Potassium In Foods | Sources, Functions And Daily Intake

Potassium In FoodsPotassium foods

The human body is a storehouse of vitamins and minerals wherein the consistency of each of the components is of vital importance.

Potassium being an important mineral is an essential requirement of the body which can be fulfilled through our daily potassium foods intake.

Let us take a look at some essential points regarding potassium foods requirements to our body.

An effective control of your diet can help you monitor your potassium intake.

Make sure your daily food consumption suffices the normal potassium requirement of about 3500-5000 mg/day.

The potassium in food is its major source while you can also complement it with various potassium supplements available in the market.

But try to make sure that instead of depending upon supplements, you take your daily nutritional requirements through your food.

What is potassium?

Starting with let us know what is potassium? Potassium is an important naturally occurring mineral that assists and regulates the various body functions.

It is one such mineral due to which our body works normally. Its presence is necessary for various organs including our heart and kidney to work properly.

Potassium has a high medicinal value and its daily dosage must not be skipped. Take rich potassium foods to prevent the deficiency of potassium. Let us know what are the rich sources of potassium.

Sources Of Potassium

The foods like bananas, sweet potatoes, etc are rich sources of potassium. Besides these potassium food items, you can also depend upon various potassium supplements with the sheer prescription of a doctor.

In general, our natural diet is enough for the required potassium needs, but in case a person is not able to take in enough potassium foods due to an illness or another medical issue then there are various pills available in the market which are directly or indirectly major sources of potassium.

These supplements are mostly recommended during high blood pressure problems. Various potassium supplement companies are Tri-K , Urocit-K 10, KCare,  ET K-Lyte.

Function Of Potassium In Human Body

Potassium plays a vital role in the proper functioning of the organs of the body, the cells, and the tissues. It works as an electrolyte assisting the regulation of fluids in the body.

Further, there are other important functions of potassium in the human body:

  • Potassium helps in stabilizing blood pressure in the body. It usually works with high blood pressure for compensating high sodium levels in the body.
  • It makes the heart function properly
  • It helps in delivering oxygen to the brain
  • Helps in keeping the nervous system strong by assisting nerve impulse
  • Helps in removing body waste
  • It assists the production of various enzymes in the body
  • It helps the body in absorbing more calcium and hence helps in developing stronger bones

Potassium Level Range

potassium level range

Potassium is required in a fixed quantity by our body and an excess of that can prove to be dangerous. Let us take a look at the potassium level range of a human body.

  • In normal cases, the potassium level in the body ranges from 3.5 – 5.1 millimoles/ liter
  • In the initial stage or light hyperkalemia, the potassium level in the body ranges from 5.2 – 7 millimoles/ liter.
  • In the extremes of stages of hyperkalemia, the potassium level in the body rises up to more than 7 millimoles/ liter.

Recommended Daily Potassium Intake

Recommended Daily Potassium Intake

Now that we know the importance of potassium in our body, we must make sure that our daily dosage of food is ensuring the recommended daily potassium intake for our body. Beginning with this let us know the standard daily requirements of potassium for our body. This may depend highly on your age, health, and body type.

  • For a healthy adult, potassium intake must be from 4000-4700 gm/day.
  • For children and infants, it must vary within 3000-4000 mg/day.
  • For people with a potassium deficiency must try to keep their daily potassium food’s dosage higher and may switch to supplements in case the doctor advice.

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