Sex After C Section | Precautions And Birth Control

Sex After C-Sectionsex After C section

There is a common myth around the fact that since you did not have a vaginal delivery you can very soon resume your sexual intercourse.

It is not true at all. Regardless of the fact that which kind of delivery you’ve had, whether normal vaginal delivery or cesarean (generally called C-Section) you cannot resume sex right away.

In every woman, no matter by which way she is delivering her baby, the bleeding continues because of the open blood vessels from where placenta is removed.

This bleeding is though uterus and happens in all women after they have given birth.

Again the minimum time period to wait before you have sex after C-Section is six weeks. The six-week time frame is no stereotype but is the minimum period that your body scientifically takes to heal and get back to normal.

Hence, regardless of the fact that you had a cesarean delivery, you cannot have intercourse After C-section immediately and should definitely wait for at least six weeks.

  • Sex After Giving Birth With Stitches: Having stitches after giving birth feels sore. It is painful and sex after giving birth with stitches can aggravate the pain. You have stitches if you have tears. So with the stitches, you might possibly rip off the stitches and cause further pain and complications for yourself. It is better to prevent such pain for yourself and wait for the time when stitches dissolve.

Precautions After Cesarean Delivery:

Apart from normal delivery or what is called vaginal delivery, delivery of the child through the C-section or cesarean is also quite common.

Cesarean delivery may be planned or unplanned. Planned delivery is when the doctor knows that in certain circumstances you will be able to do a vaginal delivery.

Unplanned delivery is when a certain problem arises during labor and it is threatening to continue the labor. In this case, emergency delivery or cesarean is done.

This delivery is a surgical delivery and hence should not be treated lightly. Therefore, you must make note of underlying precautions after cesarean delivery:

  1. Medication is important after C-section. When C-section is done the doctor gives anesthesia to numb the area. After a while, the anesthesia wears off and it starts to pain again. For this medications should be taken rightly so as not to create any problem.
  2. Take care of the wound that you have now. You will need to have complete hygiene in order to prevent any sort of infection.
  3. You need enough rest and sleep so that you regain the lost strength. With the infant, it becomes a little difficult to complete your sleep, especially at nights. Therefore, take naps whenever possible.
  4. Moderate exercise is good for the quick recovery. Though strenuous exercises should strictly be avoided, a mild exercise in form of walking should be done. Walk or sit or even move around to enable fast recovery.
  5. Have a fiber-rich diet. Have plenty of fluids so that you don’t have constipation. Constipation will cause you problems by putting pressure on your abdomen.
  6. Pay attention to your bleeding. The bleeding color, consistency, etc. should start changing gradually. If this is not so, immediately check with your doctor.
  7. Don’t avoid breastfeeding. It is as important for your baby as much as your recovery from cesarean delivery. Find out different baby holding techniques so that you are comfortable.
  8. Do not have sex After C-section immediately and should definitely wait for at least six weeks.

With these precautions after cesarean delivery, you are assured of the quick recovery.

Birth Control After C Section:

You don’t want an unplanned pregnancy and therefore you focus on birth control after C-section.

Let’s look at birth control methods after C-section:

  • Birth control pills have always been the safest way for birth control after a C section.
  • Breastfeeding mums should not use any product that contains estrogen and they should opt for progesterone pills.
  • Condoms also are most commonly used and again a safest option for birth control.
  • Diaphragm and spermicide on doctor’s permission are another birth control techniques after C-section.

The aforesaid are ways to control birth. Pregnancy is a euphoric time and post-pregnancy period is an ambivalent phase. There are some inevitable life changes.

We have tried to resolve all of your concerns and doubts regarding your sexual life after C Section.

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