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pregnancy symptoms

Being a pregnant woman, it is really necessary to be aware of how your body will be changing during the 9-months duration and the growth of the embryo into the fetus and then into an infant.

Though you might not be feeling your best at times, it is an amazing experience for you, as you map out the development of your child. To help you gain more knowledge, here’s the relevant information you need to know about your baby’s development, by weeks(1-8 weeks) and months(3-9 months).


pregnancy symptoms week 1


Pregnancy Symptoms Week 1 to 2 Pregnancy tests can confirm the new life growing in your body, but not many symptoms will be seen.

No morning sickness or nausea.

Baby Development Week 1 to 2 The baby is just a cluster of cells, fused together after fertilization and ready for implantation.

No size or weight can be determined at this stage.

In fact, ultrasound will show nothing yet.

Tips for Mother Cut out alcohol, cigarettes and any illegal or recreational drugs.

Consult a gynecologist for prenatal multivitamins.

At least 400 micrograms of folic acid every day can help prevent certain birth defects that affect your baby’s brain, heart, and spinal cord.

Ensure that your diet contains calcium (for the bones), iron (for blood) and Vitamin B12 as well.


pregnancy symptom week 3

Pregnancy Symptoms Week 3 The mother might experience a little bleeding, though that is nothing to be afraid of.

Other symptoms that are fairly visible are – fatigue, frequent urination, nausea, and a heightened sense of smell

[See- Early Pregnancy symptoms before missed period].

Baby Development Week 3 The baby is still a cluster of cells. Though, in some cases, ultrasound may confirm the presence of this baby.
Tips for Mother Your baby will need extra protein to help it grow, so try and make sure you get three servings of protein a day in these first few weeks.


pregnancy symptom week 4

Pregnancy Symptoms Week 4 Your body is still trying to create an atmosphere for the baby in your uterus. Therefore, a little bleeding might persist. Other symptoms may or may not reveal. Their absence does not suggest that you’re not pregnant. Every mother has her way of reacting.
Baby Development Week 4 Baby Size – 0.024cm

Baby Weight – 1.13g

The cells separate into two halves. One half is now called the embryo and will become your baby, the other half will become the placenta, which will act as your growing baby’s lifeline for the next eight months.

Layers of cells will grow into different parts of the body like liver, lungs, kidney, muscles, and heart.

Tips for Mother Provide for your baby a healthy and nutritious diet. Do not let it slip that you can’t be negligent.

If you experience any discomfort, or if the bleeding doesn’t stop, do consult your gynecologist soon enough.

Otherwise, all is well!


pregnancy symptom week 5

Pregnancy Symptoms Week 5 Week 5 is important for you as your pregnancy hormones start to kick in. These include Oestrogen, Progesterone, and HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin).

Food craving and sickness becomes common as the hormones take you on a roller-coaster ride.

Baby Development Week 5 Baby Size – 0.127cm

Baby Weight – 1.13g

Your baby is now the size of an orange seed.

The umbilical cord has started to form. Also, two channels of your baby’s heart are formed. Thus, baby’s heart will be fully functional by the end of this week.

Other organs will develop slowly.

Tips For Mother Now is the time to stop eating junk, meat, and eggs completely as they can cause food-borne illnesses.

If you own a pet, try to stay away from the toxic waste it produces as it can be harmful to the baby. Their presence won’t cause any problem.

Hormones can even make you sleepy, so take all the rest you need, at least for 8-9 hours.


pregnancy symptom week 6

Pregnancy Symptoms Week 6 Your kidneys are becoming more effective in ridding the body of the waste, that is why you could be urinating more.

The stomach muscles will start to relax in order to make space for your baby bump.

The blood supply in your body will also increase as you are to provide for your baby too, for the next 8 months.

Baby Development Week 6 Baby Size – 0.33cm

Baby Weight – 2.15g

Though the baby has tripled in size, weight remains almost the same.

Your baby’s face starts to develop now. Traces of the development of spinal cord and limbs are visible.

Your baby’s heart will also start to beat around 110 times a minute and can actually be seen on an ultrasound from this week.

Tips For Mother While nausea, vomiting and bloating are common occurrences, you will soon notice that your breasts have become tender as they are getting ready to feed.

Also, try to lower your speed of eating as your stomach muscles need to work harder.


pregnancy symptom week 7

Pregnancy Symptoms Week 7 Though baby bump is not visible so soon, the symptoms are enough to remind you of the changes your body is going through.

From swollen breasts to glowy complexion, the glories of being pregnant can be seen.

Increase in your weight is something to be proud of as the midwives usually call it a sign of healthy baby.

Baby Development Week 7 Baby Size – 1.27cm

Baby Weight – 7.10 g

Your baby is now the size of a blueberry.

He/she has a more defined face and the limbs are starting to develop into arms and legs.

Kidney has also developed, so the baby will start producing urine soon enough.

Your baby is also starting to make little jerky movements this week.

Tips For Mother Bleeding in the first trimester (first three months) is very common and doesn’t always indicate a miscarriage.

Though you need to take special care of yourself and keep in mind the previous points, do not forget your partner in this hustle and share your emotional upheavals. That would help your emotional ride a lot.


pregnancy symptom week 8

Pregnancy Symptoms Week 8 Your uterus is constantly growing so your clothes might not fit. This, in addition to the increased blood supply, might fluster you, but remain calm and think of the life you’re breeding inside your womb.

Other symptoms include fatigue, morning sickness and a vaginal discharge (which is just your body’s way of getting rid of toxicity).

Baby Development Week 8 Baby Size – 1.6cm

Baby Weight – 11.5g

Your baby is now about the size of a raspberry and can be clearly distinguished.

Bones, spinal cord, and intestines are starting to form.

On close observation, lips, eyelids, and nostrils are visible.

The baby’s heartbeat is twice as fast as yours so do not get alarmed. The baby is alright.

Tips For Mother Attached emotionally with your dearest friend, your Husband. He not only may provide the right nourishment but also cure your illnesses.

Try working out a little as your body needs to prepare for delivery too.


This brings us to the end of two months of your pregnancy.  Let us now move on to the baby’s development in monthly stages as the process becomes more distinguished and the ultrasound begins to give a clearer picture.


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