Muscle Pain During Pregnancy | How To Get Relief

Muscle Pain During Pregnancymuscle pain during pregnancy  

There is a variety of discomfort experienced during pregnancy by mothers to be. One of those discomforts is Muscle pain. Number of muscle pain during pregnancy occurs in calves.

It is basically an involuntary contraction of a muscle that happens abruptly mostly at night. Dehydration or compression of the nerve or in fact lack of minerals or lack of stretching leads to muscle pain in pregnancy.

Pregnancy Aches And Pains First Trimester   

Following are some pregnancy aches and pains first trimester-

  • Morning Sickness there is nothing severe about morning sickness but sometimes it leads to hyperemesis gravida which needs doctor’s consultation. Morning sickness mostly affects 70% of expected mothers.
  • Sore Breasts due to pregnancy hormones, breasts start growing and at first, breasts may feel sore or heavy but later on the skin and nipples become very sensitive. Wearing undergarments become problematic in pregnancy because every single thing hurts the sensitive skin.
  • Cramps cramps in the stomach are very common in pregnancy. Reason being the enlargement of the uterus exerts pressure on nerves.
  • Less Immunity during pregnancy women with weak immune system suffers the most. Indigestion takes place very frequently. A little care regarding intake of food should be considered first.
  • Due to the bad digestive system occurs constipation. It sometimes leads to the problem of piles. All you have to take care of is your food intake, your diet.
  • Pregnancy hormones sometimes block the nose by swelling up the nasal and oral passages. To prevent this problem, steam inhalation is the best solution.
  • A headache is very common in pregnancy. Due to stress and physical weakness women experience a headache a lot. Some women experience migraines too. When the blood pumped around your body increases, the extra blood can put pressure on the brain which leads to a headache.
  • General Aches And Pain are common in early pregnancy. Women feel completely exhausted or may find a problem with sleeping. Due to less sleep and other complications, general aches and pains are experienced by every mother to be.

Abdominal Muscle Pain During Pregnancy

Stomach pain in the third trimester includes gas, false labor, or constipation. They cause abdominal discomfort but they should not cause pain in excessive amount.

Abdominal muscle pain during pregnancy when becomes severe leads to high blood pressure or even placental abruption which means that a placenta gets separated from the uterus too early.

Abdominal muscle pain in pregnancy occurs due to urinary tract infection or preeclampsia. If vaginal bleeding, fever, chills, dizziness, nausea or vomiting is experienced then calling a doctor is the best decision.

Timely checkup and treatment can save the uterus and health of the mother to be.

Causes of abdominal pain are categorized as round ligament pain, gas & constipation and common discomforts.

  • Round Ligament Pain a sharp stabbing pain is felt when you change positions or achy, lingering pain is also experienced. As the uterus grows, the ligaments are stretched and create discomfort.
  • Gas and Constipation: when the level of progesterone increases it cases gas and constipation. As the hormone is released, gastrointestinal tract slows down and it makes the food travel more slowly.
  • Common Discomforts: There is a variety of common abdominal discomforts which are experienced during pregnancy and generally non-threatening. The enlarging uterus, stomach viruses, kidney stones, and food sensitivities are all forms of harmless abdominal pain.

 Arm Muscle Pain During Pregnancy

As the time of pregnancy passes by, it may become difficult to find a comfortable position to sleep during the night. Turning and tossing will lead to arm pain.

Sleeping in awkward positions will also lead to arm pain. Arm muscle pain during pregnancy is caused by no single specific reason.

Weakness in the body due to hormonal changes leads to arm muscle pain. And also lifting up heavy things may also end up with pain in arm muscles.

Cramps during pregnancy is not a big deal but yes if the pain becomes intolerable or sever then doctor’s consultation is required.

Muscle Pain Relief During Pregnancy

Muscle cramps occur due to lack of nutrition. There can be other reasons too for muscle pain that can affect any part of the body.  Now let’s talk about ‘muscle pain relief during pregnancy’:

  • Drinking water throughout the day will make you relieve from pain. Drink water before going to bed.
  • Do exercise as much as possible. It is important to stretch your muscles before going to bed.
  • The night time is considered to be the bad time for pregnant women because they get cramps and intense pain. Some calcium tablets are not bad for pregnant women’s health mainly for muscle pain.
  • Take enough rest, don’t let your body get exhausted.
  • Raw avocadoes, baked potatoes, skimmed milk, and bananas increase the level of potassium in the body.
  • Tender coconut water works the best in reducing the muscle pain during pregnancy.
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