Sore Nipples Causes | Before Period, Pregnancy Or Breastfeeding

Sore Nipples

Breasts or specifically nipples may face a lot of problems whether before pregnancy or after pregnancy. There are different problems related to nipples with different causes and one of them is sore nipples.

Women may feel irritation, cracking, bleeding, swelling, changing shape or even nipples sores. Irritants in the environment may also cause nipple problems.

Nipples Sore To Touch

There can be a number of reasons that you feel nipples sore to touch. Many women experience sores nipples during their menstrual cycles. It may be annoying and painful as well. Nipples sore to touch is experienced the most in menstrual cycles. To reduce the pain, reduce the intake of sodium.

Also, it causes due to mastitis, a condition where tissues in the breast and nipples become inflamed and cause irritation and pain. It occurs mainly during breastfeeding and to reduce the pain, a warm damp washcloth should be applied to the nipple.

Why Are My Nipples Sore And Hard?

Following are the reasons for ‘why are my nipples hard and sore’:-

  • Exercising

While exercising without a sports bra or with a poorly fitted sports bra cause nipples friction and pain. Friction can cause hardness and soreness of nipples.

  • Sexual activity

Strong and forceful friction during sexual activity also contributes to making nipples hard and sore.

  • Allergies

Nipples are one of the most sensitive parts of the body and they react differently to stimuli. Soaps, lotions, detergents etc. can cause allergic reactions and itchiness also. Hard and sores nipples can be the result of allergies also.

  • Thrush

Nipple soreness, pain, and hardness can be the results of nipple thrush. Nipple thrush is a type of candidiasis caused by candida yeast which is common in people who are breastfeeding their babies. It should be treated because thrush can be transferred from parent to child.

  • Pregnancy

Soreness, pain, and hardness are very common in pregnancy. During the first trimester, these are very common and can also be experienced in the third semester as well.

Above mentioned points are nipple soreness causes also.

Nipples Sore Breastfeeding

Sores nipples are common in pregnancy but not common while breastfeeding, as is not a part of nursing.

In the first week, while breastfeeding, it is normal to have some pain or tenderness that lasts for a few seconds when the baby first latches onto the breast but what’s not normal is that the pain lasts throughout the feeding session.

Nipple sores breastfeeding should be treated and prevented because if you ignore the pain and soreness then your nipples may start to crack and bleed and breastfeeding will become too painful to bear.

 Sore Nipples Before Period

‘Sore nipples’ before the period is the sign of getting the period soon. Progesterone production is at its peak before you get your period. It causes expansion of milk duct and also leads to pre-menstrual breast tenderness.

Sore Nipples Not Pregnant

Exercising, friction, sexual activity, and menstruation cycle are the reasons for sores nipples (when you are not pregnant.)

Sore Nipples Pregnant

Details about sore nipple while pregnancy is mentioned above, now following are the points to relieve from sores nipples while pregnancy or sore nipples pregnant.

  • Invest in the right bra (avoid underwired bras)
  • Get fitted for the right bra
  • Sleep in your loose bra
  • Wear breast pads because, in the initial period of pregnancy, breast and nipples are way too sensitive to be touched.
  • Use warm water to relieve from pain
  • Avoid irritants and also soaps which can dry out the skin.
  • Treat nipples gently
  • Keep your body hydrated

Nipple soreness is common in pregnancy and breastfeeding but its pain

throughout the breastfeeding is not common and should be treated. Soreness and hardness of nipples are what every woman face due to the presence of irritants in the environment.

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