Post Pregnancy Care | Do And Don’ts

Post Pregnancy CarePost pregnancy care

Post Pregnancy Care is an important aspect and must be given due care. Post Pregnancy Care of the mother includes ample of rest.

They should feel free to take a break and enough care and love have to be given to a baby.

Post pregnancy body care includes care of your body. You should walk daily in open and exercises can be done as recommended by a caretaker.

You have to make sure that good nutrition diet is taken in post-pregnancy care.

Things To Do After Giving Birth

Post Pregnancy care would include ample of things. Here are some of the post-pregnancy care tips:

  • You should eat enough. You should remember that you are even taking care of the newborn and hence skipping a meal is not at all an option.
  • You should even take care of your prenatal vitamins. Post Pregnancy care after normal delivery would demand that you restore your essential vitamins level. Take care of vital nutrients and Omega-3.
  • Post pregnancy breast care has to be taken care of. Breastfeeding is hard than it looks. Be patient while nursing your child.
  •  care after cesarean demands much care. You have to make sure stitches are intact and you might be dealing with a lot of pain and discomfort
  • Post pregnancy care Indian way is where traditional food is recommended and a lot of dry-fruits is made to eat.

Things Not To Do After Giving Birth

There are a couple of things that have to be remembered and be avoided in post-pregnancy care.

  • You should not skip meals. Post Pregnancy caretaker mentions that nutrients and vitamins are essential after giving birth.

Post pregnancy care for mother in India is made through a rich diet and maintaining all the desired level of vitamins and nutrients.

  • Care after c section demands that enough rest has to be given to the body. Hence rigorous exercises are avoided.
  • Post pregnancy care for mother where you should stress on wearing comfortable clothes for at least a couple of weeks after giving birth. Avoid tight clothes.
  • Post pregnancy care also includes nourishment and pamper ness to your body. Avoid lifting heavy weight.

Food After Delivery For Indian Mother

As mentioned, Post pregnancy health care demands enough care has to be given in terms of food. Post Pregnancy delivery care can’t be overlooked.

  • Moringa leaves are highly recommended for mothers after delivery.
  • Almonds, Raisins are said to be healthy.
  • Bottle Gourd rich in Vitamin A, C, and sodium is healthy and essential. Post pregnancy belly care can be done with this since it also helps in weight loss.
  • Garlic, fenugreek seeds are also recommended in post-pregnancy delivery care.
  • Post-operative care in pregnancy can be done through green vegetables, fruits, and finger millet.

What Not To Eat After Delivery

There are a few items that have to be taken care of and should be avoided. Post pregnancy face care should be given priority.

  • Citrus fruits can cause irritable GI (gastrointestinal) tract and hence it should be avoided.
  • Caffeine is usually avoided and said to be harmful to the baby as well.
  • Alcohol, peanuts (cause allergic reactions), chocolates (contains caffeine) must be avoided.
  • Chilies (contains too much spice) is also avoided.

Post Pregnancy Exercise Plan

If you are wondering How to take care of your body after giving birth? Here is the solution The Exercise Plan in Post Pregnancy must focus on those exercises that ensure the new mums are back to their shape.

This includes the following exercises – Walking, Deep Belly Breathing with Abdominal Contractions, Head and Shoulder Lifts.

The exercise plan should be mild in starting as the body is weak in initial phases while you may increase this time period in later stages.

Postpartum care for Mother has to be taken care off.

Body care after delivery can be done through a rich diet that includes proteins and calcium that may even benefit the young one and light exercises mentioned above.

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