Round Ligament Pain During Pregnancy | How Long Does It Last

Round Ligament PainRound Ligament Pain

Round ligament pain is a sharp pain which is felt in the lower belly or in the abdomen on one or both the sides. The pain sometimes becomes severe but it is a normal part of the pregnancy.

There are two round ligaments in a woman’s pelvis, as the uterus grows during pregnancy, round ligaments get stretched.

These changes cause occasional pain that is obviously uncomfortable but they are generally harmless.

It is short and stabbing pain which usually occurs when a pregnant woman changes the position.

It is sometimes constant round ligament pain, it lasts up to several months after birth. You will tiredness and dull ache after having an active day.

Location of Round Ligament Pain

The pain starts deep inside the groin and it moves upward and outward on either side of the round ligaments or top of the hips.

When Does Round Ligament Pain Start

Now the question arises when does the pain start?  It is mostly felt during the second trimester or between 16-20 weeks of pregnancy.

Round Ligament Pain Early Pregnancy

It is possible as the uterus sometimes grow very quickly. But it is usually not true (in most of the cases).

Round ligament pain early pregnancy is not actually caused by round ligaments because some women are so sensitive when it comes to their body changes and they start feeling that something is growing inside them which converts as a sharp pain.

These are the women who get very nauseous earlier in pregnancy and don’t miss the pain when it occurs.

So proper evaluation and diagnoses will confirm the pain but generally, in early pregnancy, it is not the round ligament pain. But it is not impossible also.

How Long Does Round Ligament Pain Last

It usually lasts up to several months after the delivery of the baby. Though it will be normal and come back to its original state it takes time for recovery.

So the common question in every woman’s mind that how long does round ligament pain last is several months after giving birth but you can take some measures in order to cool down the pain or get some relief.

Round Ligament Pain Treatment

Round ligament pain treatment is done after proper evaluation and diagnosis, the doctor will formulate a treatment plan.

If everything is acute and sorted then you will be sent home with some instructions for following up.

If the pain is actual round ligament then taking rest for a few hours will reduce the pain and relieve your symptoms.

If it is unbearable then you can take acetaminophen (Tylenol) to reduce the severe pain.

Using a heating pad during pain also gives relief. A warm bath also relieves the symptoms. The pain can be coped up by lying on the opposite side of the pain.

Altering the daily activities also give some relief to pain. The pain will diminish as the pregnancy progresses.

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