Panic Attack During Pregnancy: Effects On Baby

Panic Attack During PregnancyPanic Attack During Pregnancy

A panic attack during pregnancy is a situation where you face serious mental stress and you are in a panic, it is also coupled with some physical symptoms.

It is obvious to think that one of the reasons behind the panic attack during pregnancy may be due to the stress and tension of the baby’s health.

It has less or no relation to panic attack history of women. It can occur to any women especially while pregnant.

Though, women who have had a panic attack history are more prone to panic attacks during pregnancy and after the pregnancy period.

Severe Anxiety While Pregnant:

Anxiety is part of a human’s life, It’s completely normal to feel anxiety. Anxiety and related problems become common and severe during pregnancy.

Pregnancy and arrival of a baby bring serious change in the life. This sudden change in life may worry you, the baby becomes the reason behind this anxiety and stress.

Though severe anxiety while pregnant is not as normal as you would think it to be. Anxiety while pregnancy may disrupt your normal daily routine taking away concentration.

You might be in need to contact a therapist or doctor. If you are facing heart palpitations and muscle tension then it is a serious situation and you are in need to see a doctor.

Panic Attacks During Pregnancy At Night:

Panic attacks do not have time to occur. They are in fact more likely to occur at night time as you might have a bad dream.

As mentioned above that baby becomes one of the major reason behind panic attacks during pregnancy. You might see a nightmare which is common to have a dream about your pregnancy in this state.

Such a situation may trigger hyperventilation or fast breathing & increased heartbeats. If you face a panic attack during pregnancy at night then you should first try to calm yourself down and start walking to cool down your mind.

 Anxiety Attacks During Pregnancy Effects On Baby:

Though the normal level of anxiety doesn’t pose any complications towards the health of the baby.

But serious panic attacks can pose issues in the pregnancy and cause problems to the baby such as the baby may be low in weight and also cause preterm labor.

Many studies and cases have shown that some anxiety treating medicines show the effect on the baby’s health. Such as the baby might have respiratory issues or create the need for C-section delivery.

Though the effect of anxiety on the baby is not found to be very serious.

Anxiety During Pregnancy First Trimester:

Pregnancy comes with tremendous changes in life, As soon as you realize the presence of the life growing inside you.

You face various psychological changes which may come in the form of stress and tension thus resulting in anxiety.

Usually one of the reasons behind the anxiety in the first trimester becomes the tension and stress of miscarriage. You emotional behavior tends to become more sensitive such as you get provoked easily and turn up into tears.

Rest and comfort are what is most essentially required especially in the first trimester to keep you off guard anxiety.

Can Panic Attacks Cause Miscarriage:

Well, there is no real threat to the baby and pregnancy due to the panic attacks. The problem with panic attacks is that in case you are trying to take medication to take care of the panic attacks and anxiety.

But many times woman worry can panic attacks cause miscarriage. Anxiety and panic attacks can cause the flow of blood in the fetus to decrease.

This the reason behind the low weight of the baby while birth. It also causes the problem of preterm labor. Also, these panic attacks can have an effect on the ability of the mother.

How To Calm Anxiety While Pregnant:

It’s important to calm anxiety while pregnant and many women question what to do when having a panic attack while pregnant. Here are some tips that you can follow to calm down anxiety-:

  1.  Many times the reason behind anxiety is the work stress that you face. But you must realize the importance of pregnancy and must not hesitate from asking for help.
  2.  Look for holidays and choose to do the activities which comfort you, this would help in keeping your mind stable.
  3.  You should always choose to exercise, walk, yoga and other activities to keep your mind calm and cool.
  4.  Taking a balanced diet and choosing healthy food to eat which suits your pregnancy is also very helpful in controlling panic attacks during pregnancy.
  5.  Take proper sleep and go to bed early as your body needs more rest than usual.
  6.  To become too much information loaded, all women study about pregnancy but too much information can worry you and also become the cause of anxiety and panic attacks.
 Anxiety In Pregnancy Treatment:

Anxiety is a very common problem faced by women who are pregnant, some 52% cases have been reported especially while pregnant.

Anxiety, panic attacks & depression is something which needs to be treated. Some anxiety in pregnancy treatments from home remedies are listed below-:

  1.  Chamomile tea is a very effective way of treating anxiety. Drinking chamomile tea when you feel anxious is very helpful in calming you down due to its properties.
  2.  Omega-3 fatty acids are very helpful in controlling and helping you with anxiety and panic attacks. You should eat food and nuts such as walnuts which contain Omega-3 fatty acids. [Read Also: 15-Essential Foods To Eat During Pregnancy ]
  3.  Keep lavender around you as studies have found that lavender oil smell keeps you away from anxiety.
  4.  Sitting in sunlight can be very helpful to control anxiety as it helps in maintaining the vitamin-D levels.
  5.  Taking a hot bath with Epsom salt, as it helps in controlling anxiety and soothing your mind and body.
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