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Newborn care

Newborn careit’s not just a word, it is a feeling. It is rightly said that there is no better a pleasure than that of being a mother. No doubt your little bundle of joys is your ultimate felicity. It’s not just the birth of the baby, every time a baby is born, a mother is also born and with motherhood comes responsibility.

An amazing experience which makes you cry and laugh at the same time. It is no less than a challenge.

Mother care after delivery:

Beginning with nine months of pregnancy it continues for a lifetime. Every stage of a child’s life requires the utmost care, the mother care after delivery being one of the most important care. The first thirty days of a newborn baby are the most crucial and tender days of its life.

The newborn care starts just after the delivery with the mother’s body’s warmth and most importantly the mother’s first breast milk. Soon it can turn out to be a restless full-time job, the exhaustion that both the mother and father would cherish for a lifetime.

Newborn care after delivery:

Newborn care after delivery

No sooner the delivery takes place, the newborn care must start and the newborn needs a constant look after. The newborn care after delivery is a supersensitive area where a number of cautions have to be taken.

The first and the foremost action is to check the baby’s health, its nerves, temperature, weight, skin color, heartbeat and if the baby is able to breathe properly. It is essential for the baby to cry as soon as it is delivered as it paves the way for the newborn’s first breath.

In case the baby does not cry, it must be gently pinched, patted at the back or its feet must be stroked.

The newborn care after delivery requires the baby to be cleaned, dried just after birth. The baby’s body being tender must be placed on a soft cotton sheet to avoid any redness, bruises or sores.

The baby must be kept warm, in case the baby is premature or sick, it must be placed in an incubator to keep its body warm and avoid any kind of water loss. In normal cases, placing the newborn on the mother’s body can help in providing it warmth.

Talking about nutrition, the only food your newborn needs is the mother’s breast milk. Now the question is, why only breast milk and not any other milk?

The reason is that the mother’s milk is the most precious gift to your newborn. It contains all the vitamins and helps in developing the immune system, fighting with illness and antibodies.

Newborn Baby Care Tips:

Newborn Baby Care Tips

Starting with newborn care, here are some tips that you can refer to at the time of parenting to never let that smile on your newborn’s face vanish.

  • Changing diapers and hygiene: Your newborn is delicate and sensitive to germs, its tender body is prone to frequent illness if not cared for. It is observed that the babies who diapers aren’t changed from time to time or allowed to stay moist allow infections to a very high extent.

Therefore it is very necessary to regularly change the baby diapers and keep its genitals dry.

  • Skin care and Exercises: During the first few months, the baby skin keeps on changing and needs a lot of care, the baby must be frequently exposed to mild sunlight, especially the morning rays. Sun Rays help in killing germs and providing the baby with natural energy. Further, the baby skin becomes dry and craves for baby oils and lotions.

Massaging must be done with light hands in circular motions to avoid any damage to the skin. In case the baby is not really feeble, light exercises for 15-20 mins can help the baby to grow healthier, developing the tender bones, molding them and sharpening the baby’s features at an initial stage.

  • Sound sleep: Your newborn care needs your baby to sleep soundly for about 18-20 hrs every day. Try not to disturb the baby while sleeping. Place the baby’s head on comfy soft pillows, wrapping them up in warm and cozy blankets generally away from coolers, ACs or any other source of direct cooling.

The mother’s body’s natural scent makes the baby sleep faster and feel safer. Comfort the baby with the mother’s coziness and bodily affection.

  • Baby bathing: Bathe the baby with slightly warm water dripping gently on the body. For the newborn care use mild baby soaps and shampoos. If possible use baby tubs with belts for bathing the baby.


  • Trimming Nails: Baby nails are soft and mostly don’t require nail trimmers. You may trim them just after bathing by blowing them off which may result in an automatic shedding. In case you need a nail trimmer, make sure you don’t puncture the tender fingertips of the baby or cause any kind of bleeding.

The newborn baby care tips aren’t just for the mom but even for the baby’s father and the major guardians.

Baby Care Tips For New Moms:

Generally, first-time moms tend to panic, they may become overcautious or under cautious at times. Pacify yourself, eat healthily and stay relaxed since your infant is highly dependent on you for its nutrition. Eat highly digestive and nutritious food items rich in fiber. Drink a lot of water.

The mother too should keep herself safe from any kind of infections or illness as the baby may easily catch it. This is one the most important baby care tips for new moms.

Newborn Baby Care 1st Month

Newborn Baby Care 1st Month

The essentials required for the newborn baby care 1st month are specific and shouldn’t be messed up with. You must follow the following precautions for the newborn baby care for the 1st month.

  • 1-Month Baby Food: During the first month, the infant must be fed only the mother’s breast milk. In case, the baby is not able to suck the milk, breast pumps can be used. If the mother is not able to produce milk, then lactogens maybe used to feed the baby.

Check the ingredients properly before use as the ingredients may vary as per the baby’s age. Mother’s milk can’t be replaced by any food except lactogens as the 1st-month baby food.

  • 1-Month Baby Weight: Babies tend to lose a little weight soon after birth. Make sure there is no sudden significant weight loss, in such a case consult a doctor. Eventually, the baby may again start gaining weight.

The one-month baby weight may fluctuate as per the baby’s health and diet. Regulate the diet in case the baby is overweight or underweight.

  • Jaundice In Newborn: Jaundice is a common health issue in newborn infants. Around 60 percent of newborns experience jaundice, and this increases to 80 percent of premature infants born before 37 weeks of pregnancy. They will normally show signs within 72 hours of birth. Although symptoms will usually resolve within two weeks.
  • Vaccination During 1st Month: Vaccines are one of the most convenient and safest preventive cares. vaccination is indeed protection for your babies and that should be started just after the birth. Vaccines are scheduled as per the baby’s age. Some common vaccines that schedule during the first month after birth are, Hepatitis-B, OPV Polio, BCG, etc. 
  • Newborn Screening Test: Some necessary tests that secure your baby from hidden diseases needs urgent detection just after birth. Such diseases or illness may be curable if detected timely. Otherwise may become fatal or may lead to lifelong disability.
  • Newborn Baby Clothes & Toys:Newborn Baby Clothes

Get cute and cozy clothes for your baby. Don’t buy oversized clothes since it may increase the chances accidents like the slipping of the baby.

Traditionally, it is recommended that after birth, for at least first six days, the baby should wear old and used clothes which have been washed several times.

New and fresh clothes are stiff and can be harsh on the tender skin. Avoid any kind of sparkling,  shimmering or ornamented clothes which may make the baby feel uncomfortable.

All the newborn baby clothes, toys, etc must be sterilized before use.

They shouldn’t be too small for the baby to swallow. The toys must not contain any moving parts, they shouldn’t be sharp or pointed. Get cotton made, furless and harmless toys for your newborn.

And make sure you save some of your own newborn baby clothes, toys etc for your generations to follow. The stuff never gets too old for your newborn care.

Newborn care is as important as building a strong foundation of your house. Make your motherhood feel successful and cherish your memories for a lifetime.

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