Positive Pregnancy Test: Now What?


positive pregnancy test

This sounds like a dream for any woman who is desirous to become a mother. A positive pregnancy test means that you are now on the threshold of motherhood.

In 97% of cases, the test results that say positive literally mean that you are pregnant.

Only in rare case, when you have either not followed the instructions carefully, or the device is inefficient, the result might show positive even when you are not expecting. Note – only in a rare case.

Always use the best pregnancy test kit for accurate results.

A positive pregnancy test means that you have conceived and the fertilized egg has implanted in the uterine lining. This releases the hCG hormones that increase in the coming months.

Positive Pregnancy Test Now What:

There you see, the positive result on the kit, and you are taken aback. You want to immediately break the news to your near and dear ones and be filled with happiness.

But apart from celebrations, you have a positive pregnancy test, now what?

What To Do After A Positive Pregnancy Test At Home:

Once it has been confirmed that you are pregnant, you think what to do after a positive pregnancy test at home?

Nothing much, just book your appointment with the doctor or your gynecologist as soon as possible.

Till then, at home, you need to take precaution for your early pregnancy and be cautious of your lifestyle and habits.

You must stop smoking, drinking, start with a healthy diet and take enough rest and adequate exercise.

First Doctor Appointment After Positive Pregnancy Test:

The first doctor appointment after a positive pregnancy test is your first prenatal appointment. At this first appointment, your doctor will confirm your pregnancy.

The doctor checks for several medical conditions and does tests that show up results for any further complications.

The doctor will take up blood tests, urine tests, weight tests and tests of the like nature to see if you are ready to take the pregnancy and there are no further complications associated with your pregnancy.

The doctor’s first appointment is meant basically to double-check and henceforth advice on the prenatal care and other pregnancy-related issues.

Therefore, the first doctor appointment after a positive pregnancy test is essential.

Precautions To Be Taken After Positive Pregnancy Test:

Now that you have affirmed that you are pregnant, you need to be very careful because you don’t have to take care of just yourself but the baby as well.

The precautions to be taken after a positive pregnancy test, are:

  • Stop the consumption of alcohol, cigarettes or harmful drugs that are dangerous for the fetus.
  • Start on a healthy diet that is most beneficial for a healthy delivery.
  • Start with a regular mild exercise or pregnancy yoga.
  • Don’t compromise on sleep or rest. It is vital for both of you
  • Ardently follow your doctor’s advice and recommendations.
  • Don’t miss out on prenatal vitamins recommended by your doctor.

Positive Pregnancy Test But Not Pregnant:

Positive Pregnancy Test But Not Pregnant

You’ve got a positive pregnancy test but there’s a rare chance that you are not pregnant. There is a chance anyway. There are several reasons behind it.

Let’s find the reasons behind positive pregnancy test but not pregnant:

One line shows negative results but with the appearance of a second fainter line, the results might seem like positive.

This happens because you have not checked the results in the instructed time duration. You have probably waited for a little longer than said and thus have got a false positive result.

  • Another cause why you might get a false positive result is that you are using an expired test. This increases the chance of giving false results.
  • There are certain medications that increase the levels of HCG hormones. With this, the test detects the hormone levels and shows positive results even when you are not pregnant.
  • Certain medical conditions like ovarian cancer, ovarian cysts, urinary tract infection also lead to showing false results.

Positive Pregnancy Test Then Negative:

This is the most confusing time when you are shown a positive pregnancy test then negative. Which test is right and which is wrong, how to decide?

This can happen if you have an ectopic pregnancy. In an ectopic pregnancy, the hCG levels rise and then fall thereby showing a positive pregnancy test then negative.

Even if you are using two different brands or you have repeated the test immediately to double-check, the results may vary.

It is therefore highly recommended that you be definitive about the brand and the instructions given on the test kit that you are using.

What To Do If Pregnancy Test Is Positive And Don’t Want:

You have had a nonplanned pregnancy and now you are in a problematic situation, fretting over and probably thinking of what to do if the pregnancy test is positive and you don’t want it. Here is what you can do:

Abortion: The most common way of avoiding pregnancy is to go for abortion. For this, you need to consult a doctor and seek a complete medical advice and different abortion procedures.

By way of abortion, the development of embryo stops. There are side effects of abortion but the process of abortion has to take place only under strict medical assistance.

This is the only way if you do not want to carry the baby. Nonetheless, the last option is to deliver the baby and go for adoption or raise the child.

So now you have answers to all your questions relating to positive pregnancy. This will greatly help you to decide what to do and what not to do.

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