Nausea A Week Before Period | A PMS Symptom

Nausea A Week Before Period: A PMS Symptom

nausea a week before period

Nausea Before Period

Nausea before period might not be the most common symptom of PMS but definitely is extremely both unsettling and unpleasant.

Nausea might lead to loss of appetite and low concentration levels that might lead to carelessness and short temper as well.

Some women might be vulnerable to vomiting because of continuous and severe nausea. Often this kind of nausea starts a month before periods begin and end with the beginning of menstrual flow.

This is one of the PMS symptoms before period but more of a classic signal of pregnancy.

Morning Sickness

Although morning sickness is a classic and clear signal of pregnancy, it might occur during Premenstrual syndrome as well.Despite the name it might occur at any time of the day.

Hormonal imbalances caused during menstruation can cause the part of the brain dealing with nausea to act in a similar way as it does with ‘Morning Sickness’ during early stages of pregnancy.

Nausea A Week Before Period

Nausea a week before period maybe induced due to Premenstrual syndrome as well.

Although it should subside within 12-16 hours after the menstrual flow begins but it can last for as long as five to six days.

Nausea can be caused due to period pain, menstrual cramps, headache and hormonal imbalances that cause dysfunction of the digestive tract.

Nausea And Cramps Before Period

Every menstruating woman experiences period pain which is also known as dysmenorrhea in scientific terms.

Usually Nausea and cramps before period start a day before the period and subsides within a day or two of bleeding.

The pain usually begins from the lower abdomen and might spread to lower back and upper thighs in severe cases, leaving a slight heaviness in the tummy as it subsides.

Period pain often causes nausea, the chemicals causing period cramps particularly prostaglandins cause spasm in the muscles and digestive tract thus causing nausea.

Reduction of oxygen to uterine tissues also triggers inflammation and pain. PMS symptoms before period hence include cramping and nausea but usually cease with the onset of menses.

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