Male Infertility | Types, Symptoms, Test & Treatment

Male InfertilityMale Infertility

Male infertility is the inability of the male to reproduce and losing his fertility. Male infertility may arise due to the lack in the quality and quantity of sperms.

This situation causes the male to either face difficulty to cause a pregnancy or even make it impossible. Male infertility is more common than you might think it to be.

Acc. to a study, one out of three case of infertility and complications in conception is due to male infertility. It accounts for approx. 7% of all males. Various reasons and factors cause this infertility.

Types Of Male Infertility:

It is the problem of not being able to cause pregnancy.  the three types of male infertility are-:

  1.  Primary Infertility-: This type of male infertility is called primary because it happens due to the problem in one of the parts of the male reproductive system. In this type of infertility, the reason is many a time sited as low sperm count or irregular or improper shape of the sperms. Though the reason behind this infertility many times remains unknown.
  2.  Psychological Infertility-: This type of infertility is though found less in men. They are due to the psychological mindset of the male of being against towards sex.
  3.  Sterility-: It is that type of male infertility in which the testis or the penis has dysfunction. The testis has not come down in the scrotal sacs. It is also known as cryptorchidism. Deformities and other dysfunctions may be found in the case of sterility.

Male Infertility Symptoms:

It is a situation in which due to some or other reason the male loses or lacks the potential of getting a woman pregnant.

There are various male infertility symptoms that you can look out for. Such as you might be facing problems in having coitus due to premature ejaculation or it may be due to less quantity of the semen.

You might also be facing abdominal pains and night falls. Reduction in the growth of body hairs and facial hairs, which are secondary sexual characteristics of the body.

Feeling of a itching or burning sensation in the penis or pubic region. Swelling and pain might also be encountered in the scrotal sacs.

Male Infertility Test:

Male infertility test is the test done to examine and find out the level of fertility in men. It is conducted to check whether the male is capable of getting the female pregnant or not.

Medical history is one of the important data required for a general male infertility test. History such as of surgeries or any associated drugs.

Habits such as that of smoking or any specific exercises done. Medical infertility test for male includes such as-:

  1. Sperm & Semen Analysis-:  This test involves the inspection of your semen mainly the sperms their count, shape, size etc. These characteristics show the fertility level of the male.
  2.  Analysis Of Hormones-: Hormones aren’t usually the reason behind infertility in males but inspection for the levels of testosterone is conducted to check out for infertility.
  3.  Genetic Test-: this test is conducted to look out for specific reasons for infertility in the male.
  4.  Checking For Retrograde Ejaculation-: In retrograde ejaculation, the semen flows backward. Reason for this may be due to any previous or earlier surgery.
  5.  Antibodies Checkup-: In this case, the examination is made to check for the presence of antibodies against the sperms which is a disorder present in some males.

Prevention Of Male Infertility:

It is something that might be from birth or a dysfunction, but your lifestyle and habits is something that affects the level of fertility in males.

Even this can become a cause behind male infertility. So, as it is rightly said that prevention is better than cure, some preventions of infertility in males are given below.

  1.  Quitting habits such as smoking, exposure of smoky environments and heavy or binge drinking.
  2.  Refrain from taking the stress and also avoid contact with harsh, toxic and heavy metals and chemicals.
  3.  Avoiding drugs and other activities such as taking long hot baths and frequent saunas.
  4.  keeping the pubic region free and allow air passage by wearing loose fitting underwear, avoiding activities that heat up the pubic region.
Male Infertility Treatment Home Remedies:

It is what causes the men to be unable in getting a woman pregnant and reproduce. Some male infertility treatment home remedies are given below-:


Therapies and home remedies are also very effective and beneficial in taking care of infertility in males, some home remedies are given below:

  1.  Have sex more often in the period where your partner is ovulating, to increase the chances of pregnancy.
  2.  Do exercises which increase the amount of vigor.
  3. Taking a better diet with foods which increase the production of sperm and vigor, choosing a lifestyle suitable with the treatment of male infertility.
  4.  Home remedies also include taking the preventions mentioned in the above paragraph.
  5.  Spices and condiments like Maca root, panax ginseng, Ashwagandha, garlic, damania etc. are found to be very effective in increasing the sperm count.
Treatment Of Male Infertility:

It is something that can treated in many cases depending on the condition. some treatments of male infertility are given below-:

  1.  If there is tubal blocking that is blocking transport of sperm than, the sperms are taken from the semen and they are injected into the female’s vagina or  placed in her fallopian tube and the process is called IUI.
  2.  Assisted technology for treating male infertility-: It includes those artificial supports and therapies required by a father to get a child.
  3.  Surgeries for treating infertility-: in many cases, surgery is the only way of treating infertility. Vasectomy is done in cases where vas deferens is the reason behind the blockages. Other types of surgeries is done where tubal blockages and varicoceles are found. 
  4. Lifestyle changes-: Many a times male infertility can be treated with lifestyles changes such as eating habits, exercises and many other home remedies.

Male Infertility Medicine:

Male infertility is the condition of losing effectiveness and capability of getting a woman pregnant. Various treatments for male infertility are available which help in causing pregnancy by solving the problem.

Treatments, such as IVF or injecting sperm in to the vagina (ICSI) are easily available at various IVF centers.

Medicine for male infertility is something which must be taken on the advise of the doctor as one’s condition may be different from other.

Though some general homeopathic medicines which one can take to cure infertility in men are-:

  1.  Lycopodium-: This medicine has been found to be very effective in taking care of the problem of premature ejaculation and treating mental anxiety. It also helps men who have a large prostate and lack fertility due to this reason.
  2.  Thyrodinum- This medicine has proved to be very effective in improving the sperm count by increasing both the quality and quantity of the sperm.
  3.  Selenium- This medicine may be taken to improve and take care of the problem of erectile dysfunction.
  4.  Caladium- This medicine increases the sexual desire by taking care of the mental depression. 
  5.  Agnus Castus- This medicine may be taken to improve the physical ability and sexual desire.

These medicines can be taken without any worry as they do not have any side-effects. for natural and ayurvedic treatments as mentioned in the above para’s. Maca root, panax ginseng, Ashwagandha, garlic & damania can be taken which are very effective in increasing fertility in men.

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