PMS Symptoms Vs Pregnancy Symptoms


pms vs pregnancy symptom

Since the hormone responsible for symptoms of PMS is same as the one responsible for symptoms of early pregnancy, it is usually difficult to distinguish between the two conditions.

Although it varies from woman to woman, the premenstrual syndrome symptoms end after menses begins but that is not the case in case of early pregnancy.

Symptoms Of PMS Vs Pregnancy

PMS Symptoms Vs Pregnancy Symptoms can be discussed under the following heads. It must be kept in mind that these differences are very subtle and may vary from woman to woman.

a)Breast pain


The breasts feel tender and swell particularly during the second half of the menstrual cycle, right before menses begin the tenderness can be severe.

The breast tissue might feel heavy and a dull pain can linger on unless progesterone levels come back to normal.


Breasts during early pregnancy can feel sore, tender, full and heavy and this may last from a couple of weeks to a while as the progesterone levels keep rising.


b) Bleeding The flow is a bit heavier and longer during premenstrual syndrome.


Short spotting or vaginal bleeding that lasts only for a couple of days and is pink or brown in color might last for 10-14 days after conception.
c) Fatigue


Tiredness, fatigue and trouble sleeping is common but go away with periods. Fatigue is common during the first trimester due to increased progesterone and can be kept up with a proper diet.


d) Nausea


Digestive discomfort such as nausea can accompany other symptoms of PMS.


Morning sickness and bouts of nausea are a common and classic sickness of early pregnancy.


e) Food Cravings and aversions Women often develop a sweet tooth during PMS and develop a ravenous appetite which is not the same as in case of pregnancy.


Women develop specific cravings or a total disinterest in the other foods during pregnancy.

Such effects can last throughout gestation.

f) Cramping


During PMS, cramping or dysmenorrhea often begins 24-48 hours before menses, reduces during period and subsides with the end of cycle.


Mild cramps in the lower abdomen and lower back during initial pregnancy is usually common which subside with time.



It is essential to know the cause of your symptoms and therefore, taking a pregnancy test is the best way to know if it is PMS or early pregnancy.

PMS Or Early Signs Of Pregnancy

Early signs of pregnancy may vary in intensity and duration from woman to woman and might also appear as signs of premenstrual syndrome in many cases.

To confirm conception, it is better to take a pregnancy test or approach the doctor.

PMS Or Pregnancy Symptoms A Week Before Period

It is sad that PMS symptoms and early pregnancy symptoms are almost identical because you produce more progesterone a week after ovulation regardless of the fact that you are pregnant or not.

If you aren’t pregnant such symptoms will subside 10 days after ovulation and hence symptoms like bloating, breast tenderness and mood swings which are PMS or Pregnancy symptoms start a week before period.

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