Progesterone Deficiency | The Effects on Pregnancy

Progesterone DeficiencyProgesterone Deficiency

It is evident Progesterone increases in pregnancy. However in the case of Progesterone Deficiency or if the levels are too low, it becomes difficult for the uterus to hold the baby for 9 long months.

Progesterone Deficiency results in the severe symptoms of miscarriage and spotting.

Progesterone deficiency during pregnancy results in complications (the egg won’t implant) and therefore it should be maintained during pregnancy interval.

Low Progesterone during Pregnancy may also indicate an ectopic pregnancy.

Low Progesterone Pregnancy becomes difficult and hence medical specialist focuses on maintaining levels or may advise pills to increase the level if required.

Progesterone Deficiency Symptoms 

There are certain symptoms of Progesterone Deficiency which can’t be overlooked and demands immediate supervision.

Low Progesterone Levels Symptoms include spotting, mood swings, and miscarriages.

Low Progesterone Levels in Early Pregnancy are continuously monitored to avoid miscarriages.

Studies say if the progesterone levels are lower than 6-10 ng/ml in the sixth week of pregnancy, there is a threat and is considered low levels of Progesterone.

How to Increase Progesterone 

You must be wondering how to Increase Progesterone to Get Pregnant? Here are certain ways that will help to serve the problem.

  • You must avoid foods that may influence the level of estrogen. If either of the two becomes high the other may go down.
  • Stress levels during pregnancy should be maintained to increase progesterone levels and get pregnant.
  • Zinc, Magnesium is important to maintain your hormone levels.
  • To improve fertility levels, Vitamin C is considered important. Studies show that women who had enough Vitamin C also had good progesterone levels compared to those who did not take.
  • You should avoid Non-Organic food because it contains harmful oxidants and may affect pregnancy.

Low Progesterone Treatment Natural

It becomes difficult to conceive with low Progesterone levels. There are certain Herbs for Progesterone Deficiency and they help to maintain the Progesterone levels naturally.

  • Blue cohosh
  • Black cohosh
  • Licorice
  • Lavender
  • Tea tree oil
  • Rhodiola Rose Root

Progesterone Foods

There is a certain food that enhances the fertility level and is highly recommended.

  • Omega 3 and Omega 6 are essential at the time of ovulation and are present in fatty fish like sardines, salmon.
  • Vitamin-B rich food helps the egg to release.
  • Oysters are known to enhance fertility as they are rich in zinc.
  • Vitamin C and Iron Rich food are essential for Progesterone level.

 Low Progesterone Treatment 

There are creams and gels that can be used topically or vaginally to cure fertility problems. Progesterone Dosage is given under the name of Prometrium (maintain hormone level to carry the bodily functions).

200 Mg Progesterone during First Trimester is recommended but distributed in morning and night.

Progesterone is available in the form of a cream, vaginal gel, and capsules. Progesterone Tablet in Pregnancy can be taken but under doctors supervision (to decide on the basis of severity).

In certain cases, the doctor may even go for Progesterone Injections Dosage during Pregnancy which helps prepare the uterus for a fertilized embryo.

Some women are advised to take Progesterone Injections during Pregnancy to Prevent Miscarriage and risk of premature birth.

Progesterone Pills Side Effects

There are certain side effects of Progesterone Pills which may include breast pain, mood swings, joint pain, bloating, hot flashes, drowsiness or headaches.

Progesterone during Pregnancy Side Effects on Baby are not serious and have no complications in most cases.

Studies say that women who took Progesterone during pregnancy the number of birth defects was no higher than those who didn’t have the pills and followed normal delivery.

When to Stop Taking Progesterone during Pregnancy     

This totally depends upon how your doctor recommends you the dosage. However if you are undergoing the major surgery, Progesterone should be stopped 4 weeks prior to the surgery.

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