Signs Of Twins | 4-5 Weeks Twins Pregnancy Symptoms

Signs Of Twinssigns of twins

Having a child is a blessing but having more than one child is more than a blessing. Siblings coming together in the world are one of the most beautiful feelings in the world. ‘Signs of twins’ during pregnancy is what every parent should observe and understand. This article will help you understand if you are going to have twin babies or not.

  • Faster Weight Gain

Usually weight gain by mothers to be is 5kg to 10kg during the first trimester but when it is about twin pregnancy then mother to usually gain weight between 7kg to 12 kg.

  • Rapid Growth Of Uterus

When your uterus seems to be growing more rapidly than usual for the due date then twin or multiple pregnancies can be suspected or can be considered as signs of twins.

  • Looking Bigger

With the increased uterus size, belly’s size gets increased too, the unusual gaining of weight in the early period is signs of twins.

  • Morning Sickness

Mother to be who are expecting to have twins face severe morning sickness (more than the mothers with singleton pregnancy).

  • Doctor Hears Two Or More Heartbeats In Early 10 To 12 Weeks

Your doctor or practitioner may be able to hear more than one heartbeat depending upon the positioning of babies. Hearing different heartbeat rates is what one of the signs of twins.

  • Extreme Fatigue

Carrying one baby in the womb is one of the difficult tasks one can do but when it comes to carrying more than one baby, this becomes even more difficult.

The energy required for one baby is now utilized for two or more babies so extreme fatigue can be considered as one of the signs of twins in the womb.

  • Water Retention

Mothers to retain more water in twin pregnancy.

Other Symptoms Can Be:

  • Excess weight gain
  • Larger uterus than usual
  • High blood pressure
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Early fetal movement
  • Frequent fetal movement
  • Digestion issues
  • A backache
  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Extreme breast tenderness
  • Frequent urination
  • Water retention

Twin Pregnancy Symptoms Week By Week   

Early Signs Of Twin Pregnancy First Trimester 

Early Signs Of Twin Pregnancy First 2 Weeks as follows:

 Higher HCG Levels: Blood and urine levels of HCG are found to be higher with twins as compared to the ones with a singleton pregnancy. This is of the early signs of twin pregnancy first 2 weeks. Moreover, it can be confirmed by a transvaginal ultrasound which can be done by the 8th week of the pregnancy.

Severe Morning Sickness: This is also one the signs of twins in first 2 weeks. Women who are likely to have twin pregnancy will face nausea and vomiting in excess in the morning than women with singleton pregnancy.

Intuition: This trait can be understood by the women who are mothers already and are going to deliver another child. So traits and symptoms with singleton pregnancy had already been experienced by them and now when it is twin pregnancy then they can easily differentiate between the feelings and symptoms.

 3rd Week: In the third week, zygotes of each child develop into a blastocyst and also burrowing into the uterine lining.

Twin Pregnancy Symptoms At 4 Weeks

In this week, embryos are developed. They have two layers of cells where the organs and body parts will develop. Basically, the process of conversion of seed into a body starts.

If you are carrying twins then by observing the symptoms during the first trimester you can observe the existence of more than one baby.

Twin pregnancy symptoms at 4 weeks can tell you the existence of more than a baby in the womb but will not let you know the number of babies until your first doctor’s appointment.

First doctor’s appointment is usually around 8 weeks or soon after fertility treatment.

Early Signs Of Twins 5 Weeks

By the 5th week, embryos have their own amniotic sac as well as the placenta.

Early signs of twins 5 weeks of pregnancy show that the size of a seed (baby) increases with intense development.

After a few weeks, the seed converts into the shape of a baby. There is no such progress in 5 weeks but the seed starts taking shape of a baby and embryos to have their own placenta and amniotic sac by the 5 weeks of pregnancy.

6th Week Twins: Hearts start to beat.

8th Week Twins: arms and legs of babies start developing and also their nerve cells in the brains start connecting.

12th Week Twins: it is also known as finishing touch where babies’ fingernails start growing and also their eyelids cover their eyes. Their tooth buds start growing.

16th Week Twins: by the 16th week, the gender of the baby can be known with the help of ultrasound.

20th Week Twins: hair start growing

24th Week Twins: baby’s tooth buds and adult buds get set and taste buds start to develop.

28th Week Twins: to smooth the skin, layers of fat starts developing under the skin.

32nd Week Twins: limbs start filling out.

34th Week Twins: lungs are almost closed to be fully developed.

36th Week Twins: more than one or multiple pregnancies will now be delivering soon.

So, above mentioned were the symptoms of twin pregnancy which will definitely help you to suspect whether you are going to have twins or a single child. Twin pregnancy is a little more difficult than singleton pregnancy because mother-to-be has to face ‘dual pregnancy issues.’

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