Leg Pain During Pregnancy | First, Second Or Third Trimester

Leg Pain During PregnancyLeg Pain During Pregnancy

The most common cause of leg pain during pregnancy is Sciatica. With the time passes by, the size of baby grows which exerts more weight and can push the sciatic nerve and can cause pain to run down the back of your leg.

Leg pain or thigh pain in pregnancy is experienced because the muscles get tired of carrying the extra weight of the body because of the baby in the womb. Cramps can also be because of Edema.

Leg pain or thigh pain during pregnancy is experienced because the pressure of expanding uterus slows down the blood returning from legs to heart and because of this legs get swollen up.

Leg pain during pregnancy increases with the time passes by. Larger the uterus more will be the pain.

Leg Pain During Pregnancy First Trimester

The first trimester means the first three months of pregnancy. During the first trimester, hormones or hormonal level starts to change and body gets itself transformed in such a way that it can support the growing fetus and it strengthens the body to bear the weight of the child in the uterus and be ready for giving birth to a child.

While the body is busy doing these changes in the body, it leads to leg pain during pregnancy first trimester. Leg cramps or foot cramps occur in the first trimester of pregnancy.

As the baby starts gaining weight it exerts more pressure on the nerves and leads to pain. Staying hydrated and exercising daily boost the circulation of blood and it can help in the prevention of leg pain during the first trimester.

Leg Pain During Pregnancy Second Trimester

As stated in the above headings, the bigger the belly, more will be the pain. So during the second trimester of pregnancy, the size of the belly becomes larger than during the first trimester. It exerts more weight and leads to the expansion of the uterus.

Expanding uterus leads exert more pressure on nerves and it leads to leg cramps or leg pain during the second trimester.

Leg pain during pregnancy second trimester and third trimester is felt more because of the large belly. Moreover, the pain does not get confined to leg only. It increases and spreads to hips, thighs, back, waist etc.

Foot Pain During Pregnancy Third Trimester

The third trimester is the toughest period of pregnancy because at this stage, the size of the belly becomes largest and pain also gets more and more.

Pain occurs in almost every part of the body. From back to hips and from waist to abdomen. There are so many places where pain could be felt. It becomes sore and uncomfortable.

Lower back, hip pain, and foot pain :

Pain in the hip or lower back is felt due to the very common reason. While pregnancy our body is busy in making some changes for childbirth, hormonal level increases and it loosens up the connective tissue.

It helps in expansion of the uterus and enhancement of flexibility in the pelvis so that baby can easily pass through the birth canal. Loosening and stretching of connective tissues lead to hip pain and foot pain during pregnancy third trimester.

Lower back pain can occur along with the hip pain. Sleeping on your side and keep a pillow between legs can help in relieving the pain. This leads to the creation of some gap in hips which gives relaxation in pain.

Leg Pain During Pregnancy While Sleeping

Leg pain and cramping occur due to too much calcium or phosphorus in the body. While in restless leg syndrome constantly moving your leg is considered as a symptom of an iron or folic acid deficiency.

An interruption in sleep at night is one of the symptoms of deficiency of folic acid in the body which causes leg cramps and restless legs. Another symptom is leg twitching at night.

When the body does not get the right amount of water intake during a day then also leg cramps occur. Little extra care is needed to be given for reducing leg pain during pregnancy while sleeping.

Calf Pain During Pregnancy

There is only one or two reason for having pain in the calf when you are pregnant. Leg cramps or leg pain or muscle pain cause calf pain during the night.

Calf pain during pregnancy does not go away easily, it needs to be cured with proper measures and treatment. It sometimes causes serious complications in pregnancy.

So seeking immediate medical attention is necessary when you are having calf pain during pregnancy.

Leg cramps wake you out of a sound nap are caused by muscle spasms. Causes of leg pain include pressure on nerves due to the weight of the baby, decrement in the level of calcium and magnesium in the blood.

Clotting of blood is easier in pregnancy. Blood flow slows down because of the weight exerted by the uterus on the veins of the pelvis and lower leg and leads to clotting of blood.

Right Leg Pain During Pregnancy

Usually, sciatic pain is present at the bottom of buttocks, back of thighs and usually does not tend to present is the shin. During the time of pregnancy, your body is going through so many changes that it can be a number of things.

Also, during pregnancy, your body releases a hormone called relaxin which loosens the joints in the body to make a room for your growing uterus and baby.

Sometimes these joints, especially those in the pelvis become overly flexible causing pain in any side of the legs. Right leg pain during pregnancy can be caused by any of the above-mentioned reasons, so if pain becomes severe and intolerable then contacting a doctor is advisable.

Leg Pain During Pregnancy Remedies

There is the solution to every problem. So, leg pain during pregnancy remedies are as follows-

  • To get immediate relief one should try to stand up on a cold surface. This will definitely give some relaxation to foot and leg cramps.
  • Straighten up your leg and then gently flex your toes and then move your ankle back and forth towards your shins. Do it multiple times and you will feel relaxed.
  • Sometimes pain is caused due to blood clots so for this massage the clotted area with mild warm oil and when you feel like walking then go for a short walk so that circulation of blood can ease out normally.
  • Stretching helps in relieving the body from pain. So stretching should become your habit before going to sleep at night. Do some warm-up exercises also.
  • Do stretching like standing calf stretch or seated calf stretch, this will make you feel better physically and mentally too.
  • Prenatal yoga is also good during pregnancy. Light exercises such as walking or jogging help to keep the body healthy and pain-free.
  • Aerobics help in improving the blood circulation and reduce the chances of pain.
  • It is advisable to avoid standing and sitting for long periods because this jams your veins temporarily and will lead to pain. Take breaks in between. Elevate your legs if you have to stand for a long time in a day.
  • Prenatal massage helps in improving the blood circulation and it reduces swelling too.
  • A hot water bottle can be proven useful to apply heat to the clotted and swollen areas to reduce pain.

It is advisable to avoid crossing up the legs because it can restrict blood circulation and increases the chance of leg pain.

  • Avoid doing stretches that make you lie on your back.
  • Try to stretch the ankles gently because exerting too much pressure on them will lead to foot cramps and pain.
  • Try to keep your feet moving always.
  • Don’t wear a block or pencil heels, instead wear comfortable shoes.
  • Eat more and more fruits to boost up the level of potassium in your body.

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