Sex After Birth | After Pregnancy How Long To Wait?

Sex After Birth


You have already started on a journey of motherhood. With that ecstatic feeling of giving birth to your little one come myriad responsibilities and a plethora of emotions.

Many a number of thoughts cross your mind asking whether you will be able to get back to the life that you were living before giving birth.

Anxiety and exhaustion typically become a core of after delivery phase. You need to recover from that mode and your body needs immense rest and strength back.

Amidst all this, you want to regain the intimacy and the connection back with your partner. And at this moment you think if at all sex after birth is safe, and what is the right time to do so.

Here’s everything you need to know about it:

Your body has given birth to a human life. It has been through a lot but relax, that’s just a normal process and just how our body is made to work.

While our body prepares itself in its own way to give birth, it also needs its own time to recover back to how it was.

This varies from individual to individual. Sex after birth or sex after pregnancy is the most talked about the concern. It is normal that after childbirth the drive for sex reduces.

However, this is just temporary and lasts only for a few weeks until the body gets back to its normal.

Whatever kind of delivery you have had, be it vaginal delivery or C-Section delivery, undoubtedly your body has endured a lot and thereby it needs natural healing timeline.

In order to resume sexual activity, it becomes extremely important to know if it’s safe to have intercourse after pregnancy.

Doctors strongly recommend that it is not safe to have Sex after birth and it is highly advisable that they should wait for a couple of weeks to resume sex after pregnancy.

On the contrary, it differs from individual to individual that how much time they take to revive and heal from the pregnancy wounds.

Nonetheless, a woman who delivers through C-Section will take a longer time to heal than the woman who delivers through the vagina.

Sex after delivery is highly risky since the woman who just delivered is still bleeding.

The bleeding is the postpartum bleeding and it takes time to stop, usually a few weeks. The cervix has to close and the tears so caused during the delivery have to cure.

Therefore, to avert the risk associated with intercourse or sex after delivery, it is better to wait for a few weeks and be mentally and physically ready to recommence the sexual activity.

Sex After Pregnancy How Long To Wait:


While there is no hard and fast rule that every woman after giving birth has to wait for a guided time, there is a minimum time that one should wait for.

When pregnant, a woman’s body has prepared itself accordingly to give birth to the human life. During those 9 months, the fetus is developing.

After the delivery, the placenta comes out. The places where the placenta was attached to, now have become open blood vessels.

This is why there is heavy bleeding like periods and this condition is called lochia. Also, the cervix is dilated and it has to tighten back again.

So now the question is that how safe is sex after pregnancy & how long to wait? Because of all these factors, it is better to wait to have intercourse after giving birth and wait for at least six weeks.

Before the bleeding completely stops, there shouldn’t be any intercourse because that may result in uterine infections and lead to rupturing of the stitches that are in healing mode.

This could worsen the condition and lead to immense pain and complications.

Hence, it is always good to wait after your six week period, have the postpartum check-up and later, obviously when you are physically and mentally ready, you may be safely ready to have intercourse after birth.

Sex After Normal Delivery:

It is literally a daunting task to have sex after normally delivery since your body goes through a lot of physical changes and it is time taking to get back to the normal physical self that you were.

There is no set timeline for a woman who has to wait to resume the sex after normal delivery.

But certainly, there shouldn’t be any kind of hurry to involve in the intercourse as that might be too harmful to you.

Your uterus becomes susceptible to infections after delivery since the cervix expands and takes time to become as it earlier was.

To avoid any such ill effects of intercourse, it is always better to take precautions than cure. Thereby, waiting for at least six weeks, which is the minimum time that a woman’s body takes to heal, is a good option.

After the normal delivery, you go through a lot of changes, be it hormonal changes or the shrinkage of the uterus, or the dissolving of stitches if you had tears, etc.

Your body becomes sore and it becomes painful when you quickly get involved in intercourse after delivery. Hence to avert more pain, avoid having sex after birth for a minimum of six weeks.

Nevertheless, every woman differs and so on an individual aspect, you might also want to wait for as long as one year depending upon your physical and mental readiness.

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