeding.

Medicine To Stop Breastfeeding

There are some medicines to stop breastfeeding. Injections of high doses of ESTROGEN were used a long time ago, now they are not used because of the risk of dangerous blood clots.

There is a drug called BROMOCRIPTINE also known as Parlodel, it was used a long time ago but now doctors do not recommend the drug for lactation suppression.

Another drug called CABERGOLINE is proved to be a safer one and it can be used for lactation suppression.

When you actually want to stop the milk production or want it to diminish naturally then don’t breastfeed or STOP breastfeeding, stimulate the breasts or express milk.

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