Massage During Pregnancy | Labor Massage

Massage During Pregnancy

Massage During Pregnancy

“Bring a new life to earth can bring elicit and mixed feeling – right from excitement to uneasiness”.

There can be a pain in the initial stages of pregnancy and massage could be a natural way of relieving the pain. It is like it releases a hormone which makes the mom feel better and they are able to cope up better and feel good. Massage during pregnancy is a good alternative however, a doctor or aromatherapist has to be consulted first before making any decision. It is said to be a natural pain killer.

Labor Massage

It increases a sense of well-being and relaxes women from all the pain. There can be ways of involving your partner and the area involved for massage during pregnancy.

Pressure is applied to different part of the body to give a soothing feeling.

Studies found this to be effective and in turn reduced cortisol levels and excessive fetal activity was reduced to a greater extent.

Massage For Labor Induction

There have been a number of instances to see that massage has been done for labor induction. Body energy changes as soon as pressure is applied to different parts of the body.

There are specifically four points in the body where acupressure is applied. Some go for all the four points while some focus on a combination of two or three.

  • LI4: This point is between thumb and index finger. Studies showed that this point induced labor and affected the behavior of large intestine.
  • SP6: This is the point that induces labor pain. It is above the ankle and inside the leg.
  • BL32: This point is still not verified to give sure shot results however, this point is midway between the lower spines.
  • BL60: This point is at the top of Achilles tendon that is just behind the ankle.

Benefits Of Massage During Labor

As labor pain increases, there is some sort of uneasiness. To comfort the mother and ease her for pain, massage has shown outstanding results.

  • It helps in releasing endorphins(a hormone) which acts as a natural painkiller.
  • It regulates neurohormones that makes the situation less painful.
  • Massage helps in relaxing muscles.
  • It gives smooth childbirth experience, increase probability of normal delivery and involves less medical intervention.
  • There stands a condition where the required amount of oxygen is not circulated to mother and child. Massage helps in aiding the breathing process.
Labor Massage Techniques

There can be different techniques of labor massage and hence elicits massage points for different parts.

  • Start massaging and focus on feet.
  • If there is back pain, gently massage the back and back pain can be relaxed.
  • Care for Legs is required essentially through massage to reduce leg pain during pregnancy.
  • Hips and Buttock can be relieved. You have to form a soft fist and press directly the mother’s sacrum.
Sacral Massage During Labour

Massage during pregnancy involves different tactics and ways of soothing the nerves and pain involved. Sacral massage during labor assures different point of giving pressure.

Labor Massage Tools

Tools that are evidently present and are used for massage during pregnancy are mentioned below.

  • Stirrups
  • Birthing balls
  • Amniotic Hook
  • Massager
  • Birthing bar
Labor Massage Oil

There are different types of labor pain oil and helpful in many ways which include Lavender, Essenture. There are even ways of preparing your own type of massage oil for serving the purpose.

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