The Benefits Of Pre Planning Pregnancy

Planning Pregnancy Tips:

planning pregnancy tips

If you have decided to have a child you should consider Planning Pregnancy.

Planning pregnancy tips gives you the time to get ready mentally, physically as well as for healthy pregnancy and childbirth.

You may utilize the time during pre-pregnancy to prepare your body ready by eating healthy, staying fit through regular workouts.

You may also put your finances in order before planning a pregnancy, you may have to be sure that you both are really committed and compatible to born a baby.

Babies mean a lot of responsibilities. You will have to be physically and mentally ensure that the pregnancy proceeds without any complications.

Also, you will have to keep away from Stress as it is not good for the health of the mother or the developing baby.

Things To Do Before Planning Pregnancy:things to do before planning pregnancy

  • MEDICAL FITNESS: You may visit a physician as it is essential to check to determine if it is ok for you to have a baby.

This is because certain complications such as, diabetes, epilepsy, hypertension in the mother, may require extra care and monitoring that may possible by the physician.

  • VACCINATION: It will be the right time to get vaccinated against tetanus, German measles, hepatitis B, and other diseases.
  • MATERNITY LEAVE: By planning pregnancy tips you may plan the maternity leave period if you are a working mom. It can be a period when you strengthen your bond with your partner.

It may be the golden moments of your life and an unforgettable experience, with the one you love. Make sure you enjoy it.Maternity insurance

  • MATERNITY INSURANCE: Planning pregnancy tips can give you enough time to get a maternity insurance cover that supports the kind of care that you prefer.

It will not burden you to think more about the expenditure of your pregnancy.

You may get benefitted by planning pregnancy tips because Generally, the insurance companies offer you to enroll or purchase the maternity insurance cover only when you conceive. 

If you are already pregnant they will not consider your application.

Also, some maternity insurance policies (RoyalSundaram-ELITE PLAN) have a waiting period of 3-4 years before benefits come into play.

But some companies have come up with 9 to 24 months waiting period for example RELIGARE JOY Maternity & New Born Cover Plan

  • INFERTILITY: Many couples track the ovulation period or the fertile period and make love during that period to increase their chances of getting pregnant.

If you have tried for more than a year and still not get success, you may visit an infertility clinic. Either Male or female or both can be the reason behind of infertility.

It can be treated and couples may have a successful conception.sperm banking

  • SPERM BANKING: It has been observed that some working couples freeze their eggs and sperms in egg-sperm banks (facility provided by some IVF clinics) for some years, in order to avoid infertility whenever they would have the plan to become pregnant. It may possibly only with pre-planning of pregnancy.
  • FOLIC ACID FOR PLANNING PREGNANCY: Folic Acid is an essential element for the brain and spinal growth of the baby especially at the initial stage of pregnancy. The deficiency of Folic Acid may create some defects in brain, spinal and other parts of baby’s body.

Hence it is recommended to take Folic Acid by a lady 2-3 months before the conception, if her body has less than the required amount of Folic Acid or if she has the similar previous history like a birth defect, Neural Tube Defect or Spina Bifida. Through Planning pregnancy, you may avoid these birth defects and ensures a healthy baby.stem cell banking

  • STEM CELL BANKING: Certain companies provided the facility to reserve the Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cells of the baby at the time of his/her birth. They have charged against the service.

This is due to few genetical diseases like certain kinds of leukemia or lymphoma, aplastic anemia, severe sickle cell disease, and severe combined immunodeficiency have treatment with only stem cell transplant and it would have possible only if you get to reserve the stem cell of your baby at the time of your baby’s birth.

For the future of your baby, you can plan stem Cell banking with planning a pregnancy.Folic acid FOR PLANNING PREGNANCY

  • SCHOOL ADMISSION: It might read to be awkward but you cannot deny the facts that nowadays admission of a baby in a good school is a thorny subject especially the country like in India.

The main obstacle to baby admission is his/her age whether it is private or public school.

Almost every school has a condition that the baby should be born between January and March month. You can consider this issue while planning your pregnancy.

Besides this, some couples have their own dreams to be fulfilled before getting pregnant and that can be possible only if they pre-plan their pregnancy.

So plan your precious moments and fully enjoy them with your partner. If anything more information you want from us, please write in comment box.

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