NewBorn Baby Shopping List | Before and After Birth

NewBorn Baby Shopping List

Shopping is the word which can bring a smile on every woman’s face and when it is shopping for your own baby then ‘shopping’ becomes more interesting and fun. The newborn baby shopping list is prepared by all the members of the family together, most of the times. As a baby is pampered the most even before coming into this world, so every basic need or essentials for a baby is what you will find in this article.

New Born Baby Shopping List

The newborn baby shopping list is prepared very carefully as babies are the most pampered and lovable out of all.

The shopping list is prepared according to their daily basic needs and all the things which give comfort to a baby in this real world are bought.

Baby Things To Buy Before Birth

Shopping for babies is not done only after their birth but before newborn birth also. A list of baby things to buy before birth is prepared instead of the newborn baby shopping list. So let’s check out the essentials or baby things to buy before birth:

  • Get Some Clothes For Your Baby

You don’t know whether you will be having a baby boy or baby girl so what you need to do is to buy clothes of infant’s size of both a girl and a boy, so you have clothes for both even if you give birth to a baby boy or a baby girl or maybe both of them.

Sweaters should also be in your list mandatorily and one piece clothes which do not need to be pulled over from baby’s head.

  • Get Waterproof Mattress Pads

For your child you should buy two waterproof mattress pads as you should put a layer of waterproof mattress pad and then a fitted sheet and again another waterproof mattress pad and over it, a fitted sheet so even if baby wet the bed then you can pull off one mattress pad and can let the baby sleep over another waterproof pad.

  • Blankets should also be on the list.

Baby Essentials First Three Months

Things or items as baby essentials first three months are hard to make and this is the longest shopping list when it comes to preparing a newborn baby shopping list as it includes all the items for baby mainly focusing on the comfort and health.

List of things you need for a new baby

  • Mattress, sheets, and blankets – because the baby can wet the bed sheets.
  • Pram or buggy -for carrying a baby to various places and for entertainment
  • Six or seven sleep suits
  • Six vests and short sleeved shirts
  • Full sleeved suits
  • Two cardigans or soft jackets- for extra layering outside
  • Shawl- for wrapping baby’s body
  • Nappies
  • Diapers (if required)
  • Plenty of towels
  • Hairbrush
  • Bottles/teats/ bottle brush (only when the baby is not breastfeeding)
  • Honey (required when the babies cry)
  • Nappy wrapper
  • Nail scissors
  • Baby wipes
  • Baby bath
  • Bath thermometer – to check water temperature for bathing
  • Socks – to keep baby’s feet protected
  • Woolen cap – to protect baby from cold
  • Dress up outfits – for visitors, for photo shoots.

A newborn baby needs checklist because as mentioned earlier that this list is the longest out of all as it includes every basic thing.

Baby Shopping List For First Time Moms

  • Invest In Buying Nursing Bras

Nursing bras are way too comfortable and easier than the usual bras as these actually help you to nurse your child in a very comfortable way than other bras do. They are comfortable at night also, you can sleep while wearing them on.

  • Buy Some In Between Clothes

This time buy clothes for yourselves. You cannot get slim immediately after the pregnancy and you must not be thinking about wearing maternity clothes even after pregnancy. The sad part is you can get fitted into your old skinny jeans or tees, so buy some in between clothes.

  • Buy some shirts with buttons down the front or kurtas in Hindi.
  • Medicines– ask your doctor for the vitamins pills or supplements needed when once the baby comes out.
  • Sanitary pads

The newborn baby shopping list is not easy to prepare as it is differentiated on the basis of a summer baby, monsoon baby, winter baby, and rainy baby. Anyways, shopping is always fun and when it comes to shopping for the baby then it becomes little serious and fun also.

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