Premature Babies | Complications, Development & Survival Rate

Premature BabiesPremature Babies   

Premature babies as the name suggests is the preterm birth of the baby in a premature stage. A premature baby can be defined as a baby born before 37 weeks of pregnancy.

These babies are termed to be as preemies or premies. This type of delivery may occur in those cases where there is an occurrence of uterine contractions very often & many a times leakage of fluids is faced.

The risks of preterm labor and premature baby being born is increased if the frequency of such symptoms is more.

The frequency of preterm delivery is about 5-18% of all pregnancy & the survival rate is found to be very effective at around 75%.

Premature Baby Facts:

Premature baby facts are something which is observed in various similar cases of preterm birth. Preterm baby or premature infant are born earlier than 37 weeks of the gestational period.

In today’s modern medical science there has been set up a limit of 23 weeks of the gestation period, in which the baby can be recovered from life-threatening issues.

Now if the baby is born before 23 weeks of the gestation period, they will require intensive medical care and treatment. Though, it has been seen that the cases of premature birth are mainly unexpected and unanticipated.

There are also seen many cases of other types of complication coupled with preterm infant birth such as preeclampsia, abruption, IUGR or elective preterm deliveries.

Premature Birth Statistics:

Premature birth is Something which arises really in pregnancy. Still, they have a rate of around 10 to 15% of preterm birth.

Though, the reasons behind preterm birth are not completely known. As per the stats, there has been seen a significant decline in the preterm birth rate. Especially, in developed countries like the UK, US.

Also what has been observed by the premature baby statistics is that the amount shed out on a premature baby’s birth is quite a times bigger than what you would spend on a healthy normal child.

The most no. of premature babies are born in the period of 34-36 months of the gestational period.

Premature Baby Complications:

The babies born before the completion of the gestational period are very prone to Premature baby complications. Premature baby fact growths are that they face various complications such as-:

  1.  Underdeveloped lungs-: Premature babies often have immature and underdeveloped lungs. As they are in they have a preterm birth. So in cases where there are chances of premature birth, doctors check the baby for it.
  2.  Respiratory Distress Syndrome-: RDS is a problem which often occurs in babies who have a premature birth. In this due to lack of a compound babies face improper respiration.
  3.  Prone to pneumonia-: As prematurely born babies tend to have immature lungs due to which they are prone to pneumonia. Though precautions can be taken to deal with it. Pneumonia arises due to the inflammation in the lungs.
  4.  Jaundice-: This is also one of the most common problems which can be faced by the babies. Jaundice is caused by bilirubin. Bilirubin light is used to treat jaundice in babies.

Premature Baby Survival Rate:

There are various factors which affect the overall survival of the baby. A premature baby born after 24 weeks of gestation have some changes of survival under intensive care.

Whereas chances of survival are higher in cases where the baby is born after 32 weeks of the gestational period. Other factors that affect the premature baby survival rate are birth weight, the development level of the body organs.

It also depends on the circumstances whether the body is accepting the treatments or not.

Survival statistics in premature babies in case of birth within 23 weeks of the gestational period is as low as 17% to in case of babies born within 35-37 weeks to as high as 95%.

Premature Babies Development:

Premature baby development has various phases depending on the period of the gestational term in which the baby is born. As for example at 26 weeks of premature birth, the baby is in a very underdeveloped stage.

They don’t have muscle tone, are curled up and are in need of neonatal intensive care unit. When this time comes on 30 weeks of pregnancy when your baby has a comparatively better muscle tone.

The baby also gains a proper sense of touch by this time. By 33 weeks of pregnancy, your baby is almost ready for breastfeeding and has a better movement now, allowing her to make neck movements and other movements.

Babies of this age are better developed and have more immunity to premature birth complications. After 37 weeks of pregnancy is almost as fit and developed as a normal newborn and is able to do almost everything that can be done by a newborn baby.

Characteristics Of Premature Babies In Adulthood:

Premature birth is something which is common and can be expected to occur. But it is not something that just ends with the baby being born and getting fit & fine.

The characteristics of premature babies in adulthood can be seen in the various phases of life. Such as they might face breathing problems reason being the underdeveloped lungs.

This problem might continue to be with them for the lifetime. They also tend to have a weaker muscle tone as compared to other normal healthy born babies.

Due to these above mentioned physical lackings, these babies tend to face social struggles and problems. They also tend to have heart diseases and disorders.

They face high blood pressure and are likely to face heart issues. They might also face intestinal and neurological disorders.

All these problems arise just due to the insufficient development of the baby in the womb and continuation of these lackings in the future.



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