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Rh NEGATIVERh Negative Pregnancy

Rh factor stands for the Rhesus factor.  It is an inherited protein which is found on the red blood cells. Presence of Rh factor protein in your blood means you’re Rh positive.Its absence means you’re Rh negative.

Rh positive is the most common type of blood. Having an Rh-negative blood group is completely normal.

Though in the case of women it needs care in pregnancy. Complications may occur while in pregnancy with women who are Rh negative.

People who are Rh negative have antibodies to the Rhesus factor protein which is the reason behind them being Rh negative.

The problem arises, when the mother is Rh negative and the fetus is Rh positive these antibodies can affect the fetus.

Though blood mixing doesn’t possible with your baby’s blood during the pregnancy.


Many people believe Rh negative Alien blood type. Reasons presented in favor for this argument are such as-:

  1. It is found only in a small percentage of people, as the majority of the population is Rh factor positive.
  2. Antigen and antibodies to the Rhesus factor protein are found in these people. This antigen is not present in the majority of people.

When the baby is Rh positive and the mother is Rh-negative these antibodies work against the life of the baby. The immune system of the women considers the fetus to be toxic and attacks against it. Which is a strange phenomenon?

These strange factors have led some to believe that Rh-Negative blood must be of a non-human origin. Though the majority of scientists have countered this argument and said it to be just a random mutation.

While pregnancy of an Rh factor negative woman with the fetus Rh positive. Rh negative blood group is more common among people of Spain’s Basque.


Rh negative blood group is part of 35 known blood group system. It consists of a variety of antigens – D, C, c, e, E. Out of these, the presence of antigen D defines whether the blood is Rh factor positive and negative.

Rh factor was discovered in 1937 by Karl Landsteiner and Alexander S. Wiener. They found it to be a similar antigen present in rhesus monkey’s red blood cells.

Many theories have been presented in the respect of Rh negative blood type origin. Some belief it to be of alien origin, while the majority of it believe it to be a normal mutation.

The presence of Rh-negative blood group has been linked to people with blonde hair and blue eyes.


As mentioned above mothers who are Rh negative and their baby is Rh positive face complications in pregnancy.

This complication or problem is also known as Rh incompatibility. The complication in pregnancy arises as people with Rh-negative blood type have antigen or antibodies to the Rhesus factor protein.

As mentioned above in case when the mother is Rh negative and the baby is Rh positive the immune system of the mother thinks the fetus as a foreign and toxic element.

The antigen to the Rh factor protein when gets mixed with the blood of baby becomes toxic for the fetus.

It’s happens as in pregnancy, the red blood cells from the fetus can come across the mother’s blood through the placenta. These antibodies come to the fetus through the placenta, thus destroying the baby’s circulating red blood cells.

After affecting the red blood cells, they get converted into bilirubin. Which makes an infant yellow (jaundiced). Though, the first fetus is likely to be not affected.

As the immune system prepares itself but All babies she gets pregnant with, who are also Rh-positive are to be affected.

With good prenatal care, this complication can now be avoided.  As special immune globulins called RhoGAM are given.


Rh negative blood does antibodies which destroy the rhesus factor protein. Women’s with Rh-negative blood face Rh-sensitization in pregnancy.

Rh sensitization is a condition when the Rh negative blood mixes with Rh-positive blood and the immune system starts to create antibodies to destroy the rhesus factor protein.

This situation arises in case of pregnancy with the fetus which is Rh positive. The antibodies were generated start to destroy the red blood cells of the fetus.

Due to Rh sensitization, the baby gets Rh diseases such as anemia, jaundice. Rh sensitization lacks any symptoms and can be diagnosed through a blood test.

Women who are Rh negative must get themselves checked in the first trimester of pregnancy.


People with Rh-negative blood type are a small part of the population. They lack the rhesus factor protein in the blood.

There have been many theories regarding the Rh negative blood type. Some consider it to be an alien type while some belief it to be just a random mutation.

Some common personality and behavioral traits are found among people with Rh-negative blood type. Some of them are as follows-:

  1. They are more sensitive and have a more sensitive vision.
  2. They type May sometimes have extra rib or vertebra.
  3. They have low body temperature as compared to that of people with Rh-positive blood.
  4. They are considered to have a higher IQ than average.
  5. It is said that people with Rh-negative blood type cannot be cloned.
  6. People with Rh-negative blood type tend to have piercing eyes.
  7. They are scared off easily. Though it depends on the personality.

These are some of the common personality and behavioral traits found in people with negative blood type. Though these traits are not a hard and fast rule it may vary from person to person.

Blood Group Compatibility For Marriage-:

blood group compatibility for marriage is normally not an issue and not a matter of concern. But the Rh factor of the couple must be known.

It is completely normal if the male is Rh negative and the female is Rh positive or both are Rh positive. Its normal too if the case is when both of them are Rh negative.

It is even a better match for persons with Rh negative blood type. The problem arises when the male is Rh positive and the female is Rh negative.

Females with blood type Rh negative are prone to Rh incompatibility and Rh sensitization during pregnancy.

When the blood of the fetus crosses the blood of the mother which is Rh negative, the immune system of the mother starts creating antibodies which affect the red blood cell of the fetus.

During pregnancy, the doctor must be informed priory and he/she may take such precautions as may be required.



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