Skin Darkening During Pregnancy, Causes And Remedies

Skin Darkening During PregnancySkin Darkening During Pregnancy

 You might be wondering it is normal to have skin darkening during pregnancy?

Yes, this condition is absolutely normal and there develop dark patches of skin, which is commonly called melasma or chloasma.

There may also be a condition where your skin starts getting dark around cheeks, upper lips or nose that are already exposed to sunlight.

Skin Darkening during pregnancy boy or girl irrespective occurs and can be cured by preventive measures.

Moreover, the skin regains its natural colour as soon as the delivery happens. Melasma during Pregnancy is triggered by hormonal changes that are triggered by the body which increases its level.

An important point to be considered is that melasma is more likely to develop if it runs in your family.

Causes of Dark Skin during Pregnancy

Skin Darkening during pregnancy is extremely common and affects almost 90% of women, research concludes.

The cause attributed to this is mainly hormonal changes in the body and changes that affect the circulation levels and immune system.

You just have to take care of your body while it is experiencing some changes.

Dark Neck During Pregnancy Is It A Boy?Skin Darkening during Pregnancy

As the news of pregnancy spreads in the family, people start making a prediction whether it will be a baby boy or baby girl?

One such method to tell such a thing is skin pigmentation. People since ages have believed dark skin around the neck is a sign of the boy. However, no such medical report has claimed its surety.

This discolouration during pregnancy is the result of melasma, chloasma and the marking simply suggests that the body is producing more amount hormone than normal.

Dark Neck during Pregnancy Remedy includes:

  • Pigmentation can be minimized by using sunscreen and avoid having exposure to sunlight.
  • One of the best home remedies is Aloe Vera, which helps in lightening the skin colour.
  • A paste can be made of honey and almonds to be applied for 10-15 minutes.
  • Papaya face mask using yoghurt works well and is very effective.
  • Do not try to use more and new skin products during pregnancy.
  • Tomato and cucumber juice should be mixed to prepare a paste and give a soothing effect.

Dark Underarms during PregnancySkin Darkening during Pregnancy

Dark underarms are the result of hyperpigmentation and it usually gets fade away as soon the delivery is done.

Moreover, if the condition still prevails you may go for home remedies like the use of Aloe Vera, turmeric, papaya, lemons, cucumbers and the remedies mentioned above.

At the same time, there are products available in the market like Dove Ultimate White.

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Pigmentation during Pregnancy

As mentioned that pigmentation during pregnancy is the normal condition and usually affects those areas that are more exposed to sunlight.

Pigmentation during Pregnancy boy or girl is no way to distinguish.

However, since a long time, people are trying to differentiate seeing the pigmentation.

No such medical reports have proved this so far.

Pigmentation during pregnancy on the face, a condition is also known as “mask of pregnancy” where melasma can show up in any part of the body be it face, cheeks or upper lips.

Skin Darkening during Pregnancy RemediesSkin Darkening during Pregnancy

There are some of the well-known treatments for skin darkening during pregnancy.

You have to take care of your skin that the condition doesn’t get worse and you can recover well.

  • Aloe Vera has those properties that help in making the skin more smooth and patches free. It regenerates the skin.
  • SPF 30 sunscreen can also be used as a basic product to protect the skin pigmentation.
  • Tomato is known for its antioxidant properties and when mixed with milk helps in skin rejuvenation. (paste to be applied for 10-15 min)
  • You can rub potato at the skin being pigmented for 10 minutes to see the results.
  • Avocado is not only good for the body but also helps in reducing skin darkening and pigmentation.
  • You should take Vitamin-E rich diet and supplements.
  • Sandalwood turmeric milk power can be applied to the dark skin to see the results.

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