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Rainbow Baby ShowerRainbow Baby Shower

Rainbow baby shower would be incomplete without rainbow in it. A rainbow palette can bring the cheer to the baby shower because the rainbow color will make it more specific about the rainbow baby’s shower.

Rainbow baby shower should be done in such a way that it should look different from the usual baby shower. Rainbow baby shower should include something related to a rainbow or there should be something which connects the baby shower with a rainbow.

For the moms to be who are welcoming the rainbow baby after experiencing miscarriage or stillbirth, becomes the most wonderful experience.

Rainbow baby shower becomes honoring the difficult journey of moms who have lost their love but now will be experiencing the joy with the rainbow baby.

So starting with the celebration of the rainbow baby shower, let’s start with the invitation because invitation gives an idea or brief about what will happen at a baby shower.

So the invitation should be such that it attracts the viewers and give them the idea of how much happening the rainbow baby shower will be.

The invitation can be sent on a sheet which is filled with rainbow colors. The invitation is something that mainly attracts the people. So a rainbow-colored invitation will add a lot of shine and grace to the party as well as in the minds of people.

Invitation card can have quotes printed in different colors. Quotes could be regarding hope, blessings etc.

Rainbow baby shower ideas include doing some fun with food presentation, candles, décor, curtains etc. It’s about filling the colors of the rainbow in every article. Rainbow baby shower should look like it’s actually baby shower of a rainbow baby.

Rainbow Baby Shower Ideas Related To Food :

  • You can keep donuts with some sprinklers on it.
  • You can keep foodstuff in rainbow palates.
  • You can keep drinks of rainbow color.
  • You can keep candies of rainbow color.
  • Customized cupcakes will add a little more grace to the theme.
  • Cookies of rainbow-colored would give a compliment to the theme.
  • Cake for the party should also be of rainbow colored so it becomes the main attraction for the viewers and relatives.

Food is something with which we can experiment a lot, so adding a few colors in it will make it even tastier and attractive.

Now coming to the decoration part which plays a vital role in every event or program. Decoration should be of rainbow colored. The walls, the ceiling should be colorful, every inch of the room should be showing happiness for the rainbow baby shower.

Decoration with curtains can be done by adding some frills of different colors on it. Balloons always help in decorating the hall so balloons should be used of different colors and of course balloon is favorite of every single child.

Now comes the main center of attraction which is the mom to be. At the baby shower party, mom to be should be dressed up in a gown with rainbow-colored frills or rainbow color hint should be on the dress.

Mom to be will be the center of attraction so she herself should cooperate with the theme. And also, solid colored dresses would help the mom to be to look beautiful and match up with the theme.

Now toys and games are something which is mandatory to keep in every baby shower for the kids coming with the relatives. And also, it shows that it is a baby shower, not a usual party.


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