Lightning Crotch During Pregnancy | Causes And Remedies

Lightning Crotchlightning crotch

Pregnancy is no less than a blessing. It is something like carrying a blossom world inside you. As you progress in your 9 months’ time, your body starts signaling different changes. One of the most prominent is Lightning Crotch.

Lightning Crotch is a kind of pain women usually experience in vaginal area, pelvis or rectum during pregnancy.

This pain could range from mild to intense and differ from case to case. However, there are cases where women haven’t experience this at all and usually, it occurs at the end of the trimester.

Lightning Crotch In Early Pregnancy

As your pregnancy progresses, you tend to experience this crotch. It is said you experience this because as the baby in the womb starts maturing it will put pressure in the uterus and nerves and hence there is a sudden and intense pain reported by many women.

There is some kind of discomfort during this painful and hence effective measures have to be taken to see the relief.

Causes Of Lightning Crotch During Pregnancy

There are no well-proven facts about the cause of this lightning crotch but some of the expected reasons could be:

  • Movement of the baby

As the baby gets mature and starts moving, turning around in the womb involving a great amount of force and pressure which eventually results in pain.

  • Dropping

There is a sharp pain in the nerves as the baby starts moving in the lower part of the uterus. The nerve endings experience a great force.

  • Varicose Veins

There is a common disease name Varicose which usually affects the legs. Varicose may also affect the vaginal area resulting in clotting of blood and similar kind of pain as of Lightning Crotch.

 When Does Lightning Crotch Start

There is no such fixed time period of the lightning crotch. You may experience throughout 9 months’ time period or may end up in the last 2-3 weeks of pregnancy.

There are even cases where due to certain sitting positions resulted in this type of pain.

Itchy Swollen Vag Lips During Pregnancy

As the body experiences different hormonal changes it is evident to notice the vaginal lips getting swollen.

There is a different kind of bacteria and viruses growing on the surface and leading to itchiness and discomfort.

 Lightning Crotch And Not Pregnant

It might also be possible that you not pregnant and still experiencing this pain. The causes attribute to this would be cysts on ovaries, infection in the bladder or menstrual pains.

Is Lightning Crotch A Sign Of Labor?

This pain starts to on-off several times in pregnancy. This is a clear sign of last months in pregnancy. If other symptoms also occur with this type of lightning crotch it is sure to call it a sign of labor.  Other symptoms include:

Remedies In Lightning Crotch

Warm Bath: Warm bath is soothing to the body and relives from all sort of aches and discomfort.

Changing Positions: As the position is changed it relieves the nerves and lightens the pressure.

Massage: Having a gentle massage can also give relief in the pain.

Supportive Abdominal Clothing: There is a heavy flow of blood in the vaginal area during pregnancy and therefore wearing a belly band or some kind of supportive garment can help in pain relief.

Movement And Exercise: Light Exercise also help in putting down the pressure on nerves and pelvic area and therefore helpful in reducing pain.

Lightning Crotch is common in pregnancy but you got to approach a medical advice if the condition gets worse with heavy bleeding, fever or intense pain. This pain is temporary and surely you can get relief with these measures.

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