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The nine months of pregnancy are about to get completed with lots of patience. You are eagerly waiting to see the lovely face of your baby and embrace your child with complete love and warmth.

The delivery date is nearer and you are keen to know that how would labor come to happen and what are you going to feel in order to ascertain that it is your labor.

To solve all these apprehensions in your mind regarding labor, read below to know all of it:

The pregnancy is of nine months and the full term pregnancy is usually ranged between 37 weeks to 42 weeks.

The due date may be approaching and you must know the signs of labor so that you can immediately rush to the doctor. The signs of labor have been discussed below:

  • Contractions: Contractions are the real indicator of your labor. They feel more like intense period pain. A few weeks before the due date, contractions are irregular and generally, women tend to ignore these contractions. Gradually they become regular and will follow a certain pattern. That is they become repetitive within a certain time frame. Breathing also becomes a little difficult. Contractions happen because the uterus is tightening. This is a major sign of labor.
  • SROM: SROM is an acronym for Spontaneous Rupture of Membranes. This is also a major sign of labor. SROM is also commonly called breaking of waters. This is the sign in which the amniotic sac ruptures and the amniotic fluid comes out of the vagina. The water that gushes out may be either in small amount or feel like a flood which is uncontrollable.
  • Dilation of cervix: Your body prepares itself naturally to give birth and hence the cervix dilates and thins out so that it is able to give birth. This varies from woman to woman. Active labor is considered when the cervix dilates up to four centimeters.
  • Baby dropping: Another term for baby dropping is lightning. At this juncture, your baby moves down towards the pelvis and is getting ready to move out. It is quite noticeable because the abdomen changes how it used to look earlier. You also feel easy breathing as the pressure on the diaphragm decreases and the pressure in turn shifts towards the bladder resulting in more peeing.
  • Diarrhea: Your muscles start to loosen up to prepare for pregnancy. Rectum also loosens up and as a result, women experience diarrhea as one of the labor symptoms. Hence there more frequent opening of bowels and this is just another way of preparation for the baby to come out.
  • Increased back pain: Increased back pain is another important labor symptom. With the due date approaching closer, the lower back pain starts to increase and gets intense. This happens because all the muscles are loosening to make way for the baby.

So the above are the most common signs of labor that you should be aware of in order to take quick action when necessary.


The eagerness to have a glimpse of your bundle of joy keeps on increasing with passing days.

With this eagerness, the indications that labor is just a few days away also start growing. Have a look below to find out what are the signs of labor a few days away:

  • Back pain is an indicator or sign telling labor is a few days away. When labor is about to approach intense pain begins in the lower back and this is because the cervix starts to dilate.
  • The mucus plug goes away a few days before the labor starts. The mucus plug is vital during pregnancy as it blocks the cervix and prevents any bacteria from entering into it. Few days before labor mucus plug goes away and this goes away like a mucus discharge that is brown or red in color.
  • Braxton hicks are the false labor pains that occur in pregnant women a few days before labor begins. These are like normal contractions but do not cause pain at all. However, the nearer the labor time approaches the more the intensity of the pain becomes.
  • You start feeling energetic before the labor. It is one sign that labor is approaching. This whole phenomenon is called nesting. Also, you also feel nauseous during the pre-labor time.
  • Throughout pregnancy, women feel short of breath and an uneasiness due to that. You can breathe well and don’t feel that uneasiness when the labor is a few days away.

Hence the aforementioned indicators are signs that labor is a few days away.


Labour doesn’t start immediately on the due date. You will start getting signs of labor approaching that you must know and be prepared for D-Day. The signs of labor approaching are:

  • When the labor is about to approach, you start noticing or feeling that the baby has changed its position. The fetal movement is changing and it is probably a pre-labor sign.
  • While you may feel energetic before labor begins, there are more chances of you feeling ill and sick before labor comes. Your immune system starts to weaken and you feel nauseous. This is the way of your body to tell you that labor is coming soon.
  • Diarrhea is the most common of pre-labor signs. The body clears out before labor and is indicative of the fact that labor is approaching soon. This happens because rectum loosens.
  • Feeling of itchiness before labor is also quite common. Because the muscles are loosening and the cervix is dilating and softening to make way for the baby, the pelvic region pains and as a result, you start feeling achy.

Above are the symptoms before labor begins. You should be aware of them so that you are not stuck in any problem at the last minute.


While you may have experienced the pre-labor signs strongly and have prepared to give birth, you may now experience some intense contractions and pain that are signs that labor has started.

  • When labor starts you feel intense contractions. These contractions are continuous and regular. They become more frequent and strong telling that labor has started.
  • When you are in labor or when the labor has started your belly will start feeling light as the baby has moved towards the pelvic area.
  • Along with contractions, your back also hurts and you feel the sensation in your lower back area.
  • There may also be a discharge through your vagina. This is the mucus plug discharge that protects your cervix. This discharge, although may even occur before the true labor.
  • When you are in immense pain during labor, you may feel too uneasy to even talk or speak something.

These above symptoms and signs should be kept in mind of women who are near their due dates. These signs telling that labor has started will keep them all ready for the childbirth.


There is nothing today that is not available online. For mums-to-be, there are certain mobile applications that enable them to go through easy pregnancy up to delivery. They are as below:

  1. Contraction Timer(labor): This is a mobile application that is easily available in Play store. This application measures the contraction period and changes in the contraction records. On the basis of the average value of the latest 3 cycles, it tells you when you should head to the hospital.
  2. Contractions Timer for Labor: This is another application designed to include averages of each contraction duration and intervals to help during the labor.
  3. Pregnancy Tracker and Baby Development: This application is a pregnancy tracker which also provides week by week development of the fetus.
  4. Pregnancy and Childbirth: This application lets women go through the whole phase of pregnancy, that is from the time of conceiving until the time of labor. It accurately predicts the labor approaching date.

All the above applications are easily available on google play store and are designed for pregnant women to ensure they have a safe on-time delivery.

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