Sign And Symptoms Of Labour Pain In 9th Month | 35-38 Weeks

Symptoms Of Labour Pain In 9th MonthSymptoms Of Labour Pain In 9th Month

In the ninth or the final month of your pregnancy, there are certain symptoms that you may experience and that are more or less common with every woman.

The day is finally approaching and you go through physical changes. Let’s have a look at the symptoms of labor pain in 9th month:

  • In the ninth or the final month, there can be a severe lower back pain.
  • The feet and hands get swollen during the ninth month.
  • The baby drops near the pelvic area. It is nearer to your bladder and in this month you often feel the need to pee.
  • There is an increased amount of vaginal discharge during the ninth month. The color of vaginal discharge has a pink tinge.
  • The contractions follow a particular pattern. They occur in intervals and increase gradually to be like powerful menstrual cramps.

Signs Of Labour At 35 Weeks:

You are nearing full term pregnancy. Week by week, the symptoms increase in their degree and more or less remain the same. But of course, may vary from woman to woman. Your baby has become the size of a pineapple. A crazy fact, no? Let’s have a look at symptoms of labor at 35 weeks:

  • At the 35 weeks of pregnancy, there is a pain in the lower back and hips area. The reason being the same that the muscles are loosening up.
  • You feel an increased urge to urinate in this week.
  • In this week, women also have experienced constipation. Women need to pay attention to their diet. They should take diet that is rich in fiber.
  • Contractions or Braxton hicks contractions as called in medical terminology also increase.

Hence the above are the signs of labor at 35 weeks.

Signs Of Labour At 36 Weeks:

Time is flying in the blink of an eye. Your baby has now become the size of a papaya.

Down below are the signs of labour at 36 weeks.

  • The vaginal discharge increases during this week. It is a symptom of labour approaching. It can either be the amniotic fluid or blood in case of an emergency delivery.
  • You can have disturbed sleep during this week.
  • One of the symptoms during this week is also swollen feet and hands.
  • As the baby drops near to the pelvic area, you might also feel the sensation of heartburn.
  • As a result of baby dropping, you can also breathe easily.

Signs Of Labour At 37 Weeks:

You baby in the 37th week weighs 6.3 pounds. Not much time until your final date.

Let’s look below at signs of labour at 37 weeks:

  • Because of the baby dropping, there is an increased pressure at your abdomen.
  • Heartburn sensation continues even this week.
  • In this week, you may feel nauseous. This is a sign that you are heading towards your labour.
  • Stretch marks are also a common symptom this week.

Signs Of Labour 38 Weeks: 

Your baby at this week is full-grown and is of the size of a watermelon. You are just a few days away to see your little one.

Have a look at the signs of labor at 38 weeks:

  • You get a lot of anxiety this week. You feel stressed and uneasy. But you must take enough rest to calm down your nerves.
  • Braxton hicks contractions increase and they feel more fierce.
  • You don’t get good sleep. You have trouble sleeping during this week of pregnancy.
  • This week, you get swollen feet and hands.
  • You have a stretched belly and because of this, you have a feeling of little itchiness right there.

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