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In the journey of Pregnancy month by month, you travel from womanhood to motherhood. Being a mother it is very special feeling that only a woman can feel, experiencing a life growing inside you. Feel the movements and make a bond with your baby without even touching it.

In the last blog, you read the symptoms of pregnancy week by week up to 8 weeks. As the process becomes more distinguished and the ultrasound begins to give a clearer picture so let us now moves on to the baby’s development in monthly stages from 3rd month onwards.

‘Pregnancy month by month’ will describe you the baby’s size & developments, their effects and essential tips for mothers, more clearly.



3 Months Pregnant-

Baby Size

Baby Size – 5 to 10cm

Your baby is now officially a fetus.

By the end of this month, almost all organs develop and fingernails start developing.

3 Months Pregnant- Symptoms Nausea may decrease as your body is now accustomed to the hormonal changes.

Uterus keeps growing

Tips For Mother Visit your gynecologist for a prenatal check-up. You can also get tests done for disorders like sickle-cell anemia, Down syndrome, etc.


4 months pregnant

4 Months Pregnant-

Baby Size


Baby Size – 12 to 15cm

Baby Weight – 113g

Though baby’s face and heart are fully developed, the lungs are still developing. The baby has sized to a mango.

Also, he/she might seem to be excited at the prospect of kicking and quivering. Although the head continues to be quite large in proportion to the size of the body, there is rapid growth in the body at this stage.

4 Months Pregnant- Symptoms Outward signs of pregnancy become distinct as the bump starts to grow.

All signs of nausea and morning sickness recede as the body becomes used to it.

Tips For Mother Keep a check on the baby’s heart rate, your weight and your diet throughout this time.

Amniocentesis can now be performed, purely for the purpose of determining the baby’s health and not the sex/gender.


5 months pregnant

5 Months Pregnant-

Baby Size


Baby Size – 16 to 22cm

Baby Weight – 283g

Protective hair is seen covering the baby, as it continues to grow vigorously.

Ultrasound may also show him/her sucking the thumb and moving around in the womb.

5 Months Pregnant- Symptoms Belly button is seen popping out as the uterus continues to grow.

Some women may even start to experience constipation and fatigue, though it is nothing to be afraid of.

Some women also experience forgetfulness, which is highly uncommon.

Tips For Mother Baby’s heart rate and growth needs to be monitored continuously.

To-be-mothers need to exercise and eat healthy in order to keep their baby fit.


6 months pregnant

6 Months Pregnant-

Baby Size


Baby Size – 25cm

Baby Weight – 0.45kg

You’ll be aware of baby’s movements as he or she stretches and hiccups. Baby’s eyes now open and close, vocal cords are functioning, and eyebrows have formed.

At times, the baby might even show signs of recognizing his/her mother’s voice or some familiar tunes.

6 Months Pregnant- Symptoms Your uterus is now the size of a basketball and the skin is itchy due to stretching for the womb.

You may even grow tired easily, with least efforts or none at all.

Blood pressure problems like hypertension may be seen.

Tips For Mother Make your doctor aware of problems with swollen ankles, headaches or nosebleeds, as the common symptoms of hypertension.

Give more time to resting and sleeping.


7 Months Pregnant

7 Months Pregnant-

Baby Size


Baby Size – 30.4cm

Baby Weight – 0.91 to 1.8kg

Brain and nervous system of your child are developing rapidly.

The eyes begin to open and close and the baby continues to move very vigorously at this stage.

7 Months Pregnant- Symptoms Your feet and hands may start cramping. Do not panic. These cramps are quite common at this stage.

Stretch marks also start appearing as the skin on the stomach stretches.

Tips For Mother Massage your feet, hands, and joints so as to keep them from giving you much pain.

Consult your doctor regarding further complications during the baby’s delivery.


8 Months Pregnant

8 Months Pregnant-

Baby Size


Baby Size – about to a Pineapple size

Baby Weight – 2.27kg

Your baby’s brainwaves resemble that of a new-born, but the lungs continue to develop.

Movements may slow as your baby starts to fill more of the uterus and has less room to stretch and move.

8 Months Pregnant- Symptoms You’ll continue to gain weight all this time.

You may even feel discomfort when the baby starts to push against your rib-cage.

You might even experience indigestion and heartburn.

Read- Heartburn during pregnancy.

Tips For Mother The baby is on its way and you might start panicking. In order to calm yourself, try shopping for your baby’s needs, plan his/her room.

Get weekly medical check-ups and monitor your baby’s development.


9 Months Pregnant

9 Months Pregnant-Baby Size


Baby Size – 45 to 55cm

Baby Weight – 2.7 to 3.7kg

The baby is on its way!

Lungs are finally maturing and he/she is shedding his/her protective hair as he/she prepares to enter this world.

The brain is growing at a tremendous rate.

9 Months Pregnant- Symptoms You may experience ‘lightening’ as the baby settles in the pelvic region and breathing becomes easier.

Sleep-deprivation and anxiety are common as the due date comes closer.

Some women may start to lose weight, though that is not a problem. Even if your weight keeps increasing, do not panic. Your baby is safe and sound and ready to enter your world!

Tips For Mother All monitoring will continue. You will also receive an internal examination to determine if the cervix has ripened or started to dilate.

Get ready for labor as soon as the doctor tells you to.

Do consult regarding your tolerance of pain, so you can choose your preferred way of birthing – natural or cesarean (through surgery).

baby size


The due date is here and you are all panicky. That is highly acceptable as you’ve been waiting for this moment since 9-months almost. Through all the discomfort, stressful check-ups, over-weight intolerances and morning sickness, you’ve matured yourself.

You’ve become a mother. And now that your baby is here, you can finally relax (at least until the time he/she is sleeping). Do not distress or panic at this time.

Just dwell in the glory of the moment of delivery and let all your pains be washed away. Hold your little one in your arms and do not look back at how troubled you had been or how your body has become.


This is all a part of life, so live it! And share your experiences with us in the comment box below!



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