Pregnancy Weight Gain | Week By Week

Pregnancy Weight Gain

Pregnancy Weight Gain

Numerous investigations done so far proves that there is a direct correlation between pregnancy and weight gain.

Many women were concerned about this issue and the health of their infants and therefore all the studies prove that healthy eating and little physical activity affect the health of women.

It is also been proven that women should not reduce their weight during pregnancy. Institute of Medicine (IOM) has given guidelines in the year 1990, recommended ranges of weight gain for optimal infant growth and successful maternal delivery.

It happens in different stages and different phase of pregnancy. You just have to make sure that it does not adversely affect the health of both and enters into the obese level.

Pregnancy Weight Gain Week by Week

The weight gain is normal because the uterus and placenta also grow. However, the amount of weight gain differs from mother to mother and hence involves different factors.

It is said pregnancy is the time for intake of best supplement food to nourish the child.

Pre-Pregnancy weight and BMI index plays a major role in how much weight you gain. There are some recommendations by the Institute of Medicine.

  • If you were underweight before pregnancy (Can consider BMI Index less than 18.5), you will gain approximately between 12 to 18.5 kgs weight in pregnancy.
  • If your weight was normal before pregnancy (BMI index was between 18.5-24.9), you will gain extra weight between 11.5-16 kg.
  • If you were overweight before the pregnancy, (BMI Index 25-29.9), you will gain extra weight between 7 to 11.5 kg.
  • In case you were in an obese level, (BMI Index of above 29.9), you will gain extra weight of 5-9 kg during pregnancy.

It is generally seen that pregnant women gain almost 1-4 pounds during the first 3 months of pregnancy while 1 pound per week during the remaining days of pregnancy.

Pregnancy Weight Gain by Month

The Chart summarizes weight gain by month.

Usually, in the initial 1-1.5 month, there is no weight gain as the body has just started being developed. Between 2-4 months there is a rapid increase in the weight gain and the body gains almost 3-4 pounds.

The remaining 5 months are crucial for the body and it gains more than 8 pounds in this remaining months.

Pregnancy Weight Gain by Trimester

On a Trimester basis, a normal woman gains the mentioned amount of weight.

First Trimester: 1-4.5 Pounds

Second Trimester: 1-2 Pounds per week

Third Trimester: 1-2 Pounds per week

Pregnancy Weight Gain per Week

During the initial months of 0-10 weeks, there is usually no weight gain. As the pregnancy period moves and in 10-14 weeks there is usually 3-4 pounds increase or 1.5 kg.

  • 14-20 weeks – 4-6 pounds,
  • 20-30 weeks-10-12 pounds,
  • 30-36 weeks – 6 pounds,
  • 36-38 weeks– 2 pounds,
  • 38-40 weeks – almost no weight gain.

Pregnancy Weight Gain Timeline

This Pregnancy weight gain timeline summarizes the amount of weight a body gains during pregnancy tenure.

BMI Less than 19.8 and Underweight- 0.5 kg per week

Healthy Weight- 0.44 kg per week

Overweight- 0.3 kg per week

Obese- 0.3 kg per week

Pregnancy is a crucial time for any mother and hence it stands important that she takes care of her body and nutrition. At equal intervals, there should be a complete checkup to avoid any kind of abnormality.

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