Pregnancy Insomnia: Early Pregnancy Or During Trimesters​

Pregnancy Insomniainsomnia during pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful feelings. Every mother wants to have the essence of being called “Maa”. However, Pregnancy comes with certain complications right from the beginning. It is how well you manage that difficulty and give birth to a newborn. One such complication includes Pregnancy Insomnia. Yes, you heard it right. Approximately 78% of women face this during their pregnancy

Insomnia in Early Pregnancy

During days of early pregnancy, there is a big drop in the quality of sleep of pregnant women.

You might feel exhausted all day and still tossing your head here and there for a deep and good sleep.

There are even instances of insomnia in early pregnancy before missed period. These changes are mended to be seen in the early days of pregnancy.

However, it may be noticed that women in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy feels fatigue and tired all day.

Insomnia During PregnancyInsomnia During Pregnancy

There are a handful of changes that your body experiences during pregnancy. Sometimes you feel a lot more hot and bothered than normal.

Body temperature tends to rise at a great extent. As discussed above, pregnancy Insomnia is common and affect most women.

Pregnancy Insomnia first trimester feels where the body feels tired all day and being a hard time for you to have a calm sleep.

There is a couple of advice for first-trimester insomnia. You should cut out caffeine level to a minimum which could boost your sleep patterns.

While pregnancy Insomnia second Trimester researchers have found it became of poor quality and third-trimester insomnia hormones even make it worse.

Third-trimester sleep deprivation makes you more irritated, angry and you feel like staying alone.

Insomnia Pregnancy SymptomsInsomnia Pregnancy Symptoms

Insomnia Pregnancy Symptoms becomes quite evident and you end up feeling anxiety all day.

You tend to feel frequent and vivid dreams. Along with Insomnia, you may experience other signs such as the frequent need to urinate, back pain, anxiety and discomfort all day long.

However, there is good news, this insomnia goes away on its own.

Doctors usually prefer a change in lifestyle and treatment with cognitive behavioural therapy works well.

Insomnia in Late Pregnancy Sign of Labor

If you are wondering about pregnancy insomnia, sleep deficiency and insomnia are those common signs and are more associated with worse labour pain, depression and anxiety all long.

Women tend to feel discomfort due to body changes. Since the body couldn’t beat proper sleep there a situation of extreme fatigue and exhaustion results.

Natural Remedies for Insomnia during Pregnancy

There are a couple of remedies to treat pregnancy insomnia.Insomnia treatment

  • You should avoid taking caffeine and a non-caffeinated drink (like milk) works well to treat the problem.
  • Pregnancy Insomnia remedies include chamomile Tea which works well for treating pregnancy insomnia.
  • Exercise is one such physical activity which is recommended in pregnancy that helps you as well as your baby. 
  • Since you get physically tired and hence it becomes after and easy to sleep at night.
  • Tart cherry juice has shown great results and it increased sleep time by almost 90 minutes a night. 
  • The reason is it contains melatonin content (that helps the body to sleep).
  • Over the counter sleeping pills while pregnant include antihistamines and diphenhydramine and doxylamine which are considered safe.
  • It should be noticed that sleeping pills recommended by a doctor during pregnancy are the ones mentioned above and should be taken in close supervision and in extreme conditions.


Pregnancy tends to have a toll on your sleep and it results in concerns. Melatonin is a hormone produced naturally in the body that is responsible for sleep and when this level gets disturbed often results in sleep disorders.

To cure this problem, sometimes doctors recommend direct intake of melatonin supplements. However, taking a small dose of this supplement for a shorter duration will cause no harm to the body.


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