Natural Methods of Contraception, Foods and Herbs

Natural Methods of ContraceptionNatural Methods of Contraception

It stands important that you are aware of natural methods of contraception and for a stable relationship you can openly talk with your partner.

Cooperation and understanding are utmost required.

There may be a point of time when the partners are not ready to start a family and hence they must be aware of the natural methods to prevent pregnancy after intercourse.

The Natural methods of Contraception are not based on medications but are more dependent on homely remedies and behavioral practices and hence called “natural methods of prevent pregnancy”.

Natural Methods of Preventing Pregnancy

It is important that you are fully aware of the intercourse method to prevent pregnancy.

Natural Methods of Contraception includes that you are fully safe from unwanted pregnancy and future complications if you are not ready at this point in time.

This article will help you to know that how to prevent pregnancy naturally?

  • You must practice sex in your safe period. This just acts as an extra precaution after you have already used the contraception. Women undergoes mensuration and having sex between 8th and 20th day of a women mensuration cycle as she is not ovulating during this time period. This is the best natural methods of contraception period to avoid unwanted pregnancy.


  • You must be practice the start and stop method. However, this should take place with protection as this still involve the risk. Some amount of sperms still remain and have risk of pregnancy. Men must be aware of when to pull out to be fully safe.


How to Avoid Pregnancy Naturally After Missing Period?

There are several natural methods of prevention of pregnancy which you should be aware of.

Natural method to avoid unwanted pregnancy acts well if you are well versed with it.

  • You must rely on natural foods and herbs as recommended in case of natural remedy to avoid pregnancy.
  • Herbal ways include having foods like papaya, pineapple, cinnamon and sesame seeds.
  • You may also try having turmeric milk at night for safe results.
  • Going Herbal and Natural makes you free from side-effects (all natural birth control herbs).

How to prevent Pregnancy after 1 week?

If you are wondering how to prevent pregnancy after 1 week here is the solution.

The best way is to take medication to end an early pregnancy in case you have to be fully sure.

Other ways could take those foods that avoid pregnancy like papaya, ginger, and buckwheat as mentioned.

Some have even reported that taking a hot bath just after having intercourse could serve the purpose of preventing pregnancy.

However, this remedy does not hold true in all cases and hence its results are still skeptical.

Natural Birth Control Foods

If you had unprotected sex and then looking ways to stop unwanted pregnancy, going natural is always safe and healthy.

Natural method of preventing unwanted pregnancy has more pros and is preferred.

  • There are some foods like parsley, dried apricots, papaya, ginger root and buckwheat.
  • Dried Fig and Vitamin C are considered natural birth control foods.
  • In case you had unsafe sex, you can try having papaya twice a day for almost 2-3 days to avoid pregnancy.
  • Neem is known as one the best Indian herbs and is said it can kill sperms within 30 seconds.
  • Cotton Root Bark can prevent pregnancy and dried root can be added to water to be taken twice a day.


Natural Birth Control Herbs

Natural herbs for birth control are well recommended in case you prefer going natural.

Some of the natural birth control pills herb include Stone seed root, Thistle, Wild carrot seed (taken for 7 consecutive days) and ginger root (taken for 5 consecutive days).

Natural birth control methods herbs are generally free from side-effects and hence popularly been used In Indian Society.

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